The Plane-Bombing of New York's World Trade Centre.

 12th September 2001

I have been asked what verses relate to today's shocking events. I use Erika Cheetham's book as the source,

The most widely quoted is verse X72 (This is changed I originally mistyped X.74)

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois In the year 1999 and seven months
Du ciel vienera vn grand Roy deffraieur Will come the great King of Terror
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois He will bring to life the great king of the Mongols
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur Before and after war reigns happily

A lesser known but very relevant verse is VI.97

Cinq et quarante degres ciel bruslera The sky will burn at forty-five degrees
Feu approcher de la grand cite neufue Fire approaches the great new city
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera Immediately a huge scattered flame leaps up
Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue When they want to have proof of the Normans

In her 'The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus', Warner Books , reprinted in 1995 , Erika Cheetham gives an interpretation that shows that this verse is not just dragged up because it fits.

This verse connects to verse X49

Jardin du monde au pres de cite neufue The garden of the World near the the New City
Dans le chemin des montaignes cauees In the road of the hollow mountains
Sera saisi et plonge dans la Cuue It will be seized and plunged in the (tank/vat/tub/basin)
Beuuant par force eaux soulfre enuenimees Forced to drink water poisoned with sulphur.

Again Erika Cheetham's comments give it meaning independent of foreknowledge.

Of course with hindsight we can add meaning to this 'Garden of the World'- the World Trade Centre applies very neatly to the phrase. In this verses last lines we see the potential aftermath as the buildings, seized by the catastrophe, plunge down in collapsed state into the basements of the city, polluting the water of the city. Additionally, the planes were seized and plunged into the buildings.

There is something very unusual in the second line. I have for a log time been convinced if Nostradamus could see the future he may well have built a modern English message via anagrams.

The first part of the second line is 'danslechemi' which is 'And Michels'

An extended sanscrit-like reading is 'And Michels lines'

The last part of the second line is 'ndesmontaignescavees' or 'nominated vengeances'

This implies that the surface message within Nostradamus' writings tell of the vengeances that will follow.

Verse II.62 is explicitly vengeful:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra Mabus will soon die
De gens et bestes vne horrible defaite And there will happen a dreadful destruction of people and animals
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra Suddenly vengeance will appear
Cent, main,soif, faim, quand courra la comete A hundred hands, thirst and hunger when the comet passes

Verse II.46 relates to this:

Apres grat troche humain plus grad s'appreste After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches
Le grand moteur les ciecles renouelle when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed
Pluye, sang, laict, famine, fer et peste It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease
Au ciel veu, feu, courant longue estincelle In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks.

There are many verses that talk in terms that imply a chemical and biological war carried out using 'comet' like devices. The devastation is huge stretching from the Arctic across Europe and the Middle East. It is implied that the Western allies win but at huge cost. The war lasts twenty seven years. Click on the Q&A button (to left) to see some of these verses.

The above sets out some of  Nostradamus' verses that various analysts have  confidently felt described  events of our modern time.

The closeness of events to the analysts  interpretations that existed before the 'plane bombing' of New York's world trade centre cannot be dismissed lightly. These events are not proof that Nostradamus could see the future but certainly they indicate once again that his words have a power that are prophetic.

Note:It is possible that the quoted verses contain anagrams of the names of the perpetrators ('Mabus' for instance) but extreme caution must be used in examining this possibility for it can be dangerously misleading and wrong.

13th September 2001

Several people have forwarded material from  unknown sources and asked whether the quotations are from Nostradamus' work. The quotations are:

They are not true representations of Nostradamus' writing. For exampe Lines 1&2  parody 1 of X.74 (see above). It shows that the original is distorted to serve an end changing the seventh month of 1999 into something that is interpreted as the ninth month of 2001.. Similarly the word York is not used in any verse etc. 

Another quote on which I have been asked to comment is 

There is no such quote  which reads birds of steel crashing into towers on a nominated date.

End of commentary

April 7th 2001: The Strange Case of Dominion Mining

On 15th March 2001 Dominion mining announced that it had achieved 'a spectacular series of drilling results' at its Challenger Gold Project. In essence it was finding that the deeper it went (85 to 150 metres) the richer the gold readings became and from 137 metres  it experienced 12 metres at 56gms /tonne.

