- The Story of the years from 2003 to 2040
17th September 2002

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This page presents the story resulting from English anagram analyses of Nostradamus text. (Left and right columns give  access to more detail of method).

My research gives me confidence about the events presented especially in regard to their nature and the names of places, people and equipment. 

Except in the case of the natural disasters I have not yet found an accurate dating mechanism.

Some of the events already have the ring of truth but these are the broader, more general statements. An assessment of the detail still remains. The detail is however much more specific than disclosed in the surface meaning of Nostradamus.(Click here for Iraq War 25/03/03)

The story is chilling and if its detail were to prove accurate there are many puzzles that would be raised. I try to address these in the page on '
Possible explanation of its import'.

My analysis method searches for anagrams that are in one or two parts.

The language used in this research is English despite Nostradamus' native language being French. 

The justification for these approaches are given in My Methods.

A good example of the validity of the approach is given in this page in the inset called Condoleezza Rice.

Material in this website is the Copyright of Allan Webber, Adelaide, South Australia

There is a lot of research that goes into each part of this story and the quality of that research is an important part when assessing the merits of the story. I link each part to the place in the research where it appears so that you can assess the research at any point you desire. If you 'click' on any underlined words with light background you will jump to the point where that research begins.

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Preparation for war
Israel & Palestine
Lead up to Iraq War
Start of Iraq War
Submarine  nuclear catastrophe
Persian anger
Petrol  contamination
The Sources of Contamination 
Discovery of  the polluters
Vermont  nuclear catastrophe
Ensuing climatic disasters
Seph Boreas invades Europe  

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Preparation for war

The place of the spy in preparing for acts of terrorism and war cannot be underestimated but nowadays much of the information needed to wage war against capitalism is freely available and not just from its enemies. 

The war begins as an attack on capitalism and it is the wealth and  technology of Western civilisation that is turned against its owners throughout the years of war and terror.  From the internet and satellite images their enemies compile detailed maps of airports, cities and aircraft.

The war results from the terrorist actions against the twin Trade Centre towers in New York On September 11th 2001. The President and the United States legislature set in motion the processes that lead to war and to the retaliatory, devastating, nuclear consequences.

In order to enhance the images available to them, Iran acquires special viewing devices and builds a full library of strategic targets and their surrounds. Some of these images were used in the attack on New York, 2001 and the follow up targets, such as Vermont, are already well researched.

In many less-developed countries their major interest in modern technology was and is in devices such as satellite receiving dishes, large magnets for calutrons (used in enriching uranium) and in devices of war. These they often acquire from the 'capitalist' countries.

The Iranians and their allies also have considerable knowledge and equipment gained from before 1990  when, in deals with Russia, they were granted access to material damaging to America.



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Israel and Palestine

The war is not started by the USA but by an incursion by Israel into Iraq, an incursion that goes horribly wrong. The support due to an ally is the excuse then used for the war on Iraq. The likely date for this is 2003 at the time of the Palestine election.

Fundamentalists within the PLO plant car bombs in cars in Israel during the lead up to the election. This is despite there being a truce in place.

The bomb is exploded at a wedding.

Condoleezza Rice

The following line of verse has a most unusual series of anagrams. This occurs in verse I.79 which is the only line in all Nostradamus text to contain an anagram of Condoleezza. Its messages can be seen as two sets of anagrams. Each word in each set exists as a clear anagram in its own right and they build into the sequences shown as a series of abutting words.

Verse I.79 line 1.
Bazaz Lestore Condon Ausch Agine
Condoleezza ChangeInUSA ZealotsSearchBegin

To achieve the clarity of my messages the original words have to be in the exact order Nostradamus chose. They have to be misspelt by Nostradamus in the manner shown (Basas=Bazaz, Lectourre=Lestoure, Condom=Condon, Auch=Ausch and Agen=Agine). My anagrams only work because he chose this misspelling and this particular order. 

Nostradamus work is full of misspelt, foreign and completely unknown words, all of which is consistent with writing underlying messages that are correctly spelled as in this example of mine.


Below are some verses in which my analysis shows Nostradamus interest in the wars of 2001-2040 

C9.V50. Nostradamus work concentrates on slaughter and disaster

C2.V86 contains an anagram of Michel Nostredame and it sets out his concern over the Islam/ non Islamic wars.

