With and Beyond Nostradamus:
The Wars of 2003 to 2030

 This is the story of the end of man. The end that comes when an individual says "I have no power, I have no part to play". It is the end that comes when those with power are not made to hear the people's voice. I invite you to read this site and if after reading it you think it important enough, please send the site address to others. No more is needed than that.                                                      .... Allan Webber.  

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We should all hope that the patterns established in this paper are not linked to the future for if they are, Israel and Vermont, USA are likely to be the first prominent sites in a long lasting nuclear war that will leave this planet's evolution damaged for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years. The attack will originate from Montpelier airport. The President will be killed despite every security precaution being put in place. America and Persia will be so strongly affected that no safety apparel will suffice.

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The following paper builds the story of the coming war by weaving a synthesis from prominent anagrams in Nostradamus' verse, the meaning of  Nostradamus original lines and the links between the verses across Nostradamus original lines and the newly evolved meanings. This paper begins with a verse on Nostradamus role. I try to show the source of the words within each line. Often I use a single box at the bottom of each table. As this paper develops I think you will see my method of synthesis grows stronger and my thoughts develop and change. This is a pessimistic paper with several twists in it. The major twist is that if there is a purpose in this for me it is to ensure that my writings are so logical and convincing that they will become untrue. 

The source for  Nostradamus' verses is Erika Cheethams "The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus", Warner Books, 1990. The methods of analysis ( and its rationale) are mine and set out in my web site

My evidence now begins.

June 28, 2002.

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Nostradamus and the coming war.

Verse No.IX.50


Source Line English My interpretation
Mandosus tost viendra a son hault regne Mandosus will soon come to his great reign Nostradamus noted invaders, slaughter and devastation.
Mettant arriere vn peu de Norlaris Delaying a little the arrival of Norlaris Testament unproved Israel rearrive
Le rouge blaisme le masle a l'interregne The red one rebuked, the clever one there in the meantime. Allies blame Israel Generals rogue elements.
Le jeune crainte et frayeur Barbaris The young men frightened and fearful of the barabaric ones. After June certain year Arabians bury Israel .
1. Mandosus t..dra= Nostradamus, tost viend..a as= devastation, s..hault reg= slaughter, viendra= invader, 
s Mettant..e= Testament, vn peu de Norlaris= unproved Israel, arriere v= re-arrive
sle a l'i= allies, bla..me= blame , regne Le roug..sa= rogue generals, isme le..sle a l'nter =Israel elements
jeune crainte et fay= after June in certain year, ain..yeur Barbaris Le= Israel bury  Arabian


In this verse there is a high level of double meaning. If we take the original words of Nostradamus. Mandosus (Nostradamus) works are soon appreciated but there are gaps that cause delay in the acceptance. His prophetic failures are noted by critics but there are verses that hold the attention while the underlying secrets lie hidden. Eventually there will come a time when a great war hangs over the world from people with no regard for conventional rules.

In the messages I have constructed there is a similarity but it is also a clarification. In these it is implied that Nostradamus focuses on war and devastation. This is born out by my computer analyses where words such as space-travel and biology are poorly represented but words such as helicopters, submarines, paratroopers, warmongers abound (click here for keyword analysis).

In my interpretation Nostradamus testament remains unproven until Israel re-arrives. A war then starts because of rogue elements in the Israeli army.  The final statement goes on to suggest a horrific war between Israel and the Arabic nations. These are parallel thoughts to those of the original. The threads of the story can be seen to extend in the next verse.

The seeds of war.

In the verse that follows the seeds of war are laid in the attack on the twin Trade Centre towers. In order to do this people from the middle east use satellite images to plot their routes. This is then used to plan the next target. At the same time Iraq is developing the materials for war.

Verse No. I.28

Source Line English My interpretation
La tour de Boucq craindra fuste Barbare The tower of Boucq  will fear the censure of barbaric men. At double towers Iraq Africa Iran Arabic disturbance
Vn temps,long temps apres barque hesperique A time, a long time after comes the Western fleet Event requires spheres longest maps Arabs Persia Iraq empires re-equip 
Bestail, ges meubles tous deux feront grant tare Beasts, men's beds, both of these will be greatly corrupted Satellites best images Iran used for next suitable target.
Taurus et Libra quelle morelle pique Taurus & Libra , what moral criticism. Wars result liberate Iraq more reliable pile equip 
1. La tour debou..uste=at double touuers,  rain= iran, qcrai= iraq, crain..raf= african, crai..ab= arabic, craind..ustbe= disturbance
e Vnte=event, res..eriqu= requires, ps..hespe=  spheres,s long te= longest,  mps a= maps,  a..sbar=Arabs, apres..i= Persia, arq..i= Iraq, emps..ir= empires, perique= reequip 
Bestai..gesme=best images, estail..lest=satelLites , i..sdeux feront grattare=Iran used for next target, stai..uble =suitable
aurus=wars, rus et L= result, et Libra..e=liberate, i..raq= Iraq,  more= more ,ibra..elle= reliable, lepi= pile, pique= equip   

This is once again a verse in which strong connectivity between Nostradamus' writing and the underlying message can be seen. It says a tower fears the censure of barbaric men and this could easily be the men, the motivation and the place involved in the terrorist attack in September 2001. The other three lines could easily be a commentary on the war against terrorism and the start of a major war.

This theme continues in the next verse. There is a direct reference to the use of airplanes and maps in the hidden text whilst in the original words there is a theme of conspiracy and disastrous events. 

Verse No. III.10

Source Line English My interpretation
De sang et faim plus grand calamite Tales of blood and hunger and great calamity  Middle-East maps defeating calendars, time and planes guards
Sept fois s'appreste a la marine plage Seven times it approaches the marine coast Persia steals separate pages of airplane maps
Monech de faim lieu pris captiuite Monech will be the prisoner, captured and hungry Once Islam hides map pictures purist uprise defile capitalism machine 
Le grand mene croc en ferree caige The great conspirator with the fangs in an iron cage Reference concerned enlarged image.
1. d..lamite De s=Middle-East,  de sang et fai mp= maps defeating,se..rand cal= calendars, mite= time, and= and, esa..plus grand= planes guards
Sep..ari=Persia, s..ste a l=steals, s'apreste a..ama=separate maps, p.age S= pages, fo= of , arine pla= airplane,  
onec=once, aim l..s=Islam, h de..is= hides,  M..eu pris capt= map pictures , upris..t= purist, eu pris =uprise, ech de faim lie=defile machine, aim l..s capti=capitalism
Le grand mene croc en ferree caige  = reference concerned large image

Line 4 is a perfect anagram as shown above and contains a clear message that is surprising in its integrity and its cross-referencing of themes within the above verses.

The lines once more seem applicable to the attack on the World Trade Centre. Once the flight maps have been enlarged they are hidden and then the terrorists strike, using airplanes to defile the capitalist machine.

Airplanes appear quite often in the messages as can be seen in the following verses.


Israel invasion by airplane.

In the next verse Nostradamus talks of the Arabic nation (those under the banner of the moon) being subdued by a man using a machine. 

Verse No. II.79

The black and curly bearded one uses a machine 
To subdue a cruel and fiery people
The great Chiren of austere desire
All the captives under the banner of the moon.

Source Line English My interpretation
La barbe crespe et noire par engin The black and curly bearded one uses a machine  Arabs begin to respect airplane engineer.
Subiuguera la gent cruelle et fiere To subdue a cruel and fiery people Cruellest general a figure in busier air-fleet 
Le grand CHIREN ostera du longin The great Chiren of austere desire General Sharon changed longitude ordinates are regional undoing.
Tous les captifs par Seline baniere All the captives under the banner of the moon. Airline routes Israel first put into places Persian Arab inescapable 
1. a bar= arab,  be..gin= begin, cresp.. et= respect, ire pa..n La= airplane, ee..r engin= engineer
S..t cruelle= cruellest, era la gen= a general, guer-fi= figure, re Subi= busier  ra.. le et fi= air-fleet
le gran.e=General, eg..and CH= changed , IREN oste..ad= ordinates, te..du longi= longitude, era..longi= regional, du.ongin= undoing.
re Tous=routes, eli..anier=airline, ar Seli= Israel, tifs..r= first, les cap= places, par Se..in= Persian, les cap...ebani= inescapable 

Although Sharon does not fit to my normal rules of anagrams I use it in this verse. My major reason for so doing is Nostradamus has capitalised the word 'CHIREN' which is very close in sound and there are several other close fits in nearby letters.

In this verse it is the Israeli's who initiate the regional war by altering boundaries and using their airplanes in a pre-emptive strike against a target outside of their normal region .

A pre-emptive strike against Iraq armouries during Palestine elections.

In the next verse planes are used to attack deep inside Iraq to destroy their armouries. This is at the time when the Palestinian election is taking place and influences its outcome. The landing requires reinforcements and this is done by paratroopers landing near a site that has been identified by the earlier raid.

Verse No. III.25

Source Line English My interpretation
Qui au Royaume Nauarrois paruiendra He who takes up the Royal kingdom of Navarre  Warriors ruined Persian armoury near Iraq a war
Quand de Sicile et Naples seront joints When those of Sicile and Naples also join Squadron, jet planes sent  decides Palestine election  
Bigore et Landes par Foyx loron tiendra Bigore, Landres, Foix, Loron will also take it up BattleRegion plan expands on forty planes intend to land
D'vn qui d'Espaigne sera par trop conioint and those who make of Spain too great an ally Condition given equips design paratroopers recognise as sent in  
1. uarrois..ru= warriors,  ruiend= ruined , ispar..en= Persian , Royaum..r=armoury,  ra Q..i= Iraq
s Quand..ro= squadron, Naples se ..jt= jet planes, d de Sic..e=decides i..et Naples=Palestine,  cile ee..on= election
Bigore et Lan..t= Battle-region, ndes pa..x = expands , r Foy..on t = on forty ,Lan..esp = planes ,n tiend = intend, t Land..o= to land. 
4. conioint D=condition, v..igne=given, qui d'Espaigne S= a design equips, igneser..co= recognise, nes. oint D=to send in , sera par trop..o=paratroopers. 

In Nostradamus verse is a list of some  places that join in a war as allies. This is likely to be the case in the event of a Middle East confrontation.

There are another two verses where the combination of 'Palestine' and 'elections' occur as split anagrams in the same line. They appear very pertinent to the topic of war.

The last line of my interpretation indicates that there is a pre-arranged signal to be marked out for the paratroopers. This is explained further in one of the other two verses where split anagrams of both 'Palestine' and 'election' appear on the same line. 

In the following verse the opportunity is taken by a group of allies to destroy targets whilst the Palestinians are pre-occupied with an election.

The plan goes astray because the signal for landing, a clearly marked pattern imprinted on a map, is made invisible by the natural surroundings.

As a consequence of this intrusion into Iraq, countries such as Australia and China are made targets and become common allies linked to the side of Israel.

The French who are at first reluctant to participate in the war, join the allies but in their first battle they are ferociously attacked from the rear.

Verse No. VIII.50

Source Line English My interpretation
La pestilence l'entour de Capadille The pestilence returns around Capadille  Palestine election  allied destruction capitalised on
Vn autre faim pres de Sagont s'appreste They get ready for another famine near Sagont Nature features prevents patterns impressed on map pages     
Le cheualier bastard de bon senille There is a very old knight who was born to an unwed mother Arab trials bonded Australia Chinese reliable Israel allies
Au grand de Thunes fera trancher la teste who will cause the great man of Thunes to be beheaded After real dangers the enthused French guard are tested.
1. La pestilen= Palestine,  stilence..o= elections, adille= allied, sti..ntour de C= destruction,  estil..capadi= capitalised. 
n autre=Nature, autre f..es=features, preste Vn= prevents, e Sagont s'appreste= on pages patterns, im pres des= impressed. 
ali..r bastar=arab trials, d de bon= bonded, uali.star=Australia, che..seni =Chinese, lier ba..le= reliable,  lier..as= Israel, , as..ille= allies.
fera t=after, er la=real, grand..e= danger, de Thunes= enthused, F..ncher= French, Au gr..d= guard, d.. teste= tested. 

It is possible the third and fourth lines of Nostradamus' original text hint at Sharon of Israel and Arafat of the Palestinians.

The next verse looks at Israel during the time of the election. The PLO is responsible for a car bomb attack on Israel. These attacks represent a greater danger than the Palestinian people. It is indicated in Nostradamus' original words that the attack is on a wedding. This threat is not immediately answered. This has to wait until  an Iraqi armoury is located by a spy plane. This armoury is the lifeline of supplies to the PLO and it is continuing to supply arms despite the truce in place for the election.

The second line of my interpretation talks of natures features preventing valid marking on a map. This fits with the estuaries at the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates river systems. Each year for many eons the top of the Persian Gulf has silted up by 50 to 200 metres per year. This is therefore a low lying, intricately patterned, changing landscape upon which it would be hard to identify landmarks. 

Verse No. IV.71

Source Line English My interpretation
En lieu d'espouse les filles trucidees Instead of a bride young girls are slaughtered  Lifeline's  PLO used defiles useless truces
Meurtre a grand faulte ne sera superstile Murder so greatly wrong there will be no survivors Fundamentalist represents a truer Israel danger
Dedans le puys vestules inondees Within the country-side an ancient flood Insults and not deeds until planes espy vessels
L'espouse estaincte par hauste d'Aconile The bride killed by the rise of the Aconile PLO cause uses death cars in Palestine elections
1. En li..les fi= lifelines,  l..u d'Espo= PLO used, fil..dees= defiles, use les..s=useless,  es truc= truces. 
eurtr= truer,  m..and faulte n=fundamental(ist), e a grand= a danger, sera..il= Israel,  ne ser..perst= represents 
t..ondees Dedan= Deeds and not,  stul..sin=insults, tul.in= until, ansl e p= planes, ep..ys= espy, s ves..les= vessels,
L'espous= LPO uses,  ar h..ste d'Ac= death cars, hauste D'ac..e= cause death, La pestilen= Palestine,  stilence..o=

Again the action correlates to Nostradamus words . In line 3 the action moves from the deaths to a flood in the countryside. In my interpretation death also moves away, this time from the PLO attacks on the city to the Israeli's attack on the Iraqi's. The wording in both the original (an ancient flooded country-side) and my interpretation (vessels) imply that it is near the gulf. This is amplified in the next verse.

Israel's attack on Iraq escalates into a much wider war.

in the following verse Israel's attack on the marine route to Iraq benefits Israel in the short term and this is reflected in the rise of property values. This attack is a reprisal for The PLO's attacks on Israel who come to believe that the whole of the Arab nations are deserving of punishment. Israel's soldiers are excessive in their brutality and it is this vast reprisal over a long time that leads to Washington's undoing.

Verse No. I.71

Source Line English My interpretation
La tour marine trois fois prise et reprise The marine towers three times captured and  recaptured Persia mariners route reprisal profits Israel properties.
Par Hespagnols, Barbares, Ligurins By Hespagnols, Barbarians and Ligurins Arab belongs in Persian sphere  is Israel reprisal ruling.
Marseille et Aix, Arles parceux de Pise Marseille & Aix, Arles spoken of in Pisa Israel armies extra reprisal executed Persia
Vast, feu, fer pille Auignon des Thurins Vast fire, steel, pillage in Avignon by  the Thurins Vast future pilfering, pillage, ruin Washington undoing.
1. epris..a= Persia, r marine..s= mariners,  rout.e= route,  repris..al= reprisal, trois f..p= profits, rise La= Israel, ois pr..et rep= properties, 
arba= Arab, gnols B..e= belongs, ins Par..e= Persian, r Hesp..e= sphere, ares Li= Israel, repris..al= reprisal, Ligurins= is ruling
arseil= Israel,  Marsie= armies.et x, Ar= extra, i..rlespar= reprisal, et..ceux de= executed,  es par..i= Persia
Vast= Vast, t feu..ur= future, fer pil..ign= pilfering, pille A..g= pillage,  urin= ruin, Auignon..s Thu= Washington, uignon d= undoing

Nostradamus' original words begin with similar themes  to my interpretation but broaden to suggest the war goes beyond the middle East and into Southern Europe and the United States. Nostradamus' words confirm the site is a marine tower. Three times the invaders come to this Iraq coastal town, capture it and then are forced to leave.

The next verse comments on the tumult at the commencement of the war. The para-troopers are dispatched in wrong places despite their misgivings because of the error mentioned in earlier verses.There is great panic as they are captured which is heightened for the weapons causing most devastation have been supplied by Russia. In order for these para-jumpers to arrive in the area passenger planes as well as army planes have to be used. Russia's role in supplying weapons is  a source of great tension because Russia is officially an ally in this war effort. The Arabs are no better off in the matter of internal tension for they too have their feuds to resolve. 

The Russian connection was established 25/3/03. America accused Russia of supplying weapons to Iraq that were being used against the coalition. e.g. night vision apparatus. All of Verse X.24 seems to fit to this date especially as Arabs in line 4 can be seen as BASRA. On this date the allies were dropping paratroopers in the north of Iraq, America was upset about the capture of Americans and a Shiite rebellion was reported in Basra (line 4 has the word 'coup' in its original text). In addition I have now noticed that in line 2 there is a unique un-split anagram. 'quaMars' which is Um Qasar the port in the south that was resisting the coalition on the 25th March. There is only one such complete anagram in the whole of Nostradamus' text.  I am sufficiently confident of this verse  to think I need only one more accurate date to begin deciphering the astronomic date code. 

It can be seen that although my efforts to interpret the patterns in simple terms (above) has fallen short of perfection the actual words of my interpretation fit extremely close to the real events (see below).

Verse No. X.24

Source Line English My interpretation
Le captif prince aux Italles vaincu The captive Prince vanquished on his Italian route Place fits inexact values, all captives incur panic 
Passera Gennes par mer jusqua Marseille They pass through Geneva and even by sea from Marseille  In Israel's armies passenger planes para-jumpers qualms
Par grand effort des forens suruaincu By the great effort the foreigners are roused Danger of panic as Russian war efforts foreseen.
Sauf coup de feu barril liquer d'abeille Except for blows over a few barrels of honey based liquor . As Allies quarelled  arabs feud produce reliable relief.
1. le cap= Place,  tif= fit,  ncea..xit= inexact,  u..les va= values,  capti...allesv= all captives, p..ainc= panic, r..incu= incur,     
arseil= Israel,  Marsei= armies, le Passer..gennes pa= passenger planes,  pa..par mer jus= para-jumpers, squa M..l= qualms
grand e= danger, P..ainc= panic,  s sur..ain= Russian, effort..surua= war efforts,  e..es foren= foreseen
ille Sa= allies, ll..quer d'a= quarelled,  feu bar..d'a= arab feud, coup de..r= produce,  r..abeille= reliable, efe..il= relief. 

In the verse above Nostradamus first two lines identify a capture on the old Persian Gulf trading routes passing through the Middle East into Europe via the route to Italy and then overland via Switzerland or continuing by sea to southern France. Nostradamus last two lines have similar ideas to those in mine. He talks of several parties coming to blows over barrels and liquor. The third line talks of large efforts by a foreign nation causing great arousal.


Nuclear war begins in the Middle East.

There is another set of developments taking place as the Israeli's prepare their strike. It involves the movement of both Israel and the terrorists to use nuclear weapons. The next three verses identify this. The first of these indicates the Middle East is prepared for nuclear war and takes this action after the conflict starts. They are not the instigators of the war but with the urging of the media they use the weapon, despite its consequences on food production.

Verse No. II.80

Source Line English My interpretation
Apres conflict du lese l'eloquence After conflict the eloquence of the wronged  Conflicts consequence resulted in nuclei particles use.
Par peu de temps se trame faint repos For a small time the network is almost asleep Papers supported masters famine preparations
Point l'on n'admet les grands a deliurance None of the people will deliver up the great ones Radium in Midddle East nation nuclear pile as danger
Des ennemis sont remis a propos To enemies there is an appropriate delivery Armies proposed mission enter on maps.
1. s conflict= conflicts,  es con..quence= consequence, r..t du lese= resulted, li..uenc= nuclei, apres..lict= particles
2. s Par pe= papers,  ud.. t repos P= supported, s se tram= masters, me fain= famine, aint repos Part= preparations
dm..iura= radium, dmet l.s a deli= Middle East,  oint.na= nation, eliurance P..l= nuclear pile, es grands a= as dangers.
re mis a= Armies,  propos De= proposed, mis son..i= mission , en..ont re= enter on , m..sap= maps


The next verse appears to be a more general commentary on events of the time but includes specific information about the nuclear war and gives  a setting for the event. There is  a new government headed by a person with a name that sounds like  'Tyson'. He sets new goals that are hard to accomplish in the difficulties of war. Both Nostradamus words and my interpretation of the underlying anagrams talk of a modern battle. Nostradamus says 'The tree falls in the middle of the city'. My anagrams call the tree an atomic bomb. Nostradamus says 'The weapons battle in the sky in a long campaign". My anagrams suggest Israel's army is caught up in long battles and this is the stimulus for the use of nuclear ions. In the third line Nostradamus dwells on challenging words that confront Tyson. My anagrams have Tyson beginning to govern and revaluing the goals he sets out to achieve. In the last line Nostradamus talks of a king succumbing whilst mine talk of Iraq succeeding in becoming heard when (the allies) succumb to the desire for normality.

Persian nations build then explode atomic missiles in Israel.

Verse No. III.11

Source Line English My interpretation
Les armes battre au ciel longue saison The weapons battle in the sky in a long  campaign  Israel armies long battles cause nuclei ions usage.
L'arbre au milieu de la cite tombe The tree falls in the middle of the city Reliable builder illume delicate atomic bomb.
Verbine rong ne glaiue en face tyson Gnawing, ungilded words confront Tyson Beginner governs revaluing goals Tyson faces 
Lors le monarque d'Hadrie succombe Then the king of Hadrie Succumbs Normal roles required Iraq succeed becomes heard.
1. Les ar..i= Israel,  armes batt..iel= armies battle, s batt.. el long= long battles, e au c..s= cause, u ciel..n= nuclei, ison = ions, gue sa= usage
e Larb..lie= reliable, br..lieu d= builder, el..u mil= illume, de la cite= delicate, aci..tom= atomic, b..omb= bomb
Verbine rong ne g= beginner govern, n Ver glaiu= revaluing, gla..so= goals, face tyson= Tyson face
Lors le mornar= normal roles, rque..drie= required, arq.. I= Iraq, ed..e succ= succeed, es..combe= becomes, H'adr..e= heard

The next verse continues these themes. Nostradamus talks of crushed parties signing a deliverance treaty and unhappy with the terms. This is similar to the last line of the last verse. The rest of Nostradamus lines are about issues that might result from a nuclear war. My interpretation suggests that the reliable builder is a soulless citizen of the Middle East who is incited to use the bomb despite its known peril's to man, in particular in relation to the magnitude of radiation released. There is considerable harm to gene pools as a consequence of miscalculations during the war.

Verse No. IX.47

Source Line English My interpretation
Les soulz signez d'indigne deliurance The mentally crushed signatories protest over deliverance terms Soulless denizen designing nuclear reading size.
Et de la multe auront contre aduis There will be a multitude of conflicting advisers Multitudes lead Middle-East countries nuclear-atom reactions
Change monarque mis en perille pence The king changes his mind in peril of poverty Empires require science change mens' normal peril.
Serrez en caige se verront vis a vis Shut in a cage they must look each other in the eyes. Size errors can give severe gene variations.
1. les soul.. S= soulless,  nez d'in..e= denizen, signe..ding= designing, l..urance= nuclear, digne..ra= reading, z si..e= size
uis et d..mult= multitudes, de la= lead, d.. is Et de la m= Middle-East, uront c..is E= countries,  a multe a..ront c= nuclear atom, contre a.is= reactions
e mis..per= Empires, rque.ri= require, is..ence C= science, Change =change, manar..l= normal, m..s en peril= men's peril
is Serrez...ro=Size errors, ige..v= give, n..gese= genes, e se ver= severe, a..ront vis a= variations

In the next verse it is stated that the length of the battle with Israel causes the Arab nations to use their nuclear piles to produce weapons. They claim no rule of war disallows such harmful weapons. The worst nuclear harm is done outside Persia. Nostradamus words imply that this damage is greatest in Italy. The timing may well be at the death of one Pope and the selection of another.


Verse No. X.64

Source Line English My interpretation
Pleure Milan pleure Luques Florance Weep Milan, weep Luques, Florence Nuclear pile Empire useful plan for unequal quarrel.
Que ton grand Duc sur le char montera When your Great Duc mounts the wagon  Quote no rule deducts strong nuclear harm or danger
Changer le siege pres de Venise s'aduance To change the seat advances close to Venice  Depressing revenge in Israel nuclear changes spread diseases
Lors que Colomne a Rome changera When at Rome the columns change More normal change near local mosque.
1. ancre Pleur..il= Nuclear pile, e P..reMi= empire, an pl= plan, u..ues Fl= u..uesfl,  Luque..an= unequal, re Luq..ra= quarrel
Que to= quote, on ..sur le= no rules, d Ducs..et= deducts, ton gr..s= strong, an..ur le char m= nuclear harm, grand..e= danger
ge pres d..nis=depressing, nger.Ven= revenge ,  a..r le si = Israel, e Changer le sie =change relies, r l..uance= nuclear,  sde..isesad= diseases, pres d..a= spread
Rome=more, a Lor..mn= nornal, ne a R..change= change near, a L..s que Colom=  local mosque 


The story now progresses to the dropping of the first bomb. This is in Israel where the bombed city does not not have adequate resources for this type of catastrophe. The radon rays slaughter many but it is the tremor that comes with the bomb that has most immediate impact. The rescue/ recovery efforts are only directed at the modern part of the city. The nearby Arab regions feel the blast moments before the tremors devastate the city. There are again several points of contact between Nostradamus original words and the interpreted message. In both there are references to  medical assistance in a city and there is also death involving two elements.


Verse No. X.63

Source Line English My interpretation
Cydron Raguse la cite au sainct Hieron Cydron, Raguse the city of the Hieron saints City a nuclear-site radon ray creation cause slaughter.
Reuerdira le medicant secours Again ask for medical assistance  Israel rued scant medical resources
Mort fils de Roy par mort de deux heron The son of the king dies, killed by two heroes  Tremor destroyed life modern part exhumed
L'Arabe Ongrie feront vn mesme cours The Arabs, 'Ongrie' take the same way. Arab regions feel source moments before movements come.
1. Cy..it= city, n R..use la cite a= a nuclear-site,  ydron Ra..a= Radon ray, ainct..ero= creation, use..ac= cause, Raguse l..t= slaughter
uerdira le..s= Israel rued, cant S= scant, l..medica= medical, secours Re= resources
Mort..er= tremor,  fils de Roy..t de d= destroyed life, d.. eron M= modern, par..t= part, deux he..m= exhumed
Arab= Arab, ongrie..s= regions, l..eef= feel, e cours= source, ont .. mesm = moments, b..e fore = before, o..t vn mesme = movements, sme co = come,

The next verse tells us what the extra peril is for man when Iraq explodes its bomb. It is basically that the rockets that carry the nuclear war-heads are old and not designed for the purpose. In pursuing this course Pandora's box is opened in terms of the genetic changes induced. In Nostradamus original words there is an implication that many Europeans  will seek a secret treaty with the Arab world but this is uncovered by a female (leader).

Verse No. X.61

Source Line English My interpretation
Betta Vienne Emorre Sacarbance Betta, Vienna, Emorre, Sacarbance Mortar Arab Saracen invent carries atom reactors 
Voudront liurer aux Barbares Pannone Will want the book of the Barbaric Pannone  Arab and Persian ruler unbox Pandor's revolution.
Par picque et feu enorme violance By pikes and fire enormous violence  Acquire feature to equip even more violence 
Les coniurez descouuers par matrone The conspirators discovered by a matron Persian atom power source used olden mortar sized parameters
1. ta..morr= mortar,  a..re Sacraban= Arab Saracen, t Vienne= invent, i..rre Sac= carries, ta..mo= atom, t..orre Sac= reactors
i..arbares Pan= Arab Persion, l..urerr= ruler, ux B..on= unbox, dro..s Pan= Pandors, Vo..ont liuer= revolution
ar..ique= acquire, ar..et feu= feature, pi..que= equip, enorme v..e= even more, e viol..nce= violence
ni..ers pa= Persian, mat..o= atom, ouuer..p= power,, descouuers= source used, d..one L= olden, r matro= mortar, s des..i= sized, ers par mat..e= parameters

More material can be seen at : 

It should be evident that my strength is in synthesis of ideas. I am a weaver of letters, words, ideas and themes into a meaningful whole. Into the fabric of Nostradamus work I bind new emergent threads. The cleverness of this craft should not delude for I am a weaver, a webber not Nostradamus.

There is some considerable difficulty in this work of mine. Who is the source? Nostradamus, me or both of us? It is unlikely that I will ever lay claim to being a prophet and I would not seek to draw upon supposed similarities between Nostradamus and myself but the final determination is at least influenced by me and I suspect that I can find more than one level of meaning in some of the verses. There is one similarity between Nostradamus and myself that is worth noting, he too had great difficulty with knowing the source.

I advance these verses together with others for it is a step forward for me in investigating Nostradamus' code. I am intrigued by the connectivity of the ideas but not really interested in reading the future. I have progressed to a point where I can apply the analytic techniques and find verses loaded with self-consistency. These cover a range of topics some of which are about codes, others are about events and I therefore am seeking to go the next step, to find the dating mechanism. By placing various verses into a 'defined' context other than that of code I increase my chance of finding the code (if it exists).  If by some unlikely chance some truth lies in these words then they may serve a useful end despite the terror in their message and irrespective of whether they are wisdom or prophecy.

Addendum and Coincidence.

July 4, 2002.

My aims in this addendum are to add to the detail of the war and to use some sections of it to highlight the level of coincidence involved in much of the analyses and its relevance.

The analyses add to the foregoing story in that they imply that America will have a great deal of difficulty dealing with the fanatic zeal of Islam in any war. It will be unable to come to terms with soldiers preparedness to enter radioactive death-traps in nuclear reactors in order to steal highly toxic radioactive material. At any stage of the war Vermont in the USA will be a target. Much of the detail in these analyses are about the politics of war machines in America and how it impacts on the war.

Verse No. V.47

Source Line English My interpretation
Le grand Arabe marchera bien auant The great Arab will march well in advance Arabic march daunt American hebraic general.
Trahy sera par les Bisantinois He will be betrayed by the Bisantinois  Hysteria basis paralyse nations into early separation 
L'antique Rodes luy viendra au deuant The ancient Rhodes will come forth to meet him  Invader soldier undaunted usual unready all evil questioned 
Et plus grand mal par austre Pannonois And more great harm from other Pannonois No plant regulations on apparatus mustard poison is result
1. arc..abi= Arabic,  march= march, uant Legrand Arabe= Arab daunt general, marc..iena= American, chera bi= hebraic
is Trahy Se= hysteria(s), s..Bisa= basis, y Sera par les= paralyses(r), santino= nations, tino= into,  y..arle= early,  sera pa..tino= separation,
viendra= invader, i.. Rodes l= soldier, nd..u deaunt= undaunted, s lu..ua= usual, es luy viendra= evils unready,  L'antique Rodes l= all questioned (r), ,
nonois Et plus gr= no plant regulations, dm..austr= mustard, par aust..pa= apparatus, P..onois= poison, l..ustre= result, 

In the first line of the above verse Nostradamus and the underlying message are as one in that an Arabic leader leads his people at the commencement of the war. I add the additional information that the American General leading the counter forces is of  hebraic descent. At the beginning of the war Turkey changes her alliance. In the third line of my message there is the evidence that the invading soldiers do not hold to the fears normally held, they feel it is a holy war against the modern evils. One of the first attacks by the Arab soldiers is on Rhodes. The last line tells how the lack of preparation in atomic reactors leaves them unprepared for mustard gas attacks.

In the next verse we see the part played by different nations on the allied side.

Verse No. III.1

Source Line English My interpretation
Apres combat et bataille naualle After the combat and naval battle Allies part  in sea line battle to combat Persia atomic bomb nuclear source.
Le grand Neptune a son plus haut befroy The great Neptune in his high belfry  Slaughter, any  personal unease not put before danger 
Rouge auersaire de peur viadra pasle The red adversary becomes pale with fear  Persia War arrived Israel appeared as a lesser rogue
Mettant le grand Ocean en effroy Putting the great Ocean into fear General made an effort to rotate army codename 
1.  apres..taill= allies part,  es..et bataille n= sea line battle, nau..l= anul, Apres..i= Persia, com..tai= atomic, omb..b= bomb
  i..arbares Pan= Arab Persian, l..urerr= ruler, ux B..on= unbox, dro..s Pan= Pandors, Vo..ont liuer= revolution
e auersai..urviadra P= Persia war arrived, aire de pe..rap pasl= Israel appeared, asle Rouge...ers= a lesser rogue
roy Metta..ra= army rotate, e..le gran= General, Me..d Ocean= code-name,  tan..effro= an effort

In the first line Nostradamus version says it relates to the time after the battle and naval bombardment (in the Persian Gulf) and my verse says that at this time the role for the allied troops is in trying to destroy Persian sites capable of producing material for atom bombs. In the second line it is indicated there is some disquiet amongst the allies (source of the quarrel) at the means they need to use to combat the Arabic forces but the risks of atomic war drive them on. The third line tells us that by the time Persia retaliates the Israeli's are no longer considered to be the initiators. In the last line Nostradamus says the Arabs take the war into the great Ocean nations of the world and  my contribution suggests the plan is carefully considered and carefully concealed. 

Verse No. V.37

Source Line English My interpretation
Trois cents seront d'vn vouloir et accord Three hundred  will be of one wish and accord  Scientists discover reactor records evolution destruction
Que pour venir au bout de leur attaincte That come for their bit of the result  War about Iran Iraq invader attained nuclear power
Vingts mois apres tous et records Twenty months after all is done and this records Given most records Persia sets out to create secret reactor source.
Leur Roy trahi simulant haine faincte They betrayed their king by simulating a faint hatred Hysteria reaction a stimulant as Islam fanatic ninth rule annihilates
1. is cents se..t= scientists,  rois ce..dv= discover, sero..r et accord= reactor records, n vouloi..et= evolution, d Trois cent..u= destruction
au bout..ura= War about, nir a= Iran, Q..ira= Iraq, venir a..d= invader, de..attain= attained, leur a..nc= nuclear, ue pour= power
Vingts mo..e= given most, records= records, is apre= Persia, tous et= set out, tous.. reco= to source, s et rec= secret, a..et rec= create
y trahi s..e= hysteria, Ro..ainte= reaction, simulant..t= stimulant, sim..la= Islam, nthain..fanatic=ninth fanatic, Leur= rule

 In the first line Nostradamus suggests there are three hundred of one wish and accord while my line says these people are scientists who have uncovered evidence in the evolutionary record that a nuclear reactor has been built. The second line suggests that each one of the scientists will indicate the source and my second line shows that the coming war is initiated when it is discovered Iran & Iraq have nuclear power.  The third line indicates that it takes twenty months for all the records to come in that prove Persia has created a secret reactor as a source for weapons. The scientists betray their profession by taking a biased view as to American/Persian ownership of nuclear sources. My last line says the war is driven on by the public hysteria about the fanaticism of some Islamic sects.

Verse No. VI.30

Source Line English My interpretation
Par l'apparence de faincte sainctete By the appearance of a little holiness Fanatics final appearance indicates defiance part in  defeat.
Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege The seat will be betrayed to enemies. Enemies next sieges use hysteria as an earthly missile in Israel
Nuict qu'on cuidoit dormir en seurete At Night when they thought to sleep in surety  Centuries questioner quotes modern idiotic ruin. 
Pres de Braban marcheront ceux de liege Near those of Braban march those of Liege American marine executed, another Arab march precedes besieged hebron.
1. fainct..sa= fanatics,  l..fain= final, apparence..a= appearence, d..incte sai= indicates, e de fainc= defiance, par..t= atom, e de f..t= defeat
e Se..nemi= enemies, t..xen= ruler, siege s= sieges, trahy..sie= hysteria, trahy.le= earthly, mis le si= missile, ra..isle= Israel,  
rete Nuic..s= Centuries, t qu'o..ir en se= questioner, t qu'o..se= quotes, dorm..en= modern, n cuidoit..ir= idiotic ruin
ni..ers pa= Persian, mat..o= atom, ouuer..p= power, descouuers= source used, d..one L= olden, r matro= mortar, s des..i= sized, ers par mat..e= parameters

This verse is closely linked to many of the ideas in Verse V.47. There is an Arab march driven by fanatics that causes hysteria in Israel. This refers to a short period after that of V.47 and talks of the allies in battle during which American marines are executed. Nostradamus first two lines  hint at religion being the cause of a betrayal to enemies. This could be the excitation of religious fear towards Islam that produces a self-defeating hysteria and plays into the hands of the enemy. The third line is interesting in that my interpretation implies that people will question the idiotic conduct of the war in this century .It also suggests the war starts at night. It could also mean the person who questions Nostradamus Centuries will quote the story of this war. This fits better to Nostradamus words for he refers to those who at night thought they would sleep easily. It is at night that Nostradamus achieved his prophetic dreams and this line may well be an allusion to the origin of all of these ideas.

The last verse confirmed ideas in earlier ones. The next one most powerfully confirms many earlier verses. It says unequivocally that the Persian Gulf is the place of greatest danger and has another chilling sequel. The next target in America is in Vermont.

Verse No. VI.44

Source Line English My interpretation
De nuict par Nantes L ris apparoistra At night over Nantes the 'ris'  appears Persian preparations include airports plane patterns appraisal 
Des artz marins susciteront la pluye The marine arts will nurture rain Marine city destruction not all due to Russian tzar pictures.
Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra In the great Arabian gulf a fleet will flounder Arabian Iraq gulf of Persia places for radon dangers.
Vn monstre en Saxe naistra d'ours et truye In Saxe a monster born of a sow and a bear Vermont is seen as next routes ordinates radon ready to use
1. en..risap= Persian,  en..apparoistr= preparations, De nuic..l= include, paroistr= airports, t par Nantes L..pa.= plane patterns, l ris appar.= appraisal
marin..e= marine, cit..y= ruler, d..usciteron
t= destruction, ont la..l= not all, arins su=Russian, artz = tzar, usciter..p= pictures
Arabi..an= Arabian, ra.iq= Iraq, goulf..f= Gulf of, i..se parfo= of Persia, grand classe parfo= places for dangers, ondra.= radon
Vn monstre e..is= Vermont is seen,  Saxe n..t= as next , enaistr..do.= ordinates, ourse et = routes, n..ra d'o =radon, ra d..ye= ready, ou..s et= to use

In Nostradamus third line it mentions the great Arabian gulf. There is no gulf so named. My earlier efforts had deduced that the war was at the top of the Gulf of Persia in Iraq. In this line it can be identified that it is the Gulf of Persia and Iraq is the point where the danger occurs. My line suggests the danger involves radon, Nostradamus says the fleet will flounder. This suggests a nuclear attack is launched on the allied fleet and fits in with earlier verses. The defining elements of this verse come from this line for both Nostradamus and my lines as well as other verses are clearly bound into a tight scheme.

In my first two lines it says that Persia's preparations for this war include considerable efforts to gather pictures of airports and their flight patterns. Although many of these come from spy efforts ordered by a Russian leader, not all of them do. This suggests that these are airports of the allies. Nostradamus first two lines suggests this information is gathered into ships at night whilst gathering weather information. The verse raises many questions about coincidence but one stands out. Is it coincidence that 'Tzar' and 'Russian' as whole anagrams occur in the same line so close to each other?

The fourth line is in complete harmony with the rest of the verse and with earlier verses. The information gathered by Persia is used to plot the next major attack in the United States. This is in Vermont and will involve the use of nuclear radioactivity. Nostradamus says a monster is born of a sow and a bear. The monster is radiation and it is created by two groups named 'sow' and 'bear'. The place in Vermont draws its origin from the word 'Saxe'.

When I run a check for anagrams of Vermont I found that a previous verse is included this is verse X.63. My interpretation previously showed: 

City a nuclear-site radon ray creation cause slaughter.
Israel rued scant medical resources
Tremor destroyed life modern part exhumed
Arab regions feel source moments before movements come.

This is in keeping with the theme above and the last line needs to read "Arab regions feel source movements before Vermont's moments come.". It tells us the attack is almost simultaneous in the two parts of the world. again coincidence levels are high. Is it coincidence that the two verses I have written about in this paper concerning Vermont also describe the destruction of cities in Israel and through nuclear weapons with resultant hazards from radon?

There are two verses where Vermont occurs as a whole anagram. One of these is VII.26 where Nostradamus talks of a mortal war between navies. My preliminary analysis reveals a whole anagram of Israel and a split anagram of revenge. Another line has an anagram of radium. The other verse is X.92 but Nostradamus words and my preliminary analysis show nothing. I intend to follow up these leads (and the other 10 anagrams with minimum sized spread) next week.

Submarines and Helicopters.

The vehicles of war are obviously going to play some role in any story so I set out to find the anagrams of  'Helicopter(s)' and 'Submarine(s)'. I looked for those that were whole or which were separated into two by very few letters (This last restriction is one my analyses are indicating as important). When I did this I observed patterns of consistency and this triggered my mind to think once more upon the nature of coincidence.

In the table that follows I show fifteen verses covering 'bomb target' (green),  'helicopters' (orange) and submarines (turquoise). Reading these it is apparent that the theme of 'war' runs through them. And further those involving submarines predominantly involve the sea, those with helicopters cover a range of terrains including mountains. Here are the verses.

Verse I.9 Verse I.29 Verse I.87
From the Orient will come the punic heart When the fish travels over land and water Earthshaking fire from earth's centre
Troubling Hadrie and the Romulides hoirs  Put by a strong wave on the gravel shore  Causing the wall of the New City to tremble 
The Mellites temples and the near isles deserted. From the sea to the good wall of all the enemies. Two great immovable powers fight a long war
Accompanied by the Libyque category  Its shape is strange, smooth and horrific  Then Arethuse will redden a new river 
Verse II.22 Verse III.54 Verse IV.5
The 'Ascop' camp of Europe will depart One of the greatest nobles will flee to Spain Cross, peace under one divine word accomplished
Joining up close to the submerged island  Which will bleed with a great wound for a long time afterwards.  Spain and Gaul will be united
Of the 'Arton' class with bent fingers 'Copies' pass over the high mountains   A great disaster is close and highly acidic combat 
In the navel of the world a great voice substituted. Devastating all and then he reigns in peace No heart so hardy that it will not tremble
Verse IV.19 Verse IV.23 Verse IV.36
In front of Rouen the Insubrians lay siege The legion in the marine category The new games set up in Gaul
By land and sea the passages are shut  Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur & pitch burn  After the victory of the Insubrian campaign 
To Haynault, Flanders, Gand and those of Liege There is a long rest in a secure place The mountains of Esperie the great ones tied and bound 
By giving a cloak the shores are ravaged.  Port Selyn, Hercle consumed by fire Romania and Spain will tremble with fear
Verse IV.74 Verse VI.79 Verse IV.96
Those of Lake Leman and Brannonices Near the Tesin the inhabitants of Loyre A great city to the soldiers abandoned
All assembled against those of Aquitaine  Garonne & Saonne, Seine, Tain & Gironde Never was such a mortal tumult so close 
Many Germans and even more Swiss Beyond the mountains they will build a promontory Oh what hideous calamities approach
Will be defeated along with those of humanity  Conflict engaged with Pau by submerging under the waves. All but one offence will not be forgiven
Verse VII.10 Verse IX.78 Verse X.13
By the great prince on the outskirts of Mans The Greek woman of ladylike beauty Under the straw of the ruminant animals
The brave and valiant leader of the great exercise.  Is made joyous by the innumerable proceedings  Led by them into the herbivores stomach
By land and sea with Bretons & Normans Transported out to the Hispanique kingdom Soldiers hidden their weapons being noisy
Pass the Cape and Barcelona to pillage the island  She is captured and taken to a wretched death. Their effort not far from the city of Antipolique


Some of the verses tend to catch the eye I.29 and II.22 are two of those that stand out as descriptions of war technology. I will concentrate my work on these two. My analyses of the other verse indicates they support the ideas of the war outlined above. The dimension they add is they talk of America's political process and about decisions in regard to war technology. They include results such as the following: 

III.54.3 Passant copies par les hautes montaignes
III.54.3 Persia helicopters action in passing amounting  to  slaughter  

Deuant Rouand Insubres mis le siege
IV.19.1 missiles burst around besieged submarines

La legion dans la marine classe
IV.23.1 and so American calls on all regional armies allegiance 
IV.23.2 Calcine magnes soulphre et poix bruslera
IV.23.2 American helicopter submarine began to exploit mechanical rules 
IV.23.3 Le long repos de l'asseuree place
IV.23.3 people recall longer peace assured 

IV.36.3 Monts d'esperie les grands lies trousses
IV.36.3 Presidents most serious danger lies in Israel and Persia 
IV.36.4 De peur trembler la Romaigne et l'Espaigne
IV.36.4 Persia reputed needing big elements to enlarge Palestine images 

VI.79.1 Pres du Tesin les habitans de Loyre
VI.79.1 Presidents United States only persuade established soldiery 
VI.79.2 Garonne et Saonne Seine Tain et Gironde
VI.79.2 No one organised senate so intense degeneration originated 
IV.79.4 Outre les monts dresseront promontoire
IV.79.4 PentagonGuard encouraged submarine conflict 

The two verses I.29 and II.22 do not just add to the story they highlight the high degree of coincidence that has to be involved if there is no pattern.

Verse No. I.29

Source Line English My interpretation
Quand le poisson terestre et aquatique When the fish of land and water Equate land positions request quieter rest quarters.
Par forte vague au grauier sera mis Put by a strong wave on the gravelly shore  Armies favourite Persia map gave usage for great uuar.
Sa forme estrange suaue et horrifique Its shape is strange, smooth and horrific  As for USA agreements another usage quite horrifies.
Par mer aux murs bien tost les ennemis From the sea to the good wall all the enemies. So next submarine patrols mention Persians in enemies numbers.
1. e et aque= equate,  and l= land, poisson..it= positions, estre..q= rquest, re..tique= quieter, stre= rest, restr..qua= quarters
sear mis= Armies, forte va..ui= favourite, is Par..e= Persia, Pa..m= map, e vag= gave, ague..s= usage, for= for, rt..gue au grau= GreatWar
Sa forme estrange sua = as for agreements USA(e), trange sua..etho = another usage, t..ique= quite, es...horrifi= horrifies
x..en tos= so next, a..murs bien= submarine, par..ost l= patrols, stre= rest  to..nnemir= mention, sen..is Par= Persians, mursbien..ennemis.= in enemies numbers,

If you look closely at line 3 in French and my interpretation you can see the extent to which it flows and to which the ideas cluster together. This is not uncommon in the verses I am presenting. Is this another coincidence?

Nostradamus verse reads like a description of marine technology. Is it coincidence that it should contain an anagram of submarine?

My interpretation implies that the United states updates its submarines because the noise levels are too high for surveillance work. There is concern in the United states that equipment it supplies is being put to wrong use and Persia is one of the main countries listed as an enemy in this regard. It sends submarines to monitor Persia but its maps for this new war are sometimes out of date maps that are still in favour with the army.

Nostradamus words can be seen to fit to this story. His first two lines talk of the grounding of the old submarines. The last two talk of the launch of these new vessels and their progress to the point of surveillance of the enemy. 

Verse II.22 has one of the more striking examples of coincidence for it interweaves at many levels. The original verse in French is:

Le camp Ascop d'Europe partira
S'adjoignant proche de l'isle submergee
D'Arton classe phalange pliera
Nombril du monde plus grand voix subrogee

In verse II.22 I went against convention and gave a literal meaning to line 3 and 'phalange pliera' did not then relate to a military formation but to bent fingers. It was only when I later analysed the line for this paper that I saw the quite remarkable coincidence between the lettering of the line and this basic meaning of the word. The verse in English translation says something like:

The 'Ascop' camp of Europe will depart
Joining up close to the submerged island 
Of the 'Arton' class with bent fingers
In the navel of the world a great voice substituted.

The line "D'Arton classe phalange pliera" has been interpreted by others as referring to a NATO fleet but I could not see a justification for it. The verse talks of the sea and land as did the previous verse and it seemed therefore that if the principles of coincidence applied it should also mention submarines. The second line, which carries 'Helicopters' alludes to a submerged island and in the line  can be found the anagram of the word 'submergent'. This line "S'adjoignant proche de l'isle submergee" can be interpreted as "Adjoining submarine schedules jeopardise helicopters" when using my anagrammatic method. This interpretation contains some quite complex words and if it is valid it suggests something about communication between the vehicles.

Nostradamus last line talks of substituting a great voice from the navel of the world. Again we have communications from the depths. A somewhat strange coincidence.

Now in the first line we have "Le camp Ascop d'Europe partira" which I interpret as "Places map copied are America / Europe airport maps". So we are dealing with navigation which is relevant to both submarines and helicopters.

