Proof of his coding methods +  the unambiguous   meaning  hidden in his work.  

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June 2007

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At the end of May 2007, after 15 years of ongoing research, I found myself in the remarkable position of saying "I can no longer deny the evidence- this work is in code". For the first time I had been able to go beyond isolated items that could be coincidence to a stream of interconnected ideas that cannot be denied.

In Jan 2008 I replaced  my site on the Hidden Methods. I trust people find the new site exciting and interesting.

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I welcome commentary on this new work. 

MORE LINKS- click on title to access
Anagrams 1.
The comparative research that led to my techniques.
Anagrams 2.
The paper that shows the longest anagrams that are the code's keys.
Anagrams 3.
The paper that shows how the research throws up key verses.
How the first verse led to these result and how I have resolved issues raised over the years.
Previous Work
Older material made obsolete by the latest work.
Hidden methods:
Uncovers Nostradamus' hidden coding methods and tracks its use  over many verses
A tabular reference set showing the significant value of the anagrams
Nostradamus- The Serpents Child- click here  first part of my new novel giving background to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus- The Serpents Child is about his youth and gives the reader a background to the places, events and people to whom he came in contact. It tries to provide a rationale for his wanderings and his fame. It is a fictional account of a secret plot based on the real Lord of Baux and the apocalyptic views current at that time. The story traces Nostradamus return to his ancestral home in Alet-les-Bains, a small village next to the mysterious Mt Bugarach and Chateau-les Rennes. 

Extract available free (click on  title) , full E-BOOK version available for AU$15 / US$12 (click here on MY EMAIL  to order and pay for download)  Also contact me if you wish to pre-order signed copy of forthcoming book). 


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A detailed proof that the code really exists and can be unambiguously interpreted.
Nuclear Topics
Belarus, Chernobyl & Macedonia at the heart of our generation's coming problems
The outcome of our nuclear issues and how they beset our children.
America & Iran
The mutual deceit that leads to a disaster affecting the world's oceans
Leaders & Anarchists
Martin Luther Kings assassination and its import
Chaos, Terrorism & Crime
Unites many of the themes. Mafia, mobsters, clans and sects are its focus.




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