C8.V72 States that Nostradamus has coded astronomic data to help resolve the massacre catastrophe.

C10.V10 States Nostradamus aim to thwart the murderers and their plan for gene mutation.

C7.V32 Links the Michel Nostredame verse to the endeavours in this website.



At about the same time, Israel, thinking the PLO, is diverted sends troops into  IRAQ to destroy a depot that is supplying the PLO with arms. 

This action affects the outcome of the Palestinian election.The depot under attack is at the head of the Persian Gulf, in the small coast line that is part of Iraq. It is along the ancient trading route that linked the Asian East to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

General Sharon is  the man who chooses to expand the war which ultimately proves Washington's undoing.


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Lead up to Iraq War

The information for the war comes from US submarines that have been sent by the President to gather intelligence about countries at the top of the Persian Gulf. It is using a new submarine type that has  been commissioned after extensive lobbying by defence officials at the Pentagon. Their need for surveillance machines with quieter rest quarters wins the day. Modifications to the Ohio class of Trident submarines results from these efforts.

There is however a fault in the Radar and communication system of this class of submarine that is not known at the time. It is in its sound module which overlaps the frequency used by helicopters.

The people of the United States and most of the world cling to the faint hope of an old promise of peace and no nuclear war but there is an increasing paranoia about Islam.

The President of the United States uses a report from one of his chief advisers to assume optimistically that all the allies are prepared to support a war with Iraq. This, together with the legislature's acute awareness of September 11th, are enough to precipitate United States into the war with Iraq. 

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The following is the result in one verse using the methods stated earlier.

Verse VI.26
My Analysis

1. USA towers  fall  persuades Legislature and President towards  war
2. Even more true Israel illegal revenge ruin Vermont  
3. Chief devices carried pure source produces radium 
4.Reduces Earth these enemies think hate excuses such excess   



Start of Iraq War

There are originally forty planes used in the raid by Israel to take out a tower on the coast of the Gulf. Once the squadrons arrive it is apparent that more soldiers are needed and a request is sent out for reinforcements. 

It is agreed to send in paratroopers but to do so clear identifying markers need to be set out by the invading troops. The nature of the Gulf is such that the markers cannot be seen. Yet despite this, and against the fears of the paratroopers, they are dropped into enemy territory. They are quickly captured. 

America sees Israel as the lesser of two evils in this battle and because of a strong desire for America to be in this war, it and its allies come to Israel's aid. 

The United States joins the Israeli's in the war but many of its normal allies are extremely reluctant to join in. America puts pressure on France and other countries on the basis of its support during previous wars and eventually these countries join the invasion force. At the same time there is dissension amongst the Arab nations and it is some time before the nations that once made up Greater Persia, commit themselves to the cause.

The American's use Syria as an air base for a full year but in calculating a major air strike they fail to take into account differences in the calendars of the Middle-East. This causes great offence to Islamic fundamentalists and escalates the war for it unifies the Persian nations in support of Iraq. 

Western paranoia and Islamic fanaticism then create a fatal mix. 

The following is the result in a relevant verse using the methods stated earlier.

Verse X.87
My Analysis

1. Given ordinary report President pretends invader is prepared 
2. Empires radioelements define mortals danger 
3. All point exposures assures no genesis
4.Apparel little more use in USA or Persia 


Iran is invaded and the Israeli army behaves in a vicious manner towards its captives and the general population. It tends to treat all Arabs as hostile to Israel. However the Pentagon soon learns that the Israeli's are behaving in a tyrannical harsh manner towards the Arabs and  the support of its allies then wanes.

This disquiet spreads and their support for the Israeli cause against the Palestinians diminishes further. They increasingly come to believe that Israel's problems have been accentuated by its own tyranny towards those it conquers.

France has been particularly reluctant to join in the war but under the strong encouragement of the USA it does so. It is not long however, before the French troops suffer the worst casualties of any of the allies. They are attacked from the rear by Iranian troops. 

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The evidence about submarines in Nostradamus verses is well worth reading in detail. It is discussed in three sections at:



Submarine  nuclear catastrophe

The Arabic nations come together as a result of these actions and the alliance is made up of the countries that were part of the Persian Empire two thousand years ago.

In a major battle at the head of the Gulf an American  nuclear submarine of the Trident class is destroyed and upended. The allied navy has been sent into the Gulf to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and to remove the threat of them but this incident precipitates a disaster. The United States deploys its Trident class submarines as one of its major contributions to the war effort.

