"As crystals shape cannot avoid

Eels to unknown homes returned

And tidal patterns form.

So is this, our union bound

In chaos founded certainty"

Richard Wagner, now somewhat famous, draws upon a theme, a tune of over thirty years. Thirty six to be precise since these bars were first set down by him.

The daemon’s doing he was sure, the daemon always there hidden by the corner of his eye. The daemon that judges him. The daemon that implies it is not right, it is not the time to use. The daemon critic that taunts, works upon his conscious ego. "You are not right, not ready. The tune’s not right, not ready. The times not right or ready." But now it was, the daemon is appeased.

Daemon appeased but not Wagner for this was something more. The time grows near when this tune truly sung will grant him access to the spheres. Kepler’s spheres.

Thirty six years. So much has happened. So much changed in him. Now, at last, the grandest opera conceived is nearing its completion." It is not an opera. ‘Music-drama’, ‘music-drama’ . If I don’t use that term who else will." So Wagner muses.

"Now daemon, my special daemon it is your turn. I am master now. Music gives me that mastery. My music, music of the primeval mind, music conceived of me. Daemon, tormentor who keeps the sprite from me, know its power, feel its strength, bring to me my key."

Wagner dwelt on the sound of the Prelude of ‘Siegfried’. Music forged from his mind and changing permanently its creator. A mind etched deep in all its levels with notes repeated even after sating daemon. Notes that could no longer be restrained taking on lives of their own. Playing harmonic chords and discords amongst the syncopated threads of Richard’s seared mind.

Seared mind, seared into genius. Conscious man struggling to grasp his deeper notes, to write them into life. Subconscious man seared with his daemon. Time travelling daemon with fate laden purpose. Waiting for this mind of Wagner. Waiting for the repetition of notes to sear the path. Seared path from obsessed musician the entry to Erda, unconscious mind or id.

The urging daemon twisting sound, repeating sound back and forth through Wagner’s mind.

"Summon Erda, waken her from her immemorial sleep. Wagner, Richard. Richard Wagner, twist the sound, turn the bars once penned, turn them right around."

"Wala, Erda. Erda Wala."

Erda Wala sighs " My sleep is dreaming, my dreaming brooding, my brooding weaving of wisdom. But while I sleep the Norns are ever awake, sitting and spinning what Erda knows: for wisdom then seek out the Norns."

Siegfried: Act 1 Scene 1.

Persistent Daemon, haunting daemon urges Wagner on "Seek out the Norns in ‘Twilight’ sounds. Sounds that weave for twenty bars to the presence of the Norns. Pass by sounds of Nornish weaving, casting ropes of fate. Pass by to the sounds of terror, the sharp sounds sundering destiny. The breaking of the rope."

Sounds now united with his daemon; the notes and words as one. The sound that seems to be in this daemon, to come from this daemon even as the Norns’ tune sings.

"Deeper, deeper, deeper down. "

"Descend! To Erda! Descend!

Wagner joins in the chant, sings along with his mind Wagner voice echoing Wagner mind, echoing Wagner’s written song. A song of strength for mastery between Wagner and his daemon.

The end of this our wisdom!

The world hears us

Wise ones no more.

Descend! To Erda! Descend!

The Norns, Twilight of the Gods: Act 1, Scene 1

"Descend daemon! Descend with them!

Deeper, deeper, deeper down!

Descend to Erda!

Bring back to me

Celestial Runic Notes.

Deeper, deeper deepness now!

Deeper, deeper down!"