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This is a tale of disaster based on deceit. I found it using the word 'American' as a starting point, however this word is itself an anagram of Carmanie, a part of ancient Persia and present day  Iran. It is likely that America is the reference point for the story but that is not a certainty. It certainly involves a port along the Persian coast line as I will show.

C III. Q90 line 3 Un chef de classe istra de Carmanie

One of the strongest indicators that this involves America is that Carmanie is the base word for the anagram and therefore if it were its meaning would be literal not cryptic. Nostradamus' lines are usually cryptic. 

The anagrams of American and disaster form an adjacent pair which enhances its significance. It is easy to find the words 'classed' as an anagram in 'de class'. Now the distinction between u and v is often blurred in Nostradamus writing. If we make the initial letter u into a v then an anagram can be formed from the beginning and end of the line. Anieunchef becomes Anievnche which is in turn the word ENHANCIVE. This is an amusing twist because that now echoes the very reason that I selected this line, AMERICAN DISASTER CLASSED AS ENHANCIVE. However this insight may not be its (only) intent for it fits into a pattern that comes from the three other lines that contain the word American.

The letter f is the only letter left in our line and we have used one s twice in forming the word classed. The old letter s was often replaced in older times by an f. If we had done that in this line we would have used all the letters and nothing would be superfluous. This line therefore complies with Nostradamus' words in his Epistle to the second part of his work:

".. Such secrets should not be bared except by enigmatic sentences having however only one sense and meaning and nothing ambiguous or amphibological inserted."

 Here is the full analysis of the line:

C III. Q90 line 3 American disaster clasfed as enhancive
C III. Q90 line 3 Un chef de classe istra de Carmanie
meaning The main fleet comes from Carmania (Eastern Iran)

OCCURRENCES in Nostradamus' text: eradicates (1), enhancive (1), disaster (2), American (4), classed (10), marine (48)

There is an additional series of adjacent anagrams that can be found in this line. e istra de Carmanie gives eradicates  marine. The importance of the word marine, although diminished by the frequency with which it occurs in Nostradamus' text, is certainly noteworthy in the context of this line. To find, as in this instance, that it is combined with the singular occurrence of eradicates gives it a grim relevance. In addition it is surely worth pointing out that the two uncommonly found words, eradicates and disaster, are too close in meaning for their appearance in a single line to be easily dismissed as coincidental.

However at this stage we have a visible and a hidden message that don't seem to be related. This will change through the insights given by the other examples.

The next line I am presenting has two easily seen anagrams to the left and right of American. They code to the left and time to the right. and to the left of code there is an anagram of cited /deceit. This leaves us with lagrand as the unused letters  this can  be used as a base to construct two different sets of adjacent anagrams. These are "danger immaterial' and "and large".

C IX Q.48 line 1 La grande cite d'occean maritime The great city of the maritime ocean.

We therefore have a set of anagrams that say "And code cited time (when) Carmanie / American deceit (made)  large danger immaterial"

C.IX Q.48  line 1 And code cited time.American / Carmanie deceit  danger immaterial 
C IX Q.48 line 1 La grande cite d'occean maritime
meaning The great city of the maritime ocean.

We can see that there are links between the two lines of verse so far presented. We have an ocean setting next to a great ocean. The city mentioned is a port since it has a fleet. Another link between the two is the introspective nature of the coded line where it looks at what the line is doing. The first line suggested the union between the words was the reason for its inclusion. The second implies that the coded line looks at the occasion when a city is threatened by disaster. These  are the sort of message one would expect to find in an instruction book, setting out how something works.

There is a third link between the coded lines. The first has "a disaster classed as enhancive". the second has "danger immaterial." these can be one and the same thing where one nation uses a disaster to go to war without due regard for the cost,

There is a means of adding to this construction since there is a line that doesn't contain American / Carmanie but is very similar in form.

