With and Beyond Nostradamus:
 the wars of 2003 to 2030

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If the future can be read time is likely to be a quantised stream, not continuous but a distinct set of eventualities. The range of quantum states for time may be as low as one, the range of dreams can be much wider.

If the future can be read one of its universal laws has to be "If you know enough to change what you see then you do not see the future."

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18/07/02 Radiation in petroleum


27/7/02 The culprits 


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The menace from forces allied against Western industrial countries is identified as being more than just acts of explosion and immediate destruction. The danger is in the need for fuel supplied by those wishing harm to the buyers.

The threat comes from the burning of fuels and the potential for the suppliers to lace petroleum with radioactive materials. Such a method would mean that the prosperity of the industrialised countries is devastatingly turned against themselves.

The jet airplane becomes one of the major threats to lifestyle. The modern lifestyle causes an ever increasing air traffic that can be used to deliver greater and greater radiation dosages into the sky.

The problem is massive because there are no alternative fuels suitable for fast propulsion through the air and yet the jet engine is environmentally very invasive. 

Although the Western industrial countries are morally outraged by this crime their arguments are diminished by their contribution to the problems of the world's atmosphere. This contribution comes from the same vehicles that its enemies now seek to exploit. 

The inability of the consumer countries to combat the impact on the environment is seen as endemic paralysis in much the same way as the poisoners are trapped by their social values. Both act in disregard to their own long-term health.

The timing of these events is seen to be in the period before the atomic wars and initiated by countries within the old Persian Empire but they are not the same country as starts the nuclear war with its bombs in Vermont and Israel.

Amongst the countries affected is Russia, much to that countries annoyance, as they feel a special relationship should exist between them and the oil suppliers.

It is oil and its critical place in the modern world that unites the Western industrialised nations against the Middle Eastern suppliers and brings about the disaster of the nuclear wars. 

One of the major sources for this irradiated petroleum is Sudan in Upper Africa. The mineral used comes from new mines discovered in the south of Sudan by a French company using German geologists.

American marine engineers in combination with Australian forces uncover towers in Abadan, Iran that contain contaminated petrol. This leads to a world alert and many graves are dug up to test whether those buried in them  died of radiation effects. 

The effects of radiation are slow and take at least a year to show. During that time all the victims feel is an increasing sense of unease.

The source of the irradiation is changed after the initial discovery and is hidden far from the inspectors at the edge of a desert but the contamination still continues.


The reality of dreams.

18/07/02:Last night I dreamed the same dream as the night before but it was more detailed. I do not often dream the same dream in succession. The last time was 8 months ago when I was installing my weigh-bridge program into its first site. The present and the past dream seem important.

I had never written a weigh-bridge program before so the program was new. The grain season starts with a bang, no trucks one day, 80 the next and then quickly building to over two hundred a day. There is no chance for real-time testing before it has to work. After 10 days the program was running smoothly and it was then my dream started. Each night I saw numbers and part of the program and the numbers were wrong. Each day I would look through my program to find if there was an error. but all looked OK. Each night the dream would become a bit more assertive suggesting in the dream-like sate there was more detail, more certainty as to what I was seeing. And each night I would try to wake at this point of certainty and write the dram down. Each time I woke, the dream-like certainty disappeared and I had nothing to write down. For 10 days this dream occurred then on the 11th I got a call. The program had stopped. I asked what is the number of the record. When told I fixed the problem within 10 minutes. One of the automatic settings had not been changed from integer to long integers and it was limited to 30k numbers. 

I did not have the dream again. My deeper-brain had obviously seen what my thinking-brain did not and was sending it urgent messages. 

Two nights ago I dreamt a verse and I saw clearly what the verse said, what its words were and their connection. I woke to write down the dream and it was gone. Last night I saw the same verse with the same words and my mind told me I had greater certainty as to what the verse contained. I woke but all I could write down was 'environment' and I had a feeling that something was burned. What is my mind trying to tell me? What have I missed that I should have seen? 

The problem is my computer analyses don't show anything of significance in respect to this dream. There is only one anagram of environment and one of 'environmental'  and 'neither' of these has a hint of 'burning'. I intend to turn my attention to looking at the anagrams of 'atomospher(e/c)' that I know exist and at 'power sources' for these link my dream to my earlier work. I also will  be looking for 'new power' for I feel it is important to see if there are answers as well as condemnations. 

Perhaps the words that I see are "in Vermont" and "burnt" not environment" and "burnt"


I may have the unpleasant answer to my dream. I know what I have missed . It lies in verse IX.28 discussed later in this paper. The oil producing nations such as Iran and Iraq do not need to send people to America or any country to deliver radioactive material into the sky. Americans have the greatest output of smoke from cars and factories, many of which burn oil. If the  USA invades Iraq or produces an implacable enemy then all oil in the ground or above can be infiltrated with radium. As the fuel is burned the skies fill with  materials that make food and drink poisonous to those who are the greatest consumers of energy.

Training on the Trident

I began last week's research by looking to see if there was anything special in the verses where 'message' seemed to be a prominent anagram. This was before my dream that I talk of above. As these analyses occurred first I will set out the verses for they add to the previous work.

The verse presented below is one in which Nostradamus words give a very clear indication of its hidden content. It is about water, a training routine to escape to seventeen boats and about poor communications. It fits very neatly into the scheme of submarines in the Gulf before the explosion for earlier verses have talked about training and communication. The hidden content is very pertinent to these issues for it identifies that over-confidence in the performance of these submarines is at the heart of the problems that they encounter. These are to do with the fact that at great depth the change in sound penetration from above distorts the message so that it can , on certain occasions, set off the warheads. 

Verse No. V.71

Source Line English My interpretation
Par la fureur d'vn qui attendra l'eau By the fury of one who will wait for the water All are trained in future  a-Trident unique pattern undervalue .
Par la grand raige tout l'exercite esmeu By the great rage the exercise to move out Regular practise danger exercise lets trained men get out in time
Charge des nobles a dix-sept bateaulx The charge of the nobles to the seventeen boats Deepest charges based on six battle tableaux:
Au long du Rosne tard messagier venu Too late from Rosne the messenger comes. Never assume Triad longer sound gives dangerous message
no anagrams shown

Nuclear material detected on a Persian airplane upsets Russia. 

Nostradamus words talk of an incident where the head of a country thinks he has achieved something in making an arrest but it is the wrong   person and as a consequence deaths result. In my lines there is a reference to the destruction of the Trade Centre towers as being the precursor to war. One of the consequences of this is that whenever a plane from the Middle East land anywhere it is carefully scrutinised. An incident at an equatorial airport uncovers nