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There are many words which have religious significance that are not represented in Nostradamus' text. In appreciating those that are, it is helpful to have an idea of the range which are excluded. These include Church/es, cathedral, bishop, Cardinals, crematorium, mausoleum, evangelist/s, catholic, orthodox, apostolic, minister, Saint-John, Saint-Paul, Saint-Marq, Christian, martyr/s, beatification, Jesus, crucified, purgatory, heresy etc.

Many short words are, as expected, quite abundant and the accidental rate would be high even if the text isn't coded. These include Iesus (17), pastor (12), priest(26), Pope (9), Moses (13), Islam (20), Saints (38), Qoran (22), Quran (28). These words are only included in the table below when they occur in conjunction with rarer words.

The table below shows a list of those religious anagrams that are of lower number and of other words also of religious significance that are in the same verse in visible or hidden form. It also shows any other anagrams found in the verse that may give meaning. 

In developing these tables I have drawn on the anagrams recovered by my programs. They have been built using those words that are least frequent.  I have not chosen to exclude or include words to produce a particular effect. However, having gathered them together in this fashion I believe there are consistencies within each verse that tie in with the external references to the key words. 

The anagrams in the following tables are out of context so it is unwise to draw premature conclusions to their relevance. As presented they don't carry the authority of linking the visible with the hidden text nor do they carry the depth and breadth of meaning bestowed by interweaving the Norn like threads of past present and future. Note, however, that I think that by reference to their context in Nostradamus' text  I will be able to establish they are united by one theme and that is the threat from future acts of fundamentalism / zealotry. I also believe they supply the names and places of the definitive sources for the deepest level of hidden code. 

It is worth looking at the list of occurrences given below each table. Not only does it indicate the worth or otherwise of the words grouped together but there is a hint that their frequency may other another dimension to their interpretation.

In these Tables of Verses and Anagrams, Words in the visible text  are shown in bold. These may not necessarily be found elsewhere as anagrams.

Abbey, Abbots, Saint Quintin

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.005 Prayer-less Abbot, Friar Europe's persecutor
C.08 Q.096 Abbey, Israel synagogues Saintly Guest baby, woman persecuted, last agony, friendliest listener
C.09 Q.040 Abbey Saint Quintin baby, Jesus, Pope, Isus fontal name
Occurrences: Persecuted (1), Persecutor (1), Saintly (1) agony (1) friendliest (2) baby(3) Friar (5) guest (5) fontal (5)  listener (15) Europes (19) Israel (45) name (89)

St Quintin was a Christian martyr, executed for his missionary zeal at Amiens on the 31st October, 287CE. He had been seized and thrown into prison, loaded with chains. The court before which he was brought could not alter his zeal through either promises or threats and the magistrate condemned him to a barbaric torture. His body was pierced with two iron wires from the neck to the thighs, and iron pins were thrusts under his nails, into his flesh, his skull. Lastly his head was cut off.

The first of the third group of Mysteries associated with the rosary prayers is called The Agony of the Garden. One point in this recital says An angel appears to Him from heaven to strengthen Him.

Christ, Jews and Herod

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.082 Eucharist designator, Saturdays Christ, Herod solemn omens assemble dread horse, introduce hermetic sector
C.02 Q.011 Progressional racial,  Jews, Moiras, Cardinal need talents for, argue,
C.04 Q.070 Vesture Jews man's pyre, counter disengage, crashes foreseen
C.05 Q.009 Eleusian super-sacerdotal model of garlands found Jews my participance fail
Occurrences: Supersacerdotal (1), Saturdays (1), progressional (1) hermetic (1) disengage (1) Eucharist (2) designator (2) Jeuus (3) vesture (3) Eleusian (3) Cardinal (4) Christ (5) racial (5) introduce (7) found (8) Herod (9) garlands (10) assemble (14) sector (20)  pyre (28) solemn (30) dread (39) omens (60)

Super-sacerdotal: means highest priestly authority.
Eleusian (mysteries): Ancient mysteries that were celebrated in early autumn when seed was sown. The rituals celebrated the abduction and return of Persephone and symbolized the annual cycle of death and rebirth in nature as well as the immortality of the soul. Ancient belief held that they were instituted in Eleusis by Persephone's mother, Demeter. Dionysus was also much honoured. 