C.II Q.53  line 1 Deepest deceit danger immaterial 
C II Q.53 line 1 La grande peste de cite maritime
meaning A great plague in the city of the maritime ocean

We know what the disaster is, its a plague. In addition the line binds the previous two together. There is a disaster as revealed in the code of the first line and it is in the great maritime city of the second presentation. Here we have deepest and large to express the extent of danger created by the deceit.

In the next of the American / Carmanie lines we have another insight into the magnitude of the disaster and the nature of the plague.

C IV Q.23 line 1 La legion dans la marine classe Many ships and men  in the fleet.

This line shows connection to the others. It is once mare a marine fleet but it refers to 'the legion' in it. Now Legion has many meanings but amongst them are the biblical ones in the old and new testament. The legion in the marine fleet may not just be  a count of men but  also an account that the ships are full of countless demons, countless ills in the form of a plague.

This line has intriguing anagrams in it. To the left of American / Carmenie we have lands and to the right "leases" which can also be "seals" or "sales". To the left of lands we have "ion" and wrapping around the line we have "allege". Every letter is  now used and we have something of the form "Allege American / Carmanie sales / seals ion". There are however other complete anagrams in this line which can render it more readable. It becomes "American / Carmanie sales seal ion in all lands and seas". But there is another sequence in this line. La marine class which yields alarm in scale. The code says this is only alleged. Why is it alleged? Surely, because it has been covered up, there has been deceit but now the scale of the disaster means it can no longer be concealed.

The message now supports in full all that has gone before and gives meaning to the legion in the fleet. The plague is one of radiation generating many different ills.

C.IV Q.2  line 1 Alleges alarm in scale American / Carmanie  sales seals  ion in all lands and seas.
C IV Q.23 line 1 La legion dans la marine classe
meaning Many ships and men in the fleet.

The danger has been specified and its extent defined. The manner of deceit has been implied and it involves sales between the two nations of America and Iran.

The last of the American anagrams show that the USA is the dominant source of whatever takes place. The line contains an anagram of the modern name Carmania as well as Carmanie so the inclusion of both in the coded version of this line is valid. It ties together the earlier references and validates that they are both involved.

C X Q.31 line 1 Anes vouldront aussi la Carmanie Fools also want the Carmanie

Immediately to the left of the highlighted reference is the anagram for sail. This is preceded by one for USA. here is the first reference to an ocean theme and it is in the code this time. We have "American USA sail" as the left hand side of the line. The anagram before it is "not" and the one before it is "vuorld" or "World". I am left with "anes" as the unused letters which can form Naves or naviese.  It's true that there is an extra e in the "navies" anagram that I have chosen but the story so far has been about ships and this lettering offers a play on knaves within the fleet I prefer to use navies since it complements the a coherence of the line and the earlier references. 

We now have "American USA navies sail world not Carmania." The problem with this is it's too obviously true, adds nothing and fails to link to the concept of disaster and disease. However sail can be another anagram, it can be "ails". The line's code then becomes "American USA navies (naves) ails world not Carmania."  It points to an ill judged venture into an Iranian Port that leaves the world covered in disease. Both possible statements are made true because it is American ships that spread the contamination. not the fleet of the Iranians.


C.X Q.31  line 3 American USA navies ails World  not Carmania 
anagrams anesvouldrontaussilaCARMANIEane
C X Q.31 line 3 Anes vouldront aussi la Carmanie
meaning Fools also want the Carmanie

At this stage we know there is a port and that it lies on the coast of Iran. Because it is the province of Carmania we know that the port is on the Gulf of Hormuz.  We know that it is a great marine port at the edge of a great marine ocean. There is such a port. Its Bandar Abbas that in earlier times was known as Gameron as well as Qamerun. The ocean is the Indian Ocean. The sea is the Persian sea. This has been the great route for marine trade throughout the history of civilised man.

Once I had reached this point in the analysis I searched for the names that I had identified. I found one line of verse where both Gameron and Qamerun are anagrams. It is C.9 Q.47 line 3. This is only two lines before C.9 Q.48 Line 1 which I have analysed above. In its visible text, The great city of the maritime ocean , I showed how I had found the hidden message And code cited time American / Carmanie deceit  danger immaterial.