Turning now to line 3 it is easy to see "se phalange " as 'shape angle'. This is again a neat coincidence for angle shapes are particularly relevant to reading maps. It was at this point I saw a most startling coincidence. the letters around "se phalange " are "clas... plier" This is the word "callipers". Callipers are used for reading distances and angles on maps. Our phrase reads without embellishment "callipers shape angle". Now what do callipers look like . Callipers have two legs, usually curved and fastened at one end, They are like bent fingers. This is another remarkable association that must be dismissed as coincidence or accepted as evidence of pattern.

The ends of line 3 form the word 'Radar' and the two words "Radar note" This is the meaning of 'era Darton Class'. It means radar based on the sound spectrum type or class. This gives extra meaning to the previous line. Line 3 seems to be talking about the conversion of Radar into distances to be supplied to other craft such as helicopters.

We are left with line 4 and in it the words "dangerous" and "pulse" can easily be seen in "Nombril du monde plus grand voix subrogee". The whole line be interpreted as "Dangerous problem in sound pulse module no index governed sub." Here then is the jeopardy inherent in these submarines and mentioned in line 2, the electronic system does not have a tight enough range of frequencies.

The verse therefore says:

   Places map copied are America / Europe airport maps
Adjoining submarine schedules jeopardise helicopters
Radar notes callipers angle shape 
Dangerous problem in sound pulse module no index governed sub

Verses such as this continue to shake my beliefs at their very foundation. It is totally improbable that the secret code is in English. The messages must be coincidence. It is impossible that anyone, even Nostradamus, could see into the future. The messages must be coincidence. It is totally improbable that an Australian would be the decoder. The code method must be coincidence. I find patterns of modern meaning so clearly linkable to the original yet so obviously outside Nostradamus time. They too must be coincidence. Thematic links between verses are derived by me. They must be coincidence. With each stating that it is just coincidence it makes my difficulties grow for in my heart I am a questioner, not a believer. How do I weight this evidence?

I cannot in fairness now discard one other set of coincidences that have occurred today. After I had written the previous paragraph stating all these events " must be coincidence" I continued my analysis. In my analysis of verse IV.36 fourth line I conclude there is a mention of big elements. There is also what looks like 'magnet' but it does not fit to my rules. However, triggered by the word I ran an analysis for 'electromagnetism' for a lot of the work seemed to be about energy and I had earlier found the references to communications in submarines and helicopters. I was not at all confident of finding any anagrams, for 'electromagnetism' is a highly complex letter combination. I found two references, one at X.21 in a verse that suggest a father will rely on the ancient powers held by the Magi of Persia. This in itself is interesting but it is the other verse that highlights the nature of coincidence. This verse is IV.63.

Line 1 of verse IV.63 reads "L'armee Celtique contre les montaignars" (electromagnetism anagram in red). It takes no imagination to see the word 'electron' preceding 's montaig' for it is 'contre le' . Nor is it difficult to see the word 'equal' around the first block of red. I am left with 'nars' at the end of the line. Wrapping round the end of the line there are to be found the words 'alarming as' within "aignars L'arm" Using my method the line contains a message which says 'Alarming as electrons equal electromagnetism'. There is no reason why this event should be alarming for electrons and electromagnetism  are fundamentally linked. The modern world knows this so it is not necessary for any secret writing  to reveal this. If there is a hidden message it only makes sense if the message is a comparison to some other event that frightens people and this statement is then used to establish that both are commonplace. It suggests there is a preceding sentence.

The preceding line, line 4 of verse IV.2 reads 'Et descouuert sera soubz sa ramee' which means  'and he will be discovered under his flag'. Now my general analyses of this line, done before I began this particular inquiry,  had already thrown up 'massacred' as a key word and 'towers' is contained in 'ouuert s' . The word 'codes' also stands out as ''desco'. The only sensible resolution to the 'z' and 'b' in the line are as 'amazes' and 'but'. The message for this line then reads "Massacred towers amazes but secret codes assert'. There is therefore an explanation as to why the next line is inserted. And there is the parallel meaning between Nostradamus and mine. As surprising as these messages may be the level of coincidence is no greater or less than in any of the foregoing but my next observation is much greater.

In my earlier statement on coincidences I had ended by saying " I am a questioner, not a believer. How do I weight this evidence?". It is quite possible that my use of the term 'questioner' came from work the day before where in verse VI.30 I had put "Centuries questioner quotes modern idiotic ruin." There are many ways these words can be arranged each giving a special meaning. I had pondered on several of these so despite my being unaware of it at the time my statement may have been influenced by  my mind dwelling on the ideas. This is relevant for when I turned my attention to line 2 of Verse IV.63 the beginning  immediately struck my attention for it holds the word 'Questioner'. If that was all it might be surprising but it is not. The line is "Qui seront sceuz et prins a la lipee" and in it there is a whole anagram 'ns a la l' which is 'Allan's' which is my first name and Nostradamus words in English mean ' Who in revelation will be caught in a trap'. The line interpreted using my methods says "Questioners prize Allan's pictures". So using Nostradamus' words there is the dilemma or trap that faces me as I try to discern the meaning of the patterns and underneath, in a whole anagram, is my name and the key word I had just written. The message of Nostradamus in the last line of the previous word can be interpreted as stating the nature of the content of this line for it says 'and he will be discovered under his flag'. The flag is the one I created by writing the word 'questioner and I am to be found by name in that line. 

The end of my personal query was "How do I weight this evidence." The next line of Verse VI.30 offers an answer. Its says in its original form 'Paysans fresz pouseront tost faugnars' which means ' All the peasants soon press into the  fresh bracken ' and in my interpretation 'Runestaff powers stop augers fantasy zones'. The Runestaff is the timber piece used by the early Northern nations into which they  impress their runic markings. The power of the runestaff was meant to be its power of prophecy for the auger.

So there is a complete, immediate  and unexpected response to my ponderings. Did my mind lead me to this verse subconsciously, knowing what it would find? Did some other motivation draw me to this passage? Or is it coincidence? Do  I believe that this verse is about me?

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking the powerful confluence of a set of events are due to pattern and not coincidence. It is just as easy to be blind to a real pattern. My difficulty is in maintaining the balance between objectivity and the evidence that confronts me. One of the methods is to state my doubts even though in my deepest thoughts I do not feel that it can be any more than coincidence. I cannot ignore that these strange connections have occurred but they are not proof and even if many of my projections proved accurate it does not necessarily mean that my writings are prophetic. In fact if there is a pattern it most probably implies my words are meant to be anti-prophetic. 

There is another issue to be borne in mind. Much of what I write is possible and has a moderate level of probability. Therefore even if at some future time events occur that suggest otherwise, it does not form a firm basis for belief by me or anyone else in what I write. It needs more than a small amount of chance events to establish such a ridiculous thesis.

I have stated that deep within I do not think it possible for there to be an ability for an individual to see into the future without a new technology. I hold  another conviction that is not diminished by these current observations. That is there is a strange pattern in Nostradamus. I am also convinced that these observations I make in this paper establish existence of patterns. These things are not contradictory. I can assume a pattern without assuming anything about its reality, its source or its prophetic qualities. I can use this assumption to put further pressure on the analyses and by so doing reduce ambiguity and vagueness.

The real test would be if there was no escape from failure for any of my interpretations, no excuses, no vagueness. This is what I work towards, a set of rules that reduce ambiguity and my search is strengthened by my writing of this paper and its research. It has a been a concern to me that I can interpret some verses in more than one way but I believe that this is being reduced by the development of additional rules of analysis that have come  during the writing of this paper. These rules are logical and powerful. The concept of a web is the centrepiece of these rules and its elements are these 

  1. The web must be the strongest possible set of connections between each of the threads.

  2. The major thread is the theme in Nostradamus verse.

  3. The interpretation should be a powerful illumination of Nostradamus phrasing in the verse or another in the web.

  4. The web shall be linked by confirmation in other verses but shall not be repetitive.

  5. The web is at its strongest when the key words of which it is composed  are  as structurally tight as possible.

  6. The web is strengthened by the practical logic of its concepts.

I will illustrate these points with verse V.36 that I initially included as a verse on war but rejected during the preparation of this work.

The verse V.36 says: 

Of Sister the brother by a shared whim
Will mix the rose and the mineral
On the placenta given to the slow old woman
In tasting the death will be simple and rural

De soeur le frere par simulte faintise
Viendra mesler rosee en myneral
Sur la placente donne a vielle tardifue
Meurt le goustant sera simple et rural

The theme is medical practice, Nostradamus is talking of a medication capable of producing death. The old woman is probably a practitioner of the medical arts and the procedure is probably  that of abortion.  

My interpretation is as follows: 

Refine rules of a safer dose prefer sulfate antimulsifiers
Evil end in error so rely on my real names seen
Rule is if Sulfur placed in vein die later not alleviate
Simple test arteries pulse regulates true amounts uterus implants.

Rule 2 is obeyed for it clearly is about the same theme as Nostradamus words. The theme of death from a medication is supported. 

The brother and sister are the veins and arteries, the old woman is inept administration of the medicine. The theme of mixing two components relates to  the confusing of veins for arteries. The placenta and uterus implant are another linked pair. These shared themes illustrate rule 3 .

As this is my first verse on medication it does not yet fulfil the requirements of rule 4.

Line 4 has as its anagrams "meurt legousant" which is 'regulate amounts".  The phrases 'arteries pulse'  and 'simple test' are also found in closely knit lettering. This is Rule 5 put into practice.

It is quite a logical idea that injecting a drug into veins instead of arteries might cause death. The misreading of information is just as logical. It is also logical that Nostradamus would have had great interest in this topic. This is  Rule 7 in action. 

All these rules can be seen in greater detail in the foregoing analyses.


July 10, 2002.

The work I am presenting is evolving into five issues which seem central to my inquiries. These are:

  1. Are  there hidden patterns in Nostradamus' writings?

  2. Are there clearly identifiable stories in any patterns that exist?

  3. Do such stories have any connection with the future?

  4. What is the meaning of the stories if they are prophetic/non-prophetic?

  5. Who or what is the source of the messages?

I believe I am building a strong case for pattern but human beings see pattern easily, this is one of the strengths of sentient life-forms. We have an innate ability to build pictures of the universe through our senses and our brain. The issue is not really whether there are patterns but how strong are they and what do they pattern?

I also believe that I am building a strong case that there is a coherent story. I am reducing the error rate of including wrong verses and using a web technique to resolve ambiguities in eligible words.

In my last week's efforts I drew up a tighter schedule and I outlined the core of the story. One of the strengths of putting your thoughts into structured form is that you usually find they are wrong. Soon as you move to the next stage you find you are having to embellish rules through 'exceptions' until the theory is no longer sustainable. This has not been my experience with the thrust  of the work that I am doing and that is what has fascinated me over the years I have done my research. The latest ideas that I laid down have not made my work harder nor has it required me to add exceptions. Ideas in earlier verses showed through more quickly, more powerfully as I worked on these new verses as I will now set out to show.

Last week I had said I would look into the verses containing a possible nuclear attack in Vermont. It was logical I should extend this search and so I analysed the original text for anagrams of 'radioelements', 'Persian' , 'Montpelier', 'Burlington' etc.

'Montpelier' occurred often so I restricted the search to those with small separation (between a maximum of two parts).. These showed a high proportion with an anagram of 'airport' and airplane' in them and often not in the same line as Montpelier. Montpelier is the capital of Vermont, its airport is not a commercial airport but is state owned and used for smaller aircraft. Burlington is the nearest commercial airport to Montpelier. The words 'Burlington' and 'Montpelier' are not dissimilar in the complexity of their lettering or of the frequency of the letters used within them. The use of  'e' twice does increase the probability of slightly more incidences of Montpelier than likely for Burlington. Using the widest possible spread of letters in the search for Burlington there are only three instances of anagrams and at least one of these looks to be an anagram for 'engine trouble'. I concluded on the basis of all the evidence presented  that there is a pattern and that 'Montpelier' and its airport is its subject.

When I am working on the analysis my mind often loses sight of the original break up of the letters into words for I treat them as an unbroken string. So on nearly every occasion my method has me build a list of words based around those  that my earlier analysis has presented. It is only after this is complete that I turn to Nostradamus statements. This is totally different from any other analysis of Nostradamus  work that I have seen for most people build a thought in their mind as to the meaning and try to justify it from there. My method identifies a group of verses on the basis of a common anagram, often unrelated to any context in Nostradamus work. Having built this picture Nostradamus words now acts as a filter for those that are irrelevant. In doing this I have found that the verses that have given me most trouble in finding a meaning within the lines are exactly those which bear no meaning to the topic in their original wording. There are three verses that I discarded on this basis. In the group that I present there are common themes within Nostradamus original words which include 'blood', 'monsters', 'fiery events in the sky', 'mortal war', 'empire', 'death of a leader', 'the sinking of a fleet' and 'temples'.