Cyprianus, Cyprian -Saint, Bishop of Carthage

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.04 Q.007 Tomb heretical, turmoil Cyprian (Saint) Islam armour, princely death
C.04 Q.007 Cyprianus Futures clues, powers exposures, his altruisms, imparts reprisals
C.10 Q.035 ArthemideTemple  Europe, Thermai (Thessalonica),  Cyprian (Saint), mild-hearted amputee hatred, spread organic mud
Occurrences: mildhearted (1) princely (1) altruisms (1), turmoil (1), reprisals (1) Thermai (2) Arthemide (2) heretical (2) organic (2) hatred (3) exposures (3) imparts (4) death (5) Islam (20) tomb (23) armour (30) mud (32) spread  (34) bishop (0) Carthage (0)

ArthemideTemple:  The Temple of Artemis/Diana in  Ephesus, Turkey was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. At the core it involved the worship of the Goddess who is identified by many names, one of which is Isis.

Saint Cyprian (Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus) lived and died in the 3rd century of Christian era. He was an early Christian writer and taught rhetoric. His writings about Jews and their part in the stories of the New Testament have remained  a constant source for anti-Semitic ideas.  

By this alone the Jews can receive pardon of their sins, if they wash away the blood of Christ slain, in His baptism, and, passing over into His Church, obey His precepts. In Isaiah the Lord says: “Now I will not release your sins. When ye stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my face from you; and if ye multiply prayers, I will not hear you: for your hands are full of blood.” (Against the Jews)

His ideas were also important in establishing the foundation of the Holy Trinity and the role of Virgin Mary as Mother of God. These gave credence to  the family "brought into unity from the unity of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Saint Cyprian, "De Orat. Dom.," 23: PL 4, 536), at whose heart is a new bond between the Mother and the disciple.

On September 13, 258, Cyprianus was imprisoned  and sentenced to die by the sword because of his Christian beliefs. His only answer was "Thanks be to God!" The execution was carried out at once in an open place near the city. A vast multitude followed Cyprian on his last journey. He removed his garments without assistance, knelt down, and prayed. Two of his clergy blindfolded him. He ordered twenty-five gold pieces to be given to the executioner, who with a trembling hand administered the death-blow.

His altruisms and dogmatism are a foundation of many fundamentalist ideas. His sayings include :

"He can no longer have God for his Father who has not the Church for his mother; . . . he who gathereth elsewhere than in the Church scatters the Church of Christ"  ... "nor is there any other home to believers but the one Church" .

The most famous saying of Cyprian, states "Outside the Church there is no salvation,"

Evangelists, disciples

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.008 Monasterial personified societal recipients Evangelisers,  anarchs  isolate fiend, evangelises, arrests Evangelistaries pleasures
C.04 Q.031 disciples epistles, demons
C.10 Q.051 Epicureans Evangelism Caxton epic guides re-unite cornerstones
C.10 Q.099 Evangelistic angelic saints Xmas Nostradame semanticist nobly reason treason name
C.03 Q.040 Evangelizer adherant , delegations reports disaster arrests
Occurrences: Caxton (1) personified (1) evangelis/m/ers/taries (1), evangeli/zer/stic (1), semanticist (1), misplants (1) Xmas (1) monasterial (2) disaster (2) Epicureans (3) angelic (3) cornerstones (3) epistles (3) anarchs (3) delegations (4) guides (4) Nostradame (5) recipients (5) nobly (6) reunites (6)  adherant (7) isolate (8) arrests (8) pleasures (11) reports  (14) epic (16) demons(17) saints (38) treason(40)  reason (43) name (89) disciples (0) 

An Epicurean is  a follower of the philosophy advanced by Epicurus that considered happiness, or the avoidance of pain and emotional disturbance, to be the highest good and that advocated the pursuit of pleasures that can be enjoyed in moderation (See prayers  and hell/heaven for other instances).