This announcement focussed my interest back on an analysis I first did two years ago. I wanted to find verses in Nostradamus in which I could discern clearly testable messages using my anagrammatic technique. Having established the probable content of the message I could then use any confirmation in the real world as a possible means of breaking the date code that I am certain lies in Nostradamus work.

There is of course a significant flaw in this method in that the relationship between the messages I find and the real world may be coincidental. I may have found false messages, there may be none or I might be wrong about there being a code in Nostradamus. And if there are messages why should they relate to mining in Australia?

In  this earlier work at one stage I focussed on mining companies in Australia as developments in mineral exploration tend to be very well datable. They don't grow over  a period but happen with the timely presence of the drill. I could therefore be fully aware of any activity that fitted to a pattern. And I could justify this method despite its seeming illogical premise that a statement on mining in Australia might exist in Nostradamus.

To many an essential assumption in my research would seem a fatal flaw or a sign of a psychological imbalance in my way of thinking. The assumption is this "If I am trying to discover whether Nostradamus was a prophet I have to assume he was one in order to understand the scope and quite peculiar nature  of the possible evidence"

As a corollary to this I also have to assume that " I succeed and that Nostradamus knew of my efforts".  This does not mean that I believe I will succeed or that Nostradamus was a prophet for the assumptions are purely made in order to be in tune with the topic and not as personal attributes. Belief, hope, assumption; they are not one and the same and each could and should be held independently.

So I investigated name patterns within Nostradamus for a range of mining companies and of these Dominion mining was the most outstanding. Many names like 'Helix' occur too often to be certain as to the content of any messages. Too much could be made out of the many instances that were to be found.

'Dominion' however only occurs twice as a split anagram in the 942 verses of Nostradamus Centuries. These are at I.69 (Centuries I, Quatrain 69) and V.97.

One of Dominions operations is in South Australia in the Gawler Craton. Here it controls exploration rights to an area about one third the size of the whole of Florida or over  half of its   peninsula. No more different landscape could exist than that between the Gawler Craton and Florida. The population is in hundreds, the ground hard,  red and waterless. The region's potential is relatively unknown for the bedrock does not protrude at any point and lies deep beneath the surface. Recent methods have indicated its prospectivity and the Challenger deposit is the first significant find in the area. Dominion has a vast number of untested locations which it has not pursued beause of its concentration on this find, all of which is relevant to my research.

The Gawler Craton is a massive structure and  part of it (on the other side of the Craton) was referred to as the Hitalba granite sequence.

I tested for split-anagrams of Gauler (Gawler)-Craton and Hitalba. There are 8 examples of   'Gauler-Craton' and a further 7 of 'Gawlers-Craton' one of which is quatrain I. 69. There are 15 examples of 'Hitalba' one of which is V.97. This latter verse also includes the split anagram of 'granite'.

v.97.3 Dans la cite du grand Roy habitable

Futhermore the words GAWLER and CRATON can also be seen as  a split-anagram and a whole-anagram respectively. This not true in most of the other occurrences of the anagram Gauler(s)-Craton.

1.69.3 RoULERA loin abismant Grans CONTRAdes

Prior to 2001 Dominion had a partner in this vast area. The name of this partner 'Resolute Resources' can be seen as  'esRoule-t'='Resolute'  or 'ntradesRoul'= 'and Resolute'.

There are therefore numerous reasonable associations that link the verse to this one topic of 'Dominion Mining'. However anagrams do not make  a unique set  and other messages might well be built in any verse. My task is to find a set that could establish their truth or falseness when measured against actual events. Neither truth nor falseness establishes that there is or isn't an actual prophecy but a set that agrees with actual events offers hope that the right message of the particular quatrains is being read.

The numerous associations outlined above gives hope that it might reflect some intrinsic meaning but it can do no more than this. It is not proof.

There are further reasons that these verses appeared worthy of analysis as predictors of 'Dominion Mining'. They involve the signifigance of the public face of Nostradamus words. These also do not constitute proof .

In I.69.4 the words 'antique' 'foundation' appear. In line 1 there is 'a great mountain of seven stades'. These hint at geological signifigance and in particular to granitic bedrock .