In the first group of verses that I present I have grouped together those that relate to the origin of the war and which give an overview of the time ahead. The first of these is VII.30. This was a verse with a frequent occurrence of Persian(s) but before I began serious work on it my program had picked up line 4 had anagrams of Persian, Russian, Australian, Asian and Iran within it. I was naturally interested in it and this one I did look at its original meaning. It is a list of places relating to a natural disaster with fire and blood raining down upon the world and including the herdsmen's enterprise. There is the word Gennes which is usually taken to be a misspelt Genoa.

The English translation appears to say:

The sack approaches fire blood
Po, great flood (on) the herdsmen's enterprise
Of Gennes, Nice after a long wait
Foussan,Turin to Sauillan the ones taken


In the first line "Le sac s'approche feu grand sang espandu" it is easy to see 'approaches', 'unguarded','places' and  'dangerous' as anagrams. In the second "Po grand fleuues aux bouuiers l'entreprinse" there is once again the anagram for 'dangerous' as well as 'Persians' , 'useful','ruinous',box' ,'present', 'rulers' and even an anagram of 'Pandors'.

So for these two lines I end up with:

Dangerous, unsafe change approaches unguarded places.
Persians present rulers find it useful to open Pandor's dangerous ruinous box

The Sanscrit sense (reusing letters to find anagrams) is incredibly powerful in these lines as in the expression "open Pandores dangerous, ruinous box". The links between the lines are equally as powerful with the common element of dangerous change. And the link of these lines to the words of Nostradamus is  disaster. It is however the next line that unites my interpretation and that of Nostradamus.

The third line "De Gennes Nice apres long attendu" has anagrams for 'Persians',  'engines','replaces', 'long', 'unattended', 'genes'. Here is the connection to blood for whenever it appears in a verse it seems to indicate a change to the inheritance pattern of those affected. It is the genes that the change in line one refers to. It is the blood of people near unguarded places. It is the change to genes that is unsafe, the rays that are dangerous. The genes have remained unaltered but now a device of the Persian's changes all that. This is why the herdsmen's enterprise is mentioned. There is no enterprise for herdsmen when the sky rains down genetic mutation. There is also a possibility that the first two lines with its reference to 'sac' and 'flood' refers to sexual intercourse and that is of course the basis for the herdsman's enterprise. 

In the process of understanding this line it is possible to see what I believe is a significant aspect of the words in Nostradamus work. If a town or name is misspelt it indicates a reference to places or persons not those actually named. This has significance in the last line for it is a list of towns whereas my interpretation is a list of countries. There is once more a surprise within the line.

If you examine line 4 which says "Foussan Turin a Sauillan la prinse" there is a distinct part of the line that is separate from the list of names. It is the beginning and by removing the anagrams of 'Persian', 'Russian', 'Australian' ,'Asian' and  'Iran' from the line you are left with 'Foull". The "Fou" comes from beginning of the line which can be read as 'of us' the 'll' is part of a whole anagram 'all'. In 'Turin' there is the anagram for 'ruin'. The line reads in most ominous fashion 'Ruin for all of us, Persian, Russian, Australian, Asian and Iran'. It is the perfect ending to the meaning of the verse but it tells of the imperfect ending for the world. Its sense of the personal is an issue bearing on the authorship of these patterns but now is not the time to ponder its significance.

The full verse then says:

Dangerous, unsafe change approaches unguarded places.
Persians present rulers find it useful to open Pandor's dangerous ruinous box
Persian engines replaces long unattended genes
Ruin for all of us, Persian, Russian, Australian, Asian and Iran

So why do the Persians take such a dangerous step? The answer is carried in verses relating to the sea battle in the Gulf of Persia and I need to add to those already given before moving on to the events in Vermont. I intend to present them with minimal commentary but each could be given the in-depth treatment of the previous verse and reveal the same level of patterning.

Verse No. III.86

Source Line English My interpretation
Vn chef d'Ausonne aux Espaignes ira A chief of D'Ausonne will go to Spain  Head  of USA regains French use in Persian  invaders expansion
Par mer fera arrest de dans Marseille By sea, he will stop in Marseille Israel armies allies arrested and raped Persia farmers
Auant sa mort vn long temps languira He will linger a long time before dying Australian  parliaments amongst plans using atoms Vermont as start 
Apres sa mort on verra grand merueille After his death great marvels will be seen Persia arranged radon atoms to illume Vermont and allies 
1. hef d'Auso..a= head of USA,  gnes ira= regains, n chef..r= French, p..nes ira..= Persian, d.. nes ira V= invaders, sonne aux Espai= use expansion
arseil= Israel, Marsies= Armies, a..seill= allies, e Par ..arrest de dan= arrested and rape, Par..sei= Persia,  mer far..s= farmers
ira Aunt sa..l = Australian, temps la..ira..= parliaments, t sa mo..ng= amongst, ps lan= plans. s..ngui= using, t sa mo= atoms, sa mort v..e= Vermont as,  tsa.rt= start
i. Apres= Persia, e..ra grand= arranged, sa mort o..and= atoms radon,  m..uiller= illume, mort..ve= Vermont, s..ille A.= Allies

One of the chief personnel of  the USA travels to France and Spain to win them over as allies in the war against Persia. It will be some time after these efforts that he dies and great events take place shortly after his death. In the meantime Israel wreaks havoc in Persia that leads to the reprisal in which Vermont and Australia are involved. The previous verse told of unguarded, unattended places and this is where the attacks will take place for the fallout will spread everywhere. Montpelier, Vermont typifies the nature of the targets that will be selected for they are not considered strategic or important enough to need a prominent military defence.

Verse No. VI.26

Source Line English My interpretation
Fustes et gallees autour de sept nauires Foists and galleys around seven vessels USA towers  fall  persuades Legislature and President towards  war
Sera liuree vne mortelle guerre A mortal war will be let loose Even more true Israel illegal revenge ruin Vermont  
Chef de Madric receura coup de vires The leader of Madric will receive running blows Chief devices carried pure source produces radium 
Deux eschapees et cinq menees a terre Two escaped and five brought to land. Reduces Earth these enemies think hate excuses such excess   
1. us..es autour= USA touuers,  f..all= fall, s a...ur de sep= persuades, gallees aut..ir.= legislature, s autour d= towards, de sept n..ir= President, .au..ur= uuar
uree vne mort= even more true, Sera li= Israel, ali..lleg= illegal, ree ne..g= revenge, iur..n= ruin,  vne mort= Vermont
Chef.i = chief, up de vires C..= pure devices, adric re= carried, cou..res= source. coup d..res= produces, Madri..u= Radium
a terre Deu..esch= Reduces Earth, h..eset= these, i..menees= enemies,  h..tcinq= think, eux esch..esate= hate excuses, u..sch.= such , x esc..es.=excess

Nostradamus words in this verse relate to the seminal moment when all my interpretations for these four lines come to fruition. His story tells of a battle leading to a mortal war whilst mine fill in the causes of the war, the reasons for the revenge, the nature of the revenge and the target. The last line has almost a moral tone and this seems to be an increasing pattern in verses towards the end of Nostradamus Prophecies.

Verse No. I.46

Source Line English My interpretation
Tout au pres d'aux de Lestore et Mirande All those close to Aux, Lestore, Mirande As radioelements output  read radium ore exudes least 
Grand feu du ciel entrois nuicts tumbera Great fire in the sky falls for three nights submarine electronic instructions include its nuclei fuel danger 
Cause aduiendra bien stupende et mirande The cause may well be seen as stupid and short-sighted Because America trident-submarine upends radium ruined Mediterranean 
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera A little while later the earth will tremble Arab planes in Upper Persia later retreat blame 
1. lesto,, Mirande= radio-elements,  tout au pres d's= as output read, d'au..Mir= radium, es d'aux ..e Lestore.=ore exudes least 
is n..umbera= submarine, ciel entroi= electronic, ntrois nuicts= instructions, du ciel..n= include, Grand feu..el= fuel danger  
e Cause..b = chief, miran..Ca= American, endra bien stu..miran= trident-submarine, upend= upend, adu..mir= radium, uiendr= ruined, ra..ende et mira= Mediterranean
a..ra B= Arab, en p..s la=planes, ien peu..pr= in upper,  i..apres= Persia, la te..mblera= later blame, a terre t= retreat , x esc..es.=excess

This verse has some quite outstanding anagrams. One only has to look at 'electronic' and 'instructions' in line 2 to see that they are whole anagrams. And it is such a technical verse  that it would seem improbable that this just comes from my mind, my abilities. There is also the cohesion between this technological explosion and the wording of Nostradamus verse. The great fire, the short sightedness and its stupidity. My interpretation says the damage carries across to the Mediterranean and that there will be an effort to blame the  following retreat  on Arab planes from Upper Persia. Nostradamus nominates cities that will see fire in the sky and receive the fallout.  In any explosion on a submarine the verse says the US expected that radium would be the least dangerous fuel to use but an unexpected factor comes in when the submarine is upended.   

11-7-2002 Note:  I have just looked up the Trident submarine on the internet. It is exactly the submarine in all my verses, constructed to be quiet with special communication capabilities. 

The power in my web strengthens considerably. When I wrote the start to this section I was not aware of the full content of the above verse. I certainly had no idea it was a Trident submarine when I wrote my section on submarines. It was only in writing the above verse into this paper that I realised line 3 looked wrong. It had an almost complete anagram of submarine that meshed with the second line. In looking at it I realised that the full title 'TridentSubmarine' fitted to my rules. But the web is stronger than just within this verse. On the naval website it is publicly disclosed that the tridents are amongst the quietest nuclear submarines ever built. In verse I.29 I say "Equate land positions request quieter rest quarters.". Quietness was one of my identified reasons for building a new class of submarine. The naval web site also highlights the communications  capacity of the class. It says they use "secure and constant-at-sea communications links". Communications was the theme of my analysis of verse II.22 and in line 4 Nostradamus says "In the navel of the world a great voice substituted." The naval website also states "This inherent feature [quietness] of the Ohio-class makes these ships the most survivable element of the triad". Now in verse II.22 line 3 there is the reference to the "D'Arton classe". using the letters at the end of that line there is "ie D'Arton class" which is "Triad Class One".  The submarine is a Class I type Trident and such a ship is identified on the naval website. So my web has worked backwards building greater strength. There is no threat to the earlier work and quite surprisingly it grows in strength.

The next verse establishes that the war is started under a pretext with a very ordinary report being reported as totally sinister.

Verse No. X.87

Source Line English My interpretation
Grand roy viendra prendre port pres de Nisse A great king will take port near Nisse Given ordinary report President pretends invader is prepared 
Le grand empire de la mort sien fera The death of the great empire then takes place Empires radioelements define mortals danger 
Aux Antipolles posera son genisse To put anti-seed agents into his heifer All point exposures assures no genesis
Par mer la Pille tout esuanoira By sea the pillage everyone vanishes Apparel little more use in USA or Persia 
1. Grand roy vien..i= Given ordinary,  re port= report, t pres de Ni= President,viendra= invader, dra prendre p..t pres= pretends prepared
empire..s= empires, re de la mort sien= radioelements, de la mort sien f= define mortals, egrand= danger
ux Antipolles poser = all points exposure, u..sera s on genisse= assure no genesis
Pa..er la P= apparel, mer..ille tout es= little more use, suanoir= in USA or,  es..ira P= Persia

There is a strong connection of the above verse to II.86 for in both Nostradamus words talk of a leader going to Europe and a catastrophic war that follows. Reading his words there is the same message that emerges from mine. A sense of genetic death, of a lost battle and the destruction of all life. In verse II.86 my interpretation talked of the Head of the USA. Here we have that this chief reports back to the President and he uses a quite ordinary report to claim the allies are ready. The rest of my lines go on to state that the radioelements end up being released at all points of the globe and that the hot-spots of activity become totally unfit for even immediate survival.

The anagrams in the above verse are quite powerful. The third and fourth lines in particular has a very compact tight set of anagrams. Every one of my  lines is totally in keeping with Nostradamus equivalent line statement. Within the big segments I use to show the anagrams each word exists on its own merit under my rules for split anagrams.