Caxton (William) (see reference in Wilkpedia for more): Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye or Recueil des Histoires de Troye, is a courtly romance written by Raoul le Fevre, chaplain to Philip III, Duke of Burgundy. It was the first book printed in the English language. It was translated by William Caxton and printed by him with Colard Mansion in Bruges (about 1475). This predates his establishing of his printing press at Westminster in 1476. Caxton's translation of the Golden Legend, published in 1483, contains some of the earliest verses of the Bible to be printed in English, rather than copied. This popular medieval classic was about the lives of the Saints worshipped in the late 15th century. Originally its title was simply Legenda Sanctorum which is Latin for "Saints' readings".  The author , Jacobus de Voragine, usually begins his tale with a fanciful etymology of the saint's name, even though it is likely he knew their accurate meaning. At that time it was not uncommon to use linguistically accurate derivations set out beside allegorical and figurative explanations. An example (in Caxton's translation) shows the author's method:

Sylvester is said of sile or sol which is light, and of terra the earth, as who saith the light of the earth, that is of the church. Or Silvester is said of silvas and of trahens, that is to say he was drawing wild men and hard unto the faith. Or as it is said in glossario, Silvester is to say green, that is to wit, green in contemplation of heavenly things, and a toiler in labouring himself; he was umbrous or shadowous. That is to say he was cold and refrigate from all concupiscence of the flesh, full of boughs among the trees of heaven.

It seems to me that the code used by Nostradamus' is very akin to this process used by Voragine.

Hell & heaven

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.04 Q.082 Heaven, Deucalions ascendant,  Roman Federations Selenolatory (moon worship) Caesaropapism (supremacy of state over church)
C.06 Q.060 Hell, Epicurean necrophile, Easter Herod's/hordes best repent , money berates, encipher paroynms, reinterprets
C.06 Q.090 Hell, fireplaces, emptiness, incinerates   seem ban no sin, replicates life, abominable hole, arsenic quite increase
C.09 Q.091 Hell, entry, terminated, pyre  congenial men, relatives,  oracle, vaster lie, unknown evil
Occurrences: heaven (1) Selenatory (1) paronyms (1) encipher (1) reinterprets (1) Caesaropapism (1) necrophile (1) incinerates (1), best-repent (1) fireplaces (2) Epicurean (2) emptiness (2) congenial (3) federations (3) Deucalions (3) ascendent (3) replicates (4) relatives (4) terminated (5) recoil (5) entry (8) increase (6) money (8) berates (10) arsenic(12) hole (15) oracle (15) Herods/hordes (16) pyre (28) Roman (59) Easter  (75) quite/quiet (76) abominable(0)

Paronym/s: Words allied by derivation from the same root; having the same stem; for example, beautiful and beauteous.

Holy Ghost (Paracletes). Pentecost

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.095 Monastery in front, Gods-name Paracletes (Holy Ghost) Herod amount son due, sons born, captiousness, twin infant found
C.06 Q.084 Paracletus (Holy Ghost) Fore-sayer, parent secret-plan , prevoyant life, ovary seed, seduce, agrarian appeasers
C.05 Q.006 Paracletes (Holy Ghost) Archangel, Hercules pray,  underachieving, royal animal renamed
C.03 Q.077 Pentecost miracles redeploys Paraclete (Holy Ghost)  listeners pardon cross
C.04 Q.013 Pentecostalism non-departure forepart prefatorial badness re-encounter Apostelematics tradespeople resell belatedness laboured 
Occurrences: Pentecost-/alism (1) underachieving (1) Paracletus (1) prefatorial (1) apostelematics (1) Gods-name (1) prevoyant (1) captiousness (1) agrarian (1) ovary-seed (1) tradespeople (1) appeaser (1) belatedness (1) cross (2) non-departure (2) secret-plan (2) fore-sayer (2)  laboured (3), Hercules (3) Paracletes (3)  miracles (3)  forepart (4) listeners (4) ovary (5) badness (5) Archangel (5) redeploys (5)  found (8) Herod (9) amount (11) animal (12) renamed (14)  seduce (18) Royal (16) born (29) pray (29) pardon (29) parent (36) life (44)....... (NOTE: Hercules and Royal counts are for actual anagrams not in visible text) 

Apostelematic: Relating to the casting of horoscopes. OR relating to an issue of fulfilment.
Captiousness: Marked by a disposition to find and point out trivial faults OR intent to entrap or confuse, as in an argument
Prevoyant: Prescient OR foreseeing
Pentecost:a Christian festival occurring on Whit Sunday commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost on the Apostles OR the Jewish harvest festival occurring on the fiftieth day after the second of the Passover.
Pentacostalism: religious Christian groups that emphasize the charismatic aspects of Christianity and adopt a fundamentalist attitude yo the Bible OR relating to the influence of the Holy Ghost
Paraclete: the third person in the Trinity; Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his Crucifixion and Resurrection; it came on Pentecost

Holy War

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.08 Q.084 Quincentenaries (500 years)  vendetta Holy parent hourly date circle, plough, car, oil, dust depletes
Occurrences: Quincentenaries (1) vendetta (1) Holy (1) hourly  (1) circle (2) plough (2) pleasures (11)



Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.03 Q.006 Citadels miserable  era sadden furore , dreadfulness Moslem placements entry, actinides tumour,  fuse-box touch distance
Occurrences: Moslem (1) fuse-box (1) dreadfulness (1) tumour (1) placements (2) touch (3) actinides (4) citadels (7) entry (8) furore  (10) distance (13) sadden (65)...........  (islamic (0) Islam (20))


Luther, Martyrs

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.09 Q.034 Hudson/hounds. Par(k/q) pastor, Paracletus (Holy Ghost) Marie, Harry, Luther, Artemis martyrise, court, arrest counterfoil, terrestrial years lost
C.02 Q.041 Quran Luther, designator Exodus, pardon, mutations, infect, fear or ruin applies
C.07 Q.027 Inferno prompt Luther, Pierre improper love, authorise, vast accident, geographic fear empeaches
Occurrences: improper (1) counterfoil (1) authorise (1) martyrise (1) Hudson (1) empeaches (1) geographic (1) terrestrial (2) designator (2) Harry (2) Paracletus (2)  Exodus (2) Luther (3)  inferno (3) mutations (3) accident (5) applies (5) infect (6) prompt (11) pastor (12) vast (12) court (14) Artemis (14) years (20) Pierre (22)  Quran (2)  pardon (29), Marie (46) arrest (50)  ruin (65)  fear (230) 


Monastery, Convent

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.05 Q.059 Monastery towers ramparts  projecture armour Jews, banqueter reject sources cause rampant fertilisational pleasure
C.06 Q.088 Monastery,  seafront, solemn pyres beholders treason beheld, persuade assemble, presumable demand revenge, amnesty forseen
C.01 Q.007 Convent XII Divine seven indecisive elections, letters earlier event, literate content represent enterprise, Persian role seesaws, non-retractive vessel sleeve, fractionated, un-exotic detract
C.04 Q.092 Convent terrain confused Captain target astound, greatest race-riot arise, canrniferous covenant 
Occurrences: beholders (1) reject (1) rampant (1) carniferous (1) banqueter (1) fertilisational (1)  covenant (1) indecisive (1) ramparts (1) projecture (1) beheld (1)  unalleviated (1) fractionated (1) non-retractile (1) sleeve (2) literate (2) monastery (2) convent (2) seesauus(2) presumable (2) detract (3) anticipate (2)  un-exotic (3) amnesty (3) represent (3) captain (3) target (3) XII (3) greatest (4) revenge (4)  mutations (3) elections (4) astound (4) race-riot (5) confuses (5) divine (6) enterprise (6) vessel (6) content (8) seafront (11) forseen (13) assemble (14) demand (14) pleasure (14) Persians (15) seven (16) pyres (17) sources (20) letters (21)  event (25)  Touuers (26), persuade (28) solemn (30)  treason (40) cause (42) 

The following occur in C.01 Q.007, Each word exists in its own rite and the anagrams are linear: letters-cause (1) greatest-arise (1) treats-earlier-content (1) XII-Divine (1) indecisive-elections (1)  represent-Persians-role-seesauus (1) nonretractile-sleeve (1)



Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.08 Q.018 Caesar no prayers Jesus, profaners rejuvenates rotten stories
C.07 Q.009 prayers,  Rosary Madaleine, Moses encodes words base where guardians esteem fainter importance
C.06 Q.075 Israel purpose un-retaliated, Israel's-call  Rosary Magdalene, ancestors  portrays sorry years, sulphur attain, carbonates, arsenic, arab increased
C.08 Q.087 prayer Epicureans pre-formatory encoding
C.09 Q.038 Hell prayer, listen Ephesians, Aemathien, reproachably losing named route
C.04 Q.077 prayers, Eucharisto heretics, Christian christened coward revenges sin, Koran word
C.09 Q.044 Westermost degrees prayer, exert, Reuelations Exterminators, intellectualiser natural fears , grim regimes rue farseeing intelligences, 
Occurrences: intellectualiser (1) rejuvenates (1) Ephesians (1) Magdalene (1) importance (1)  reproachably (1) unretaliated (1) regimes (1) pre-formatory (1)  intelligences (1) Exterminator (1) Sulphur (1) uuarcrime (1)  Madaleine (2) encoding (2) grim (2) reulations (2) farseeing (2) electrons-ray (2,23,58) Epicureans (3) attain (3) increased (3) natural (3) carbonates (3)  portrays (3) sorry (4) guardians (4)  rosary (4) uuord (4) profanes (4) purpose (5) hell (6) fainter (9) esteem (9) uuhere (11) arsenic (120 Caesar (12) Moses (13) encript (13) exert (15) Iesus (17) encodes (17) years (20) vuord (20) stories (25)  listen (25) pyre (28) rotten (44) named (64) Arab (67) soul (70)  route (75) 

