The Jesus Debacle
Trigger for World War.

by Allan Webber
© 2016


  1. Summary with time-flow chart.

  2. Mechanism of future seeing.

  3. Star chain giving 21st C time setting.

  4. Religious events and 22ndC war.

  5. Cloning of Jesusí DNA.

  6. Reality check on my methods.

  7. Anagrams as ciphers.

  8. Modern genetics as major theme.

  9. Malthusian crises facing our times.

  10. Gold and 21st C disasters.

  11. 200m floods begin in 21st C.

  12. Asteroid bombardment in 22ndC.

  13. Nostradamus on War.

  14. Religious war in the 22nd C.

  15. The wars of the three brothers.

  16. The family of the Jesus clone.

  17. The role of the older clone.

  18. The messianic clone creates new faith.

  19. Oldest sonís role in messianic wars.

  20. African antichrist defeats brothers.

  21. Daughtersí dysfunctional family.

  22. Eastern antichrist destroys new faith.

  23. Budapestís central role in new faith wars.

  24. Conclusion

"The theme big enough to motivate  Nostradamus to write his Prophecies" 
The Jesus Debacle in the Prophecies.

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