In the next verse the President's Persian war is seen to lead to  the destruction of the earth. Fanatics point to  USA crime rates, gun laws and the USA's past experiments in New Mexico (the state where the first ever atom bomb was tested prior to use on Japan at the end of the second World War). 

Verse No. VI.23

Source Line English My interpretation
D'esprit de regne munismes descriees Munitions diminished by the spirit of his reign President decrees gun  is immune despite crimes degree. 
Et seront peuples esmuez contre leur Roy and the people will be stirred up against their king To recontrol Suez rulers rely on Europe terror to supplement
Paix faict nouueau sainctes loix empirees A new peace made but holy laws worsen Persia fanatics-cause exploits fixation on USA New Mexico experiments
Rapis onc fut en si tresdur arroy Rapis was never in so much disarray War on Persia  functions to destroy Presidents future.
1. D'esprit..ne= President, descr.ee= decrees, gn..u= gun, muni..me= immune, esp.it de= despite,  isme..cr= crimes,  de reg.e= degree
ro..contre l= recontrol, s..uez= Suez, s..leur R= rulers, ero..peu= rely,  tre..rro= terror , nt peupls..m= supplement, rel..y= rely
re..s Pai= Persia, fa..sainct = fanatics, eau s..c= cause, tes loix..p= exploits, aix fai..tno= fixation , nouueau s..n= on USA new, c..oix em= Mexico, t n..x empirees= experiments   
Rapis on..e= on Persia, u..ura= war, is onc fut.n= function,  tresd..oy= destroy, p..en si tresd= Presidents, fut e..ur= future, 

Nostradamus words relate to the dissension over the actions of their ruler in particular in relation to arms, There is peace but past actions change the most valuable laws. This results in disarray. My words are that the gun mentality of America and the development of the atom bomb give excuses for fanatics to justify their actions in using nuclear weapons to reclaim their invaded lands. Terrorist attacks on Europe are seen as affecting the resolve of the allies. These wars lead to a breakdown of the future. Both sets of  messages are very similar in theme but mine carries the modern detail. There is a suggestion in the verse that the threat of nuclear attack is the terror weapon exploited by the Persians.

Persian preparations after the submarine disaster.


The next two verses relate to the politics  after the incident in the gulf. There is a quiet period when the world think the Persians have accepted their misfortune whilst in reality they begin to prepare for revenge.  The second of these verses highlights that as an act of revenge the Persian's start to consider a plan that is self-destructive. The plan is to destroy the botanic resource the Western world relies on. the verse indicates it is some years before the nuclear war begins.

Verse No. II.53

Source Line English My interpretation
La grande peste de cite maritime The great plague of the maritime city Real  danger as Persia decides time is ripe
Ne cessera que mort ne soit vengee Will not be stopped until revenge Governments monitor recent events so Iraq not avenge its use
Du juste sang par pris damne sans crime Of a just man imprisoned damned without crime Persians preparing demands readjusted Americans crimes
De la grand dame par feincte n'outraigee The great lady is not outraged by the pretence. In counterfeit rage demand damage repair deal.
No anagrams shown-  they are easy though

Verse No. X.36

Source Line English My interpretation
Apres le Roy du soucq guerres parlant After the king of Soucq speaks of wars Apparent Worlds resources rely on planets regular parks
L'isle Harmotique le tiendra a mespris The Harmotique islands take to contempt Iraq use the same radioelement missiles as Persia's  to harm
Quelques ans bons rongeant vn etpillant For some years the good ones gnaw and pillage. Pentagon allies on unequal bases vent angers pique on Palestine
Par tyrannie a l'isle changeant pris By tyrannie to the islands its value changes. Allies change pattern as Israel partly tyrannise Palestine.
No anagrams shown-  they are easy though (parks= cq..s par)

We are now at the point where events start to move very rapidly. This is set out in the next verse. In it we see an elite group, code named the 'Bears' being prepared by the Arab and Persian empires. This is after the submarine incident when they appear to have had their power usurped. They are prepared for death missions and given pardons for any mortal sins that they might commit in the execution of their missions. Montpelier is planned as  the target for a mortar attack. The program is accompanied by the PLO on  its own countries leaders and four are killed (one is probably Arafat =Arrafat= a..art fra). He is the fourth leader to be killed in that retaliatory strike. Around the world governments are urged to pass bills for security forces to tightly monitor passenger queues.

Verse No. III.59

Source Line English My interpretation
Barbare empire par le tiers vsurpe The Barbarian empire is usurped Arab Persia empires superlatives praise its elite Bears 
La plus grand part de son sang mettra a mort More than the greater part of his blood shall be taken to death Applauds and granted pardons on mortal target matters 
Par mort senile par luy le quart frappe The old man is the fourth struck dead by his country Montpelier fully appear after Arrafat and Palestine mortar quarrel  
Pour peur que sang parle sang ne soit mort For fear the blood lines by blood itself will then die out Parliaments popular question important organise agents monitor queues 
1. arba= Arab, empire pa..iers= Persia empire, ar le ti.s vsurpe= superlatives, le tie= elite, e Bar= Bear,
La plus..d pa= applauds, grand part de son= granted pardons, mettra a mort l= matter mortal, g..ettra= target, 
P.. mort senile = Montpelier, luy l..f= fully, a..rappe= appear, a..art fra= Arrafat , t senile pa= Palestine, ar mort = mortar, r..le quar= quarrel  
parle san..itm= parliaments, Pou..parl= popular, qu.. ne soit= question, an.. it mort P= important, ar.. g ne soi,= organise, e sang..t= agents,  n..oit mor= monitor, eu.. que s= queues, 

In the next verse we see the careful way in which each of the targets is selected. Persia has access to  maps that are generally available to the enemies of the allies. Montpelier allows a direct route from a well placed region near their target. Airports and towns are carefully scrutinised beforehand and, in the case of Montpelier, some isolated towers are selected because they come under little scrutiny from security guards.

Verse No. IV.12

Source Line English My interpretation
Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite The greatest army on its route made to flee Enemies map placement towers, routes, guards and fuel times 
Guaires plus outre ne sera pourchasse Other soldiers alongside will not be pursued Persia group research upon towers plus easier routes 
Ost recampe et legion reduicte Those in flight regroup and their vast size reduced Montpelier destruction due to regional placement on direct  routes 
Puis hors des Gaule du tout sera chasse They will be driven out of all Gaule Perused so hideouts are set out at towers as guards search less 
1. e mis en..e = enemies, te Le camp p..an= map placement, us..route= towers, route..s= routes, a..us grand d= guards and, te mis= times, fu..Le= fuel
aires P= Persia, G..sera pourch= group search, us outre ne sera pourch= towers research upon, aires plus outre..s=  easier plus routes, 
mpe et le..on r = Montpelier, n reduict ..Ost= destruction, a..legion r= regional, campe et l..n= placement ,  ion reduicte Ost rr= routes direction  
e Pu hors des= perused so, ish..e du to= hideouts, tout sera..e= are setout, u tout sera= at towers, rs des Gaul..sera chas=as guards search less, 


In the next verse it is spelled out how technological catch-up gives the Persians the capacity to plan so thoroughly. They get rid of antennae based on rods which are no longer able to support the tyrannical cause and replace it with modern equipment able to make the most use of satellite imagery. There is another weapon that makes their aims achievable, they are able to harness the fanatical zeal of young people into suicide missions. They form pairs for their missions which complete their mission by coming back together. America and Vermont in particular do not understand the real motivations behind this zeal for they only read the American viewpoint. Nostradamus last two lines describes the training methods and the commitment of these people, their leader as well as themselves go willingly to their self committed deaths.

Verse No. VI.76

Source Line English My interpretation
La cite antique d'antenoree forge The antique city forged by Antennoree Foregone article an antiquated rod for antenna
Plus ne pouuant le tyran supporter No longer able to support the tyrant Plus new unusual power supports tyrants rule
Le manchet fainct au temple couper gorge The false one armed man to the temple to cut his throat In regrouping fanatic couple complete mechanical action
Les siens le peuple a mort viendra bouter His own people will come to be at the death. Upper Vermont reads less lines about real motive.
1. noree forge La cit = foregone article, a..antique d'ant= an antiquated, an..d'antenor= antenna rod
Plus ne..uu= plus new, lus..uuan= unusual, pouu..er= power, lus..t le tyran supporter= supports tyrants rule
in..uper gorg = regrouping, fainct a= fanatic, le coup= couple, temple co= complete,  le manche..ain= mechanical  
peop..r= upper, mort v..e= Vermont, Les siens le..dra= reads less lines, le a mort vie..a  bout= about real motive

Of all methods available for terror the nuclear bomb is the most potent. You do not need a delivery system or sophisticated equipment to make a bomb. All you need is access to a source. America and Russia have both made access to nuclear material extremely easy by the proliferation of weapons. Now, material from Russia and from waste of nuclear reactors give any person with evil intent a power equal to that related in the ancient story of Pandora's box. (Pandora's box is a present that seems valuable but is in reality a curse. Once Pandora's box was opened all evils flew forth and continued to afflict the world). It takes only a few kilograms of uranium to create a bomb and it is detonated by bringing two smaller pieces together to reach the critical mass for an explosion. Belts worn around lovers' waists would be enough to cause a bomb. They would not be able to wear them long but this would be the least of their concerns. Another method might be to feed uranium and a disease into animal food. When the animals are incinerated the uranium concentrates. It is the heaviest known element and in rain would sink to the bottom where it could aggregate into a mass large enough to cause an explosion.  The atom bomb is the most potent weapon in any attack for its explosion irradiates the atmosphere and the air breathed by animals and respired by plants causes destruction that lasts for a vast time. This destruction is carried by the winds and is  not containable. Unlike bacterial attack there is no antidote and protection is much more difficult for we must eat and drink. The risk from the nuclear stockpile's is not necessarily from the makers and holders of those materials but those who invade, capture or pillage and those willing to risk their lives to go into sunken, leaking  nuclear vessels. It is our inability to refrain from war that makes it certain that one day such stockpiles will be turned against man.

In the next verse these comments are seen to emerge quite strongly. The theme of temple seems to link strongly with the fundamentalist zealots that are used as weapons of war. Nostradamus lines are about non-Christian fundamentalism and its impact upon the world. The last line has similarities to the release of all evils from Pandora's box. My interpretation says that the prize of (eternal) fame is their motivation. They build their bombs from materials that will trigger detectors and therefore the implementation of a plan to put enough material into the countries that are to be attacked takes a long time . The third line suggest it is Uranium 235 (premiere) and not Uranium 238 that is the major ingredient of the bomb. The last line says the uranium is delivered by carrying the material in such small quantities that geiger-counters do not show greatly excessive levels of radioactivity. The use of animals such as pigs would be one way of transporting the material. It can be fed in through food and recovered by incineration of the animal.

Verse No. II.8

Source Line English My interpretation
Temples sacrez prime facon Romaine Sacred temples in the first Roman way Montpelier American prize of massacre  places on more fame 
Reiecteront les goffres fondements Rejecting the broken fundamentals Officer gets electron Ion determines elements longest efforts
Prenant leur loix premieres et humaines Taking the earliest human laws. The Persian empire exploit inhumane rule in uranium series 
Chassant non tout des saincts lescultements Expelling all of the cult of the saints Elements count not standout each assassin contains less clues 
1. acre..main = American, Rom..ine Templ = Montpelier, es sacrez pri. faco= prize of massacre, ples ..me facon Roma= places on more fame
iecteront les g..on= gets electrion ion, iec..offr= officer, dements Rei= determines(e), le..ements= elements, teront les goff..s= longest efforts
aines Pre..t leur loix =Persian exploit rule, premie..et h=the empire, n..humaine= inhumae, ur..umain= uranium,  ieres et h..s= the series  
ont t..escultemen= elements count, ont..lescu= clues not, n tout d..sa= standout , Chassan..essain= each assassin, on..saincts les= contains less


Every airport is alerted to stop the potential threat.

In the following verse Nostradamus could well be talking about the President of the United States blocking the doors to enter the country. He is joined by England and Europe and they take the same action because of the impact of the sinking of a fleet. In my verse in the first line I use the term 'Green range' . This is the Green Mountains of Vermont. My story also suggests restrictions on the movement of people with those coming from or having connections with Persia being banned from airplane flights. The Persian leaders make note of this and their schedule becomes the longer one suggested earlier. The target becomes  the unguarded places of the world. The airports have their stringent controls but a weakness lies in their reliance on their neighbouring regions.