NOTE: There is a strong emphasis on encoding in the above references.  It is possible that passages identified below are the keys to the lexicon used by Nostradamus. This would give them more of a practical utility than might otherwise be assumed.

The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events or mysteries in the history of an individuals salvation, and to thank and praise God for them. There are twenty mysteries reflected upon in the Rosary, and these are divided into four groups of five mysteries, These groups are termed Joyful (ANNUNCIATION,  VISITATION, NATIVITY, PRESENTATION, FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE ), Luminous (BAPTISM OF THE LORD, WEDDING OF CANA, PROCLAMATION OF THE KINGDOM, TRANSFIGURATION, INSTITUTION OF THE EUCHARIST), Sorrowful (AGONY IN THE GARDEN, SCOURGING AT THE PILLAR, CROWNING WITH THORNS, CARRYING OF THE CROSS, CRUCIFIXION) and Glorious (RESURRECTION, ASCENSION, DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, ASSUMPTION, CORONATION).

Only Presentation (C.01 Q.052, C.06 Q.026) and Ascension (c.07 Q.017, C.10 Q.014) appear as whole anagrams in the text. Each of the anagrams appear in verses with a visible reference to religion.

Ephesians 1:17-19 called Paul's Prayer

 I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation if you come to know, so that with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance among the saints, and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power for us who believe, according to the working of his great power. 

Ephesians 3:14-21 called Prayer for the Readers

For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name. I pray that , according to the riches of his glory, he may grant that you be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love. I pray that you may have the power to comprehend; with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen


Priests Pope, Ratzinger

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.07 Q.021 Languedoc, Epistle  fearless priest Isis, adherant, rogues, adherent fore-guess searches, Tehran donate pseudo-antique headstone,  laser ray weapon stored de-masculinise 
C.05 Q.077 Ecclesiast Ecclesiastical, to quiet soul reverend Paul, Iran, El-Quidan insurrectional, defy plan, airlines quail.
C.06 Q.040 Armageddon aggrandised,  danger Pope, Easter Saint-Pierre, Pope,  agrees gun-dealer used non-replicated codes Icelander fates organised target   pauper ignited greatest ruin
C.04 Q.061 evil palaces liqueur, disrepute, mock Ratzinger pauperised, charter refer terrors, carefree Harry, Diane's son, maiden's son fondness
C.01 Q.063 Shrine Papalism Elisabeth banish leagues, reinsert Longest Psalm IX
C.10 Q.042 Equalling inhumane unit Papalism Diana, Anglican Psalm IX frame rule, race outclassed, speculator urge, gene invention capture remedy, refrain Negro fraternised
Occurrences: inhumane (1) reverend (1) ignited (1) Armageddon (1)  greatest-ruyn (1,4,19)  fates-organised (1,15,7) non-replicated (1) invention (1) aggrandised (1) speculator (1) outclassed (1) fore-guess (1) negro-fraternise (1, 40,5) demasculinise (1) Saint-Pierre (1) pseudo-antique (1) headstone (1) Ratzinger (1) fondness (1) reinsert-IX (1,6,29) psalm-longest (1, 6,8) IX-frame-rule (1,29,12,90)  Elisabeth (1) pauperised (1) papalism (2) Harry (2) Diane's son (2,26, 242) maiden's son (2,16,242) shrine (2) equaling (2) remedy(2) el-Quidan (2) insurrectional (2) airliners (2) capture (3) carefree (3) disrepute (3) terrors (3) banish (3) Isis (4) Diane (4) uueapon (4) Tehran (5) fearless (5) adherant (5) defy (5) airlines(5) charter (7) leagues (7) donates (7) Epistle (9) Pope(9) searches (9) Icelander (9) rogues (24) plan (25) priest (26)  unit (29) quail(30) stored (34) refer (44) Paul (54) fears (74) danger (227)



Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.08 Q.010 Torah original  religion Denigrators  urgent ordinates elongating outlet, quantified true- danger, entailing-a-short- torment, on-alien-matter
C.10 Q.096 Raphael-tale helped blesses-apparel-used. religion Raphael sobeit ascertained a-sad-lunatic-sect-alter-life, clearest-faction summoned demons undoing arrivance  destine need-deplore-race desecration. 
Occurrences: original (1) outlet-elongating (1, 18,1) quantified (1) true-danger (1, 249, 227) Raphael-tale (1,3,83) entailing-a-short-torment (1,1, 9,15) on-alien-matter (1, 31.26) blessez-apparel-uxed (1,2,7,143) , a-sad-lunatic-sect-alter-life (1, -,-, 3,85,121,44) clearest-faction (1,8,13) deplore-race (1,2,173)   religion (1) helped (1) arrivance (2) undoing (2) summoned (2) Torah (3) denigrators (3) desecration (4) urgent (6) so-be-it (6) destine (14) demons (17) ordinates (15)


Saint Germain, Germanus

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.02 Q.039 Republic conflict, hours  St Germain, Perseus, Horus close-archer inflict on-Celt equi-valiant domains, endorse Europe's Romanised clique, stuff-on Norse oracles, fortunes impress
C.06 Q.013 carnaged, raiment Saint-Germain, mortuarian, genearch undergoing arduous revolt, platonic-endeavour arresting reveling-panic, granaries ungodlier pillar, poetical 
C.03 Q.067 heretics St-Germain mastering demons, Polish-hopes Persians-recruit weary-patron, puppetry impress, usury
C.04 Q.086 Incinerators once-quest-resume  rape-conquests,  St-Germain, Caesura clan, Artemis, Marie re-estimating-to-rear- axis rotating, Saints-put Nowell, forty week-loss,  corpse-reincarnations, clinquant (glittering with gold)
Occurrences: once-incinerators-quest-resume (1,111, 1,9,3), Saint-Germain (1) poetical (1) Platonic-endeavour (1,1,1) undergoing1) ungodlier (1) corpse-reincarnations (1,29,1) Saints-put (1,38,34)  stuff-on (1, 1,-) clinquant (1) Republic (1) arduous-revolt (1, 3,3) close-archer-clique (1,42,33,18) inflict (1)  weecq-loss (1, 9,10) uueary-patron (1,2,35) puppetry (1) reveling-panic (1,2,16) re-estimating (1) times-rear-axis (1,30,155,10), rotating (1)  losing phase (1, 36,6) public-endorse-aim (1, 4, 16,228) St-Germain (2) forget-rule (2, 3,191) forty (2) Fortunes (2) impress (3) selected (3) recruits (3) mortuarian (3) mastering (3) heretics (4) Romanised (4) Hours/Horus (4) pilar (4) domains (4) Perseus (7) arresting (7) carnaged (8) granaries (9) genearch (10) Caesura (12) Oracles (13) Persians (15) on-Celt (15) demons (15) raiment (17) Nowell (17) Europe's (19).... (NOTE: conflict occurs 16 times but never as a true anagram)

Perseus: The son of Danaë and Zeus and husband of Andromeda who killed the Gorgon Medusa
Horus: The ancient Egyptian god of the sun, son of Osiris and Isis, represented as having the head of a hawk
Saint Germain, Bishop of Auxerre: The story of Germanus is one of those included in The Golden Legend, the story of the Saints translated and published by Caxton and the first work to contain extracts from the Bible in English (see evangelists on this site). The following are extracts from that story relating to incidents mentioned in the above verses.

Battles: And as they of Saxony should fight against the Britons, and they saw that they were but few, and saw the holy man pass by, they called him. And then Saint Germain and his fellows preached so long to them that they came to grace of baptism. And on Easter day they cast off their armours, and by great desire of faith purposed them to fight. And when the other heard that, they purposed to go against them hardily for they were dissevered, and S Germain hid him away with his people, and warned them when he cried: Alleluia! they should answer with one voice, and when the saints had cried, alleluia! and the other had answered, their enemies had so great dread that they threw all their harness and armours away, and weened certainly that all the mountains should fall on them and also heaven, and so they fled all afraid.