C IX Q.47 line 3 Change monarque mis en peril le pence Change of ruler puts their money in peril.

To the left of the names there is an anagram of chance (ce Chan). To the right is an the anagram for Persien (is en per). The word ill can be formed adjacent to Persien. However I'm not convinced that this is all for it leaves "pene' adriftt. There is a very powerful word, consistent with being ill, i that is informed "Their money (le pence)" becomes instead "Your money (tes pence)", if le is replaced with tes. then we have pestilence (il tes pence). I can justify this through an ambiguity that we have seen before in an earlier verse of this stream. Carmanie is the anagram of American and it is used to imply both are involved. In this usage Carmanie is always the visible and American is the invisible word. The term "their money" appears as the visible owner (le) in  the visible line so this term should be ascribed to the Carmanie.  The Americans would then be the recipients of the Carmanian's ill. The "pestilence", found in the hidden version by replacing le with the hidden tes then divulges that the sickness that comes is ours, it is a world-wide plague.

This line therefore tells us the timing of the event, it is when there is a change of King or Queen that money invested in facilities in the Port of Bandar Abbas will be put at risk. It is British money invested at the time of death of the Queen or her successors. How can I claim this? The word pence used for money is my clue and it is consistent with the idea of change of Monarque. The line that follows closely after this one (C.9 Q.48 Line 1) mentioned a time code not a date code. The wording is precise we are given much but not which Monarch is the identifier. It has to be so for it could never be right if we could give it an exact date. This uncertainty is reinforced by the word chance found in the hidden line. 

C.IX Q.47  line 3 Chance Gameron/Qamerun  Persian ill.  
C IX Q.47 line 3 Change monarque mis en peril le pence
meaning Change of ruler puts their money in peril.

In the paper on floods I identified that agriculture disagreements lead to nuclear incidents. The following verse builds upon those ideas. It leads us into incidents of trade centred on Piraeus, the Mediterranean port through which the major trade routes pass.

C.06 Q.097

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn, Cinq et quarante degres ciel bruslera
Fire to approach the great new city: Feu approcher de la grand cite neufue
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans. Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue

C.06 Q.097

Allan Webers rules generated Quatrein's link. Cinq et quarante degres ciel bruslera
Few uninfected and Pau crop large herd Feu approcher de la grand cite neufue
In USA farmland grain-state treasures, rains seem sparse Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Sadder queue afire. No word  wanton randomness repair Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue

The nature of the hidden messages in this verse is immediately apparent. There is a consistency of agricultural disaster brought on by drought and fire. However its relevance and clarification must wait for further support before it can be claimed to have any validity.

The verse has always generated interest for its apparent reference to New York and that linkage has only been furthered by the events of recent years. New York is a great new city at 45 degrees. 

In this verse the threat to the USA seems to be of a more economical nature than nuclear.

This work is still unfinished (however more detail is given for these events in my paper on Leaders and Anarhists.

C.05 Q.022 L.1 Auant qu'a Rome grand aye rendu l'ame UNDER-GAMERON-MALE-AQUANAUT READY. DANGER-YEAR  AND-YEAR-END GERMAN-DAY  Before the great one has given up the ghost at Rome
C.05 Q.022 L.2 Effrayeur grande al'armee estrangere YEAR-ARRANGED DANGER-REGENERATES-ALARM AGREEMENTS-REFER-URGE-FRAY Great terror for the foreign army:
C.05 Q.022 L.3 Par esquadrons l'embusche pres de Parme PARQUES-RADON SPHERE PRECEDES~BUSH. SUCH SOLEMN SQUADRONS. The ambush by squadrons near Parma,
C.05 Q.022 L.4 Puis les deux rouges ensemble feront chere EXUDES- GENEROUS SUPERHELICES-NOT-FREE-ROGUES-ENSEMBLE Then the two red ones will celebrate together.
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