Verse No. X.80

Source Line English My interpretation
Au regne grand du grand regne regnant In the great kingdom of the great ruler Danger an agent arranged Green Range unguarded:
Par force d'armes les grands portes d'arain By force of arms the great brass door  Airports dangers armed airforce airplanes alarm Persian leader.
Fera ouurir le roy et duc joignant The king and duke will be joined Fearing warrior rely on duty of adjunct region.
Port demoly nef a fons jour serain Port demolished, the ship sunk an this severe day Airport model entry safer journies of no Persian person.
1. Au regne grand du = unguarded range, grand regne..t A = danger agent, grand regne r..a = arranged Green
grands porte..rai= airports dangers, ar force d'arme..i= airforce armed, rain Par..les= airplanes, darmees l..arain P= alarmed Persian, le..es dar= leaders
Fera ourrir..igna =fearing warrior, le roy..n= rely on, y..dtu= inhumae, er..duc joignant= adjunct region  
rai..Port demol= airport model, tr,,ynet= entry, f a fons jour ser ..i=  safer journies of no, serain P= Persian, ser..n Po= person


In the next verse Nostradamus lines link into the threads that have been woven above. He talks of a pause before the cause goes forward aided by people in Syria (Antioch). He talks of a person working hard for the empire and the death by a fiery process. Placed alongside my interpretations they take on greater significance. It is the blockade on Persian / Arabian persons that causes the respite but this is eventually overcome by using drivers based in Syria. The head of the airport guards  that are put in place to protect the President at Montpelier airport is, according to Nostradamus, either a person with black, curly hair, or a person of dark skin who has curly hair. The last line is a reference to the recovery of uranium. Animals will be incinerated to recover the heavy mineral and concentrate it. The precautions at Montpelier detailed in my interpretation are what one would expect in such circumstances. There are special guards at Montpelier airport despite its insignificance. Searches into drivers uncover a large source of dangerous material but the herd, that contains the uranium, survives and end up in Montpelier. It is this trick that makes the plot possible. The block on movements of people likely to carry out a plot is extended to prevent flights near Montpelier by any person with known Persian links. From all of this we can deduce that the couple involved are not Persian and may well have high level security passes that places them outside those who are considered suspect. The owner of the herd has a Syrian background and is again above suspicion.

Verse No. I.74

Source Line English My interpretation
Apres sejourne vogueront en epire After a respite they will travel to Epire Prevent rogue journies so Persia not seen 
Le grand secours viendra vers Antioche The great help coming from around Antioch Raid uncovers large dangerous source herd containers survive
Le noir poil,crespe tendra fort a l'empire The black curly haired one will labour hard for the empire. Montpelier airport replaces police for President 
Barbe d'aerain se roustira en broche The bronze bearded one he will roast on a spit. Arab Iran barred in orbits near each route 
1. sejourne voguer..t en epir  = prevent rogue journies, Apres..i = Persia, s..ont en e= not seen
Le gra..source= large source, grand se..our=dangerous, cours viendra= raid uncovers, urs viendra vers Antioch= herd containers survive
t...mpire Le no =Montpelier, ort a ..ir p = airport, l crespe..a= replaces, ir poil crespe tend.a fo= police for President  
Barbe daerain ..ra= Arab Iran barredl, n se roustira en= near routes in (s), a..stira en brochenear each orbits

The Bearded one (codename 'The Bear') eludes detection and enters America on board a Qantas flight. 

In the next verse Nostradamus once more talks of a bearded person. The Italians cause the bearded one to emit a horrible outcry. In the first line we have a pendant and a cock. In the third line we have some sort of mark, the 'Mark of 'Ancone'. These words take on a sinister meaning when the first part of line 4 is viewed. This reads "Rome Venis par Barb". Realign the blank spaces in this and drop the last two letters and use the last letter of the line at the front of the block and it becomes "eRomev enisp arBa" which is "Remove Arab Penis". It could be split slightly differently to read "eRomev enispar barb" which is "Remove Persian barb". It would be no surprise if the bearded one made a great outcry on such an event occurring. This outcry might well stretch into a commitment to revenge. The above has been achieved by the use of whole anagrams used in a continuous line and without addition or removal of letters. That it also fits to a surprising genitalia tone in the verse makes it quite likely that this is the mark of the man called Ancone.

Whatever the significance of my mutilation interpretation Nostradamus words are describing a battle that marks out Ancone and he is probably the bearded one. The eagle could well be the USA My interpretation and Nostradamus differ a little in their themes. They both relate to the bearded man who is the destroyer of Vermont. Nostradamus has him waiting, my words set out his travel plans. Our last lines unite in the description of a horrible mutilation performed upon the bearded man. The plan is to fly on a Qantas plane by booking seats in an illegal manner so that the code names are not detected but when US officers check the numeric value of the names against those  Persian agents known to be heading to Vermont they find numerical correspondence.

Verse No. VIII.9

Source Line English My interpretation
Pendant que l'aigle et le coq a Sauone Drooping while the eagle and cock at Sauone USA locate in Palenque an illegal seat planned on Qantas
Seront vnis Mer Leuant et Ongrie There will be a uniting of the Eastern Sea and Hungary Entering numerals into Vermont region inventories.
L'armee a Naples Palerne Marque d'Ancone The army in Naples Palerne, the mark of Ancone  Planes alarm Palenque and romance  codename announced
Rome Venise par Barb horrible crie Rome and Venice cause a great outcry from the bearded one Horrible crime spear barb removes Persian Arab penis 
1. et le co.. a Sauon  = locate on USA, Pen..que la  = Palenque, Pendan..l  = planned, laigle et l..as  = illegal seat,  nt.. q aSa  = Qantas
Seront vnis Mer Leuan= Inventories numerals,  ront vnis Me..Ongrie= in Vermonts region, ni..nt et Ongrie 
= entering into
Larm..a Naples =Planes alarm, Naple que dAncone..arm = Pelanque and romance, alerm..e danco= real codename, n..uedancone= announced  
e Rome Venise par Barb= Remove Arab Persian barb, separ Barb= spear barb, m.horrible crie= horrible crime,

In the next verse we see a little of how the agents get through. Firstly, they do not appear on any reports linking persons to the twin tower disaster. Secondly the log of their earlier journies are erased from the records. Nostradamus refers to two columns of fine granitic material (the Trade Centre towers). His first two lines fit into the earlier references to the submarine, in particular the delay before the return trip to the USA for harmful purposes and the creation of a fanatical group to transfer the empire. My words are again the events that come at the time the waiting period ends. Here the return voyages involve American submarines returning to the Persian Gulf. At this time there is tension over the Middle East once more restricting oil. The reasons given for this by the Middle Eastern countries is it is a response to the world-wide discrimination placed upon its citizens.  

Verse No. X.93

Source Line English My interpretation
La barque neufue receura les voyages The  new boat will repeat the voyages Arabs fuel quarrels  renew nuclear voyages 
La et aupres transfereront l'empire Far and near they will transfer the empire Separate rule empire person not transfer on to Montpelier 
Beaucaire Arles retiendront les hostages Beaucaire,Arles retain the hostages Because at an earlier stage Israel air hostess lose agents older entries 
Pres deux colomnes trouuees de porphire Near where two columns of porphyry are found. Prophesied  towers enormous report excludes someone now exposed.
1. la bar..fue  = Arab fuel,  rqu..rales  = quarrels, neu..eur  =renew, n..ceural esvoyage  = nuclear voyages
re La et au pres= separate rule,  transfer..ont= not transfer, pres transferer on..empir 
= transfer empire person, ront lempire  = Montpelier
stages Beaucaire..les= because earlie stages, ire Arle.s = Israel, s ..es hosta= hostess, retiendront les ostages= entries older lose agents  
Pres de..orphi= Prophesied, es trouu= towers, omnes ..rou= enormous,
tr..e por = report, es deux c..l = excludes, omnes ..o = someone, x..es de po= exposed

The next verse reinforces much of the ones that have just been completed.   Nostradamus contribution is once more significant. The word hideout links with an earlier verse and suggests the hideout is near one of the many bridges on the several rivers that divide Montpelier. 

Verse No. VIII.86

Source Line English My interpretation
Par Arnani tholoser ville franque Via Arnani, tholose, ville franque Iranian lovers overflies left others in Palenque 
Bande infinie par le mont Adrian An infinte band through the mountains of Adrian Arabian find Montpelier airplane  nominated 
Passe riuiere Hurin par pont la planque Pass the hideout at the bridge on the River Hurin Persians plot unequal ruin at point where airplanes pass Palenque
Bayonne entrer tous Bihoro criant Enter Bayonne all crying Bihoro Anyone but Arabic enter, inhabit Iran entry by other routes 

no anagrams shown for this verse

The very next verse after VII.86 continues the detailing of the Persian agents arrival and sets out the deadliness of the mission. It does not matter whether you read Nostradamus version or mine for we say the same thing; fanatics initiating massive death. We both are describing the plot to assemble and to explode an atomic bomb. In mine the clues are in line 2 where it says there is no need of a detonating charge. This is because they are using atomic material that explodes when the critical mass is achieved. The normal bomb has an explosive charge to bring the material together at the right time. These conspirators have one end motive and that is to merge and create  the bomb and have no need of the conventional delivery missiles. In order to carry out their missions  they are patient as pointed out in line 3. They wait and send the material bit by bit so that it is not detected. These people are portrayed as innocents of faith and this is done by a doctrinal education process.

Verse No. VIII.87

Source Line English My interpretation
Mort conspiree viendra en plein effect A conspired death will come into plain effect Persian conspirator contrives effective Montpelier raid 
Charge donnee et voiage de mort The charge given and the voyage of death Need no charge, end motive  agreed. 
Esleu cree receu par siens deffait Elected,received, defeated by his creator Persian reduces clues if fates decree 
Sang d'innocence deuant foy par remort The blood of innocence puts faith before remorse Innocent of dangers more often educate to portray 

no anagrams shown for this verse


The first bomb is detonated.

Verse No. II.85

Source Line English My interpretation
La cite prinse par tromperie et fraude The city is taken by trickery and deceit Persian Empire special mortar featured President at airport 
Par le moyen d'vn beau jeune attrape By the average of a young beau caught Unable to deny move to June to treat apparel 
Assaut donner Aubine pres de LAVDE An assault is made on Aubine near to LAVDE But as deeds revealed Persian assault on President
Luy et tous morts pour auoir bien trompe His and everyone's death because he deceived so well Montpelier set out war, mortars orbit to bury troops 

no anagrams shown for this verse


Verse No. VI.61

Source Line English My interpretation
Le grand tappis plie ne monstrera The monster unfolded in the great tapestry Persia pipelines planted Montpeliers dangers 
Fors qu'a demy la plus part de l'histoire For in its halves are the greater part of history For army squad puts all histories part this airport held
Chasse du regne loing aspre apparoistra Driven far from his kingdom he will seek to aspire Persia use planes spread gas each airports region 
Qu'au faict bellique chascun le viendra croire So each one will believe in his warlike acts Unequal acts fill Quebec each unrelieved evil carried on

no anagrams shown for this verse


Verse No. X.59

Source Line English My interpretation
Dedans Lyons vingt cinq d'vne alaine In Lyons twenty-five of one lineage Need valid links only at given landings 
Cinq citoyens Germains Bressans Latins Five citizens, Germans, Bressans, Latins Animals at city station link, energy mass is in bears 
Par dessous noble conduiront longue traine By a noble they will be led on a long trail Dangerous as not able to control separation sows owned in long train
Et descouuers par abbois de mastins And discovered by the baying of mastifs Arab estimates bomb power source inside sow/ bear bodies 

no anagrams shown for this verse


Here is the moment of death. The male and female showing the signs of deadly radiation poisoning on  their skin they stand near the tower as the President passes. They embrace. They die. The President dies. Vermont dies. The final war has begun.


Source Line English My interpretation
Freres et seurs endiuers lieux captifs Brothers and sisters captives in diverse places First exact use refers life is ruined, wilderness endures endless fires 
Set rouueront passer pres du monarque Will find themselves passing near the monarque Squadron presumed towers passed depress power amount 
Les contempler ses rameaux ententifz His attentive offspring will contemplate them Armies complete massacre nears, unfit life extent amaze 
Des plaisant voir meton, front, nez, les marques Displeased to see the signs on their chins, foreheads and noses. Plant diseases into Vermont zone from Iraq use animals variations 

no anagrams shown for this verse



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