Mortuarian: Another time he returned in to Britain for the heresies, and one of his disciples followed him hastily, and fell sick and lay down in a town, and there died; and when Saint Germain returned thereby he demanded to see the sepulchre of his disciple which there was dead, and did do open his sepulchre, and he called him by his name, and demanded him what he did, and if he would no longer go with him, and that other answered and said that he was well, and all things were to him soft and sweet, and would no more come here; and the holy man granted it him that he should abide in rest, and he remised himself in his grave and slept in our Lord.

Mastering demons: In a time he was harboured in a place where always after supper the tables were covered when all men had supped, whereof he marvelled, and demanded the host wherefore they covered the tables again after supper, and the host said it was for his neighbours that came to drink each with other. And that night Saint Germain concluded to watch for to see what it should be. It was not long after that there came in there a great multitude of devils, and sat at the table in likeness of men and women; and when the holy man saw them he commanded them that they should not depart, and then sent to awake the host, and all the neighbours and guests on all sides, in such wise that every man and woman were found in their houses, and he made all them to come and see if they knew any of them. And they said nay; and then he showed them that they were devils; of whom the people was much abashed because the devils mocked them so. And then Saint Germain conjured them, and they went their way, and never after returned.

Corpse Reincarnations: Then went Saint Germain and his fellowship for to see where they might be lodged, and the cowherd brought them to his house, and he saw that they had great hunger, but he had not meat for them and him. This cowherd had but one calf; he slew it and gave it to them, and they took it debonairly of the little good that he had, and when they had supped and said graces, Saint Germain did do gather together all the bones of the calf and laid them under the skin, and after, made his prayers to God, and anon then the calf arose all alive and whole as he was tofore.

...And when the saint saw him so richly adorned and apparelled he would in no wise take it, but said: Show to me where mine ass is, for he that brought me hither shall bring me home again. And then he went to his ass, that lay dead, and said to him: Let us return home again, and anon the ass arose and shook him as he had risen from sleep and that he had no harm, and then Germain remounted on his ass and rode home.

Saint Peter

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.053 men  under-populate rotten grade Saint-Peter, heretics, Christianity, well owner True-oils petroleum a-richest-outlet route prearranged equals-no-graver-tale tale-say-not entice ruin
C.06 Q.063 long-whisper same-leader un-throned Saint-Peter explorer aptness permit-curtailed virulence-taints-prime-era, oils gun landownership separateness reviewage
Occurrences: long-uuhisper (1,-,1)  no-graver-tale (1,-2,-) revieuuage (1) land-ouunership (1) virulence-taints-prime era (1,1, 21,64,-) under-populate (1) prearranged (2) petroleum (2), explorer (2) separateness (2) un-throned (2) same-leader (3) heretics (4) richest (10) uuell (18) ouuner (18) rotten (44)


Zealots, fanatics

Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.079 USA-condone valour, maybe-treat-ruin  Zealots-core-base, well owner such-gain once oil sector begin, parlous-melees, queriex, water-pool matter