This is also true of V.97.4 where 'inestimable' 'tonne' can clearly be seen.

With all of these guides I can try to structure the two verses to read their message. The aim is that the anagram groupings should be as simple as possible and read from left to right. My result can vary but its essential message remains much the same under these rules. This is how these two verses appear.

La grand montaigne ronde de sept stades
Large reading nominated depends on stated region
Apres paix, guerre, faim,inondation
Appear expansion refer a-figure nominated at DOMINION
Roulera loin abismant grans contrades
Resolute obtains GAULER-CRATONS minerals coordinates 
Mesmes antiques et grand fondation
Nominated estimation equates granites foundation


Le nay difforme par horreur suffoque
Delay in offer, for map suffer from queer error
Dans la cite du grand Roy habitable
And it elucidates Hiltaba ordinary granite
L'edict seuere des captifs reuoque
Set rule decides aspect first source quote
Gresle et tonnere Condon inestimable
Largest tonnes set DOMINION timetable conditions

So for at least two years I have had a message that implies something quite massive to be found as Dominion drills deeper.

Once more the question of belief becomes important. Do I as a consequence of my analysis believe Dominion will find signifigant orebodies? The best answer is that of actions not of words. For several years (and before I began my analysis) I  have owned 28,000 Dominion shares. I still own 28,000 shares and have no present intent of changing this holding. For all the apparent  associativity of wording and  the recent results from Dominion they do not form a basis for investment.

And herein lies another difficulty. There is a good chance that the words prove true for this is the nature of Dominion's activities to explore for vast mineral wealth in a country where such hidden orebodies are not uncommon. Such a discovery should not lead anyone to believe that my method of analysis is proven right.

There is a difficulty with trying to analyse Nostradamus predictive powers. Too many read events into his work after they have happened. In order to pursue the analyses and having established that the events are trending in the same direction as my earlier work I need to place some of this work on the public record.

One of the consequences of the announcement by 'Dominion' was that I determined to look into other keywords relating to Dominion and in particular 'Challenger Mine'. The rest of this paper is about the seven quatrains that contain   'Challenger' and the one verse that contains 'Challenger Mine'.

The theme of these quatrains reinforces those of the two previously presented. They imply that Dominion will begin mining in its open cut with its stated two year plan but will be forced to change its operation as the massive extent of the orebody emerges. They will find that underlying the gold is an ore body of diverse minerals, possibly containing the platinum metals of Platinum, Palladium, Iridium and Rhodium as well as nickel and cobalt. This find will change the understanding of the geology of the whole Craton Basin.

These verses are now presented below (It should be noted Au is the chemical symbol for gold).


Le chef de Londres par regne l'Americh
CHALLENGER map refers richer golden mineral
L'isle d'Escosse tempiera par gellee
Lies deep so closest map a simple area allege
Roy Reb auront vn si faux antechrist
Ore by Au (=gold) veins convert; Au fix its certain history
Que les mettra trestous dans la meslee
Equal treatments sets out metals and elements
Ambassadeurs de la Toscane langue
Mass based under leads located as neu calendars begun
Auril et May Alpes et mer passer
Au material parameters apply as years pass
Celuy de veau exposera l'harange
CHALLENGER real value duly exposed several years
Vie Gauloise ne venant effacer
Given size of Gauler its value never affect