These submarines have clearly set out requirements as to procedures where a nuclear accident might endanger the crew but no such standards for the abandonment of the ship. The submarine's faulty communications system causes allied helicopters to misdirect their missiles hitting their own submarine. The submarine explodes, destroying the allied force  and dispersing radioactive elements into the air. 

Iran is a major victim of this accident. The population of several of its cities are totally devastated by this action but the effects are felt far across the Mediterranean, though Italy and into southern France.

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The following is one of my verses about submarines.

Verse I.46
My Analysis

1. As radioelements output  read radium ore exudes least 
2. Submarine electronic instructions include its nuclei fuel danger 
3. Because America trident-submarine upends radium ruined Mediterranean 
4. Arab planes in Upper Persia later retreat blame 


Persian anger

The Persian/ Arab people are incensed to desperation, the Iranians resolve a terrible revenge. Over a period of twenty-seven years two major plans evolve. One is ongoing and involves the contamination of petrol with radioactive substances. The other involves the use of human nuclear bombs which is more like a reaction of the Chernobyl type (melt down) rather than an atomic bomb (rapid combination). 

The course that is chosen causes widespread ruin in Iran, America, Asia, Europe and as far south as Australia.

The Persians find it easy to attract recruits willing to die unquestioningly in search of revenge. It takes several years for this operation to build to its climax. 

During this period the PLO turns against its own leaders with Arafat being one of many it kills.

Over the years Persia prepares a whole band of devotees to be dispersed around the world with a single aim, to destroy the Western nations.

The contamination plan exploits the Western world's vulnerability through its addiction to petrol fuels and its disregard for its environmental consequences. At many places in the Middle East and Africa, fuel contamination becomes a regular practice.

The nuclear plan is simple. Two people, carrying a few kilograms of uranium, a size just under the critical mass, will meet and in a single embrace create a nuclear bomb. These bombs will be detonated in places where there are no guards, often remote sites but also places where it is not thought there is likely to be a terrorist attack. It could be a desert or a wilderness alongside or upwind of a target for the fallout is what is the killer not just the explosion.

The first places to be hit by the nuclear explosions are Israel and the American east but it is only a little while before a series of nuclear explosions rocks the non Islamic World including Italy, Britain, France Spain, Australia, China as well as America. The Australian parliament is one such target. The worst damage is in America and like Iran much of it is uninhabitable. 

No defensive apparel allows people to live in these ravaged countries. Each year apparel is upgraded but it is is still inadequate. The French are prominent in developing equipment for use on aeroplanes. 

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The following is one of my verses showing Nostredame's commentary on the coming war.

Verse II.86
My Analysis

1. Persia Rage Quite Unsafe Radiation Deeds No Class Spared in Death Raid
2. Miserable Elements Truer Use Islam Emblems Re-enter Israel
3. Mahommetan True Emblem Egypt Quiet Argument
4. Michel Nostredame Story Carries Rule


Petrol  contamination

The contamination threat comes from the burning of fuels and the potential for the suppliers to lace petroleum with radioactive materials. Such a method means that the prosperity of the industrialised countries is devastatingly turned against themselves.

The jet airplane becomes one of the major threats to lifestyle. The modern lifestyle causes an ever increasing air traffic that can be used to deliver greater and greater radiation dosages into the sky.

The problem is massive because there are no alternative fuels suitable for fast propulsion through the air and yet the jet engine is environmentally very invasive. 

Although the Western industrial countries are morally outraged by this crime their arguments are diminished by their contribution to the problems of the world's atmosphere. This contribution comes from the same vehicles that its enemies now seek to exploit. 

Countries such as America, Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom are targets through their use of oil from the Middle-East.

Amongst the countries affected is Russia, much to that countries annoyance, as they feel a special relationship should exist between them and the oil suppliers. There is a considerable angry dialogue between Russia and Persia when the effects of the pollution are uncovered.

The inability of the consumer countries to combat the impact on the environment is seen as endemic paralysis in much the same way as the poisoners are trapped by their social values. Both act in disregard to their own long-term health.

The timing of these events is seen to be in the period before the atomic wars and initiated by countries within the old Persian Empire but they are not always the same country as starts the nuclear war with its bombs in Vermont and Israel. The plot is discovered at the time when the British monarchy is at its greatest disrepute and about to end.

The Sources of Contamination 

A significant port involved in the contamination is the Iranian city of Abadan which lies close to the border of Iraq. Those aiming to pollute the petrol are able to evade or bribe the police and other guards at the port.

Persian & Oman Gulfs

Nostradamus verses about the Persian Gulf and the Oman Gulf have very clear features that identify each place. My analysis of these verses  is well worth reading in detail. The verses are:




Another major place where contamination is found to occur is along the Strait of Hormuz between the Persian and Oman Gulf's. In islands off the coast of Iran, zealots wait, board ships and place their deadly cargo into the oil being shipped to America and Europe.

The Suez canal is also another place where contamination occurs, particularly near Port Sudan. Port Sudan is a centre to which other African countries supply uranium in support of the Persians. Egypt refuses to be a willing part of this sabotage.

It is oil and its critical place in the modern world that unites the Western industrialised nations against the Middle Eastern suppliers and brings about the disaster of the nuclear wars. They introduce a rigorous inspection campaign in the countries neighbouring the major shipping routes.

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Discovery of  the polluters

The impact of the contamination is accumulative and the victims only notice an increasing level of unease. It takes a year before the victim becomes seriously ill and the deadly cancers show. The symptoms are the skin turns blue. It is seven years before the origin of increasing cancer rates is traced to Middle-Eastern oil and another year before the source is found. In this process bodies are exhumed to examine the radiation in the bones in order to date when the contamination began.  There is a great deal of hysteria when this discoveries are made as over a thousand places are shown to be heavily contaminated. In addition the disease is passed sexually from man to woman and causes the population to become sterile

6/05/03 addendum 

The disease is in the form of a viral molecule that passes into Europe via marines returning from the invasion of Persia.

The contamination involves Abadan based fanatics, angered by the war, who are prepared to sacrifice their lives to spread the disease. 

The disease has cholera-like effects and spreads to Britain.

At the time of the death of the British Queen a war commander is installed in Britain. He is termed the "Enumerator" and has a real name like Alkuru. He imposes strict quarantines and directs mortuaries to stop using air-conditioning. Charles, who knows he is dying recommends the succession goes to his son.

The disease is impossible to contain because it is spread by sexual transmission amongst the young and takes a year to incubate.

End of addendum

Another impact is that the temperature over major Western cities increases dramatically so that the sky feels as though its ablaze. America particularly feels the impact.

One of the major sources for this irradiated petroleum is Sudan in Upper Africa. The mineral used comes from new mines discovered in the south of Sudan by a French company using German geologists.

American marine engineers in combination with Australian forces uncover towers that contain contaminated petrol. This leads to a world alert from the United Nations.

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Vermont  nuclear catastrophe

The petroleum contamination campaign by Persia is not the only method of avenging the nuclear disaster that accompanies the second Gulf War. The discovery of the petroleum plot causes the Persians to activate their other deadly scheme.

This campaign of mass suicidal nuclear 'bombing' is the product of many years preparation. For  several years their agents infiltrate into different countries and over many more they slowly accumulate minute amounts of radioactive elements until there is more than enough to exceed the critical mass needed for a chain reaction.

The President of the United States is the target of one of the first bombs and the trail of its genesis lies in Palenque, Mexico and Montpelier, Vermont.

The United States is alert to the threat, they know who they are looking for, what they are looking for and what goes wrong with their system. It is known that Montpelier is the target. There are provisions in place that preclude its enemies or those perceived as enemies from flying on planes anywhere near the sites  listed in this document. The police are replaced by special agents, the skies are cleared of planes and yet it still happens.

The European are also alert and successfully track down several potential threats. There is a particular interest in couples with Persian backgrounds and the American legislature defines the zones from which it will admit foreigners. This becomes an even greater concern when the cancerous effects of radiation in Russia are announced. The lax regime for controlling radioactive materials is made far more draconian and biochemical checks at airports become much more exhaustive. Anthrax bearing soil  is incinerated immediately.

Montpelier is identified by the Persians decades before the site is used. They have detailed maps of the layout of the airport and have continually updated them so that they know where to hideout and where to evafe detection by the guards. Montpelier is chosen as a target because the air flows place it in a direct route with a large part of the American population.