Verse Place Description Office Personnage(s) Task
C.01 Q.042 Epistle oblique mandate, diabolic   fanatics aliens~program centuries~process enrich-chant in-affect it-got-clarified oblique-idea scrutinises-names, spelt-in-mandate
C.07 Q.002 Strait, Canal water towers, none-set-soulz fanatic traitress, Bertram sister Centuries-art-not-less-old, zones-start armours necessitude , outcries, radon-armourers-urge-rape, none-let-countries-send
C.01 Q.045 unrefuted-antic  pandering quite-fanatic sect demon-sect-confuse threatened-Bette Queen-nobly, then-Bette-arrested then-quite-a-schism, quittance secure true-secret omens-code
C.05 Q.044 part-African fanatic, league, son, rogues,  pederasty, pardon, afterlife rape-arson-money-trouble, alarm-if-not-free
C.05 Q.063 Continental Empires invade, 
plague, hurts-leagues
infiltrators, Perseus, patronizers,  planetic-ruin-due, oil-usage, doing  my duty, for-it-gas-oil-aim-vague, contentional, zealotry-gauges uranium~sheets, not-residues, 
C.09 Q.023 Jews, Saints, Africanist, wastrels, U.S.- zealots, fanatics fear-fanatics-fumed, one-unity-span, mud, waterlilies, repel, runestaf settle futhaercs dictum
C.04 Q.078 Proud-Tower patents, sadden, fume-is-truer U.S.-zealots, ill-vandals, future~men asserting Persia's greatness, armed-deal, passes-to-USA, strange-male-part-induce, and-large-civil plague 
C.06 Q.050 Towers chant-gone, lozes-dead, sadden lands Zealots planes-issue, worse-torrent, barer, treason, commits-larcenies, Paris- alarm-at-Israel's conceits
C.06 Q.076 prorogue fetch name,  fanatic, Roger complete purge, illnesses, inadequate weapons support , and-note-free-large glacier plus-Iran-want-open-report. 
C.08 Q.007 Asia, USA Fanatism (fanaticism)-absent,  Persian- courier Millennia receive radon intelligence, nasty ten-days sadden since dead, dynastic-fears,  arsenic,  city-deadness
C.08 Q.053 Asian temple open, baseless, same-fame,  fanatics bands,  stranger, priests vilest safari, despair-permits-dry-flame,  life-meet-flame, oven devours, deadness sadden, Persians-to-suffer, rebels-coups
C.08 Q.082 Asias-Spaceship,  chose, siege happened,  Fanatics, Negro,  congenial, Saint-faces-longer-song,  doubt,  poet-gain-poynts-on, callous-letter, 


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Verse InCode SourceLine WordLine EnglishLine DecodeLine
C.06 Q.002 L.1 Yes En l'an cinq cens octante plus et moins SIMEON MENTIONS-PLANET-USE OCTANTS UNSPELT COST OCTANES A-Lincq-Connects Constantinople In the year five hundred eighty more or less,
C.06 Q.002 L.3 Yes En l'an $ept cens et trois cieux en te$moings SIMEON SOME-SIGN-NEXT UX MENTIONS-ANGLES PLANETS-ESOTERIC-SCENE In the year seven hundred and three the heavens are witness
C.06 Q.002 L.4 No Qui plu$ieurs regnes vn a cinq feront change TARCHON:USURIES:CHANT IEUUS GENRES VINCAS EVANESCING(disappearing) UUILES-EQUIP NOT-CHANGE UNREGRESSIVE-REFACINQ UUISER That several kingdoms one to five will make a change

Simeon Stylites the Younger 521AD-597AD one of the pillar hermits of. Born in Theopolis.

Octants are a measure of planetary separation (45 degrees of arc).

Verse InCode SourceLine WordLine EnglishLine DecodeLine
C.07 Q.014 L.1 No Faux expo$er viendra topographie PREDATION:HIP:TOPOGRAPH (Regional map) EXPOSUREX HARP EROSIVE DRIVEN-PROPAGATOR-EXPOSE PROVES-ORDINATE TOP-Of-GRAPH He will come to expose the false topography, Expose safer ux diviner ideograph of star pointer
C.07 Q.014 L.2 No Seront les cruches des monumens ouuertes SUMMONSED:UTERUSES:UUOMENS-TRUE-DEMONS-SEES NORSE-CELTS-CRUSHED SUMMONED-ELECTRONS OMENS-UUORSEN MENS-TOUUERS-CRUSHED the urns of the tombs will be opened. Norse letters source summoned true sound schedule
C.07 Q.014 L.3 No Palluler $ecte $aincte philo$ophie THEOPOLIS:HIP:LOOPS:ENCEPHALITIS SOPHI CERES ANCESTRIES IOSEPH-PHONECTALISE-SECRET-LULL SECT-RULES-ALL-POLISH-SOIL PALL-IN-CRUELEST-SEA SECRET-ENCEHPALITIS Sect and holy philosophy to thrive, Rules place celestial prophecies in phonetic cipher locations
C.07 Q.014 L.4 Yes Pour blanches noires et pour antiques vertes POSTURER:QUINATE:QUINT:VERSUTE:QUITE VESTURE Branch OUR-POETRIES-CHANNELS POETS-VERSE-ALNUBR-CHOSEN-POETRIES QUATREINS REPUTATION INQUEST INSHORE SUBPOLAR black for white and the new for the old. Snorri enables the poets runa techniques to set quatrain verse

Theopolis saint sect rule  POLISH PAULLE