Lune obscurcie aux profondes tenebres
Bonus occurs belou its Au; proof as probe extends
Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine
So referenced rule passed louuer igneous figure
Le grand cache long temps soubs les tenebres
Enlarged CHALLENGER golden map; here bonus elements belong
Tiedera fer dans la plaie sanguine
Tried safer idea and genuine palladians realised
Le camp du temple de la vierge vestale
Place map template used give metals vital clue-Palladeum
Non esloinge d'ethne et monts Pyrenees
None is golden then meet elements steep entry points
Le grand conduict est cache dans la male
CHALLENGER deduction selects each metal named
North getez fleuues et vignes mastinees
Zones together set useful estimates given names
Le grand sepulchre du peuple Aquitanique
CHALLENGER precludes upper quartile in quite unique lead
S'approchera aupres de la Toscane
Approach appears to use Au (=gold)  as each lead located
Quand Mars sera pres du coing Germanique
Squares and maps produce remaining regions unique source
Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane
Territorial Au treatment meant regional amount in error.
Dans Auignon tout le chef de l'empire
And using region setout chief legend golden map relied
Fera arrest pour Paris desole
Refers to areas oldest ideas support
Tricast tiendra l'Annibalique ire
A strict test retained require biennial calendars
Lyon par change sera mal console
Only local area map changes once CHALLENGER opens
Le changement sera fort difficile
CHALLENGER determines ore elements after mine official
Cite prouince au change gain fera
Price of Au(=gold) unit again change after refine gauge
Coeur haut prudent mis chasse luy habile
Produce uuater then haul times by machines are less
Mer terre peuple son estat changera
Treatments on purer ore state the reason plan changes
Au roy l'Augur sur le chef la main mettre
Royal Au as gurus rule to fetch main metal material
Viendra prier pour la paix Italique
Unvaried it explain proper rule to equivalent value
A la main gauche viendra changer le sceptre
CHALLENGER main gauge achieve unvaried mineral aspect
De Roy viendra Empereur pacifique
Ore indeed vary require pure mafic map
Several interesting things happened in the course of this research which gave me considerable satisfaction.

In V.6 line 4 the combination of letters compelled me to use the split anagram 'mafic'. Although I knew it as a geological term for igneous rock I wanted a more  specific definition. Fortunately neither of my home dictionaries included this word.

Additionally   I.84 line 3 had a reference to 'couleur ferrugine' which hints at geological signifigance. When I investigated the word 'mafic' in 'The Glossary of Geology' I was delighted to find it meant 'an igneous material of dark coloured ferrugenous nature".

Quatrain I.84 also carries a reference to a dark covering on an obscured moon. In re-examining a locality map of the Challenger Mine I found that to the south-west is a mainly dry lake called 'Half Moon Lake' which is certainly obscured by the red dust. 

In addition Quatrain I.84 line 3 has as its public message 'that a great deposit is hidden under the darkness'. The word cache (= hidden deposit) used in this line is also to be found in II.17 line 3 and the next line of this refers to rivers to the North and this is basically correct although they are strictly speaking dry creeks that feed the lake. The dimension of the find may be disclosed in these geographical measures.

In particular it will possibly be discovered that the deposit stretches from above the Challenger mine to beneath Half Moon Lake, a distance of over 100 kilometres (60 miles).

Quatrain I.84 line 4 and II.17 line  1 also hold a possible allusion to platinum metals. The anagrams 'palladians' and 'palladeum' are inaccurate spellings and I do not usually allow myself that luxury but the difficulty of a better solution and their consecutive nature in the Dominion sequence encourages me to use them.

In addition II.17 refers to the 'temple of the vestal virgins'. There is only one other verse in the quatrains that uses the same term. X1.9 lines 1 and 2 state 'When the  lamp burning with eternal fire will be found in the temple of the vestal virgins'. I arrived at Palladium from the anagrams in I.84 and II.17 and it is only after writing the foregoing entries of this and the previous  paragraph that I researched 'The temple of the Vestal Virgins'. I had a hunch the term was significant. I then learnt that the Vestal Virgins were the guardians of the Palladium of Troy which was meant to be the treasure of the temple. The Palladium of Troy  was the shield of Pallas Athena. I had therefore convinced myself of the importance of 'palladians' and 'palladeum' before I knew the relevant  aspects of the vestal virgins.

The reader will note that various words are highlighted in the above verses. These are words that are repeated in others of the series. I believe these will be the key to the dating and will meet  Nostradamus clue that further secrets will be revealed to those who keep to ' the names and their places'.

In conclusion it should be apparent that the above does not constitute a basis for investment in Dominion.

Addendum-8th April 2000: In a dictionary I found Palladian  can mean  'referent to the goddess Pallas Athena'.  In another source -Palladium was named in 1803 (about 250 years after Nostradamus death) and was based on a then recently discovered asteroid. This asteroid had been given the  name Pallas based on Pallas Athena.

Most peculiar!!  


End of Paper