The carriers of this first bomb to America are young attractive lovers. These young people immortalise the agents that destroyed the twin Trade Centre towers on September 11th, 2001. The times have never been so violent. The female of the pair sees fame in death as do the other agents dispersing around the world on that day.

The following is a verse about the President's death

Verse VI.23
My Analysis

1. President decrees gun  is immune despite crimes degree. 

2. To recontrol Suez rulers rely on Europe terror to supplement

3. Persia fanatics-cause exploits fixation on USA New Mexico experiments

4.War on Persia  functions to destroy Presidents future.



They fly on from a flight to Palenque, Mexico where they were meant to stay with the group with which they are travelling.

At the same time as their journey commences pigs are moved on a rail train from Montreal, Quebec through Montpelier. The pigs are slaughtered and incinerated carefully. From each is gathered a small but significant quantity of uranium, fed to them prior to their journey.

The lovers make their way by air to Montpelier. Air hostesses on an Air Israel flight should notice them but the older records of their journey prior to this  have been destroyed. The code name of the 'Bear' had been spotted on a Qantas airline but only after the pair had gone. The male is particularly identifiable but not on superficial inspection. Although he travels as a lover there is an ironic twist in this for in battle in Italy his penis was severed by a barbed spear.

In Montpelier the small quantities of uranium are placed in bags and taken near to Montpelier airport where at towers near a bridge they are secreted in pipes within the buildings. These towers are at a point rarely visited by guards.

The airport is not a commercial airport and there would normally not be many guards but this is the airport of the prophecy so it is always under guard. The lovers arrive in Montpelier and yet are not detected. They are so convincing that despite all the fore-knowledge they are let into the city and it is from here that the most devastating attack on the US begins. 


Israel  nuclear attack

A few moments before the explosion occurs in Vermont  a nuclear attack is taking place in Israel. The Israeli's are under-prepared and do not have enough medicine or protective apparel. Shortly before the radioactive fallout and atomic blast hits the surrounding countryside the earth is felt to tremble.

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Ensuing climatic disasters

The ionosphere is severely depleted by the radioactive materials released into the atmosphere by petrol contamination. It is only the uppermost of the five layers of the Ionosphere that remains intact. American aeroplane's using contaminated fuel are a significant contributor to the damage of the lower layers but the radioelements released by the tyrant's bombers are also significant. 

This leads to some catastrophic climate changes over a period of many years but the worst years are in the mid 30's of this century. This date can confidently be used as a guide to the timing of other events.

As the ionosphere's protecting barriers are destroyed ultraviolet rays increase. The destruction causes ice caps to melt as temperatures increase. Cancers also rise as planes unwittingly become atomic machines spewing out metallic poisons. 

At that time there will be huge tidal waves, a rise in the oceans by up to six meters and an increase in temperature in one year up to 48 degrees centigrade.

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The tyrant Seph Boreas (references still to come)

Seph Boreas is a tyrant whose origin is in the north of Iran. He is the youngest son and comes to rule through the murder of his older brother. He is the master-mind behind the plots that lead to the radioactive bomb plots. It is under his rule that a different fuel is developed and stockpiled. 

The following verse blames American consumption and the new tyrant for the environmental disaster.

Verse VIII.70
My Analysis

1. The Americans Villain Flame In Air-travel Machines

2. Tyrant Plot Insane Aim   Same  Metal Poison

3. Add It To USA Radioelement Famous Rays

4. Three Monitors Hide Ionosphere Terrible Time 



SephBoreas: The tyrant

The analysis leading to the naming of the tyrant is most unusual and worth reading in detail. It is located at



In the aftermath of the nuclear devastation and the resulting climatic catastrophe's caused by his actions, Boreas has the only supply of unpolluted fuel. The rest of the world dares not use its old fossil fuels for fear of further disaster.

The stockpile of fuel gives Boreas a great advantage over the rest of the world. He uses this advantage to invade Europe. The Europeans submit to his will rather than oppose him and this opens the gate for Boreas' invasion of the United States.

The American General leading the counter forces is of  hebraic descent. At the beginning of the war Turkey changes her alliance. The invading soldiers do not hold to the fears normally held, they feel it is a holy war against the modern evils. One of the first attacks by the Arab soldiers is on Rhodes. When the invaders reach the USA the Americans are still  unprepared for the mustard gas attacks that Boreas uses.

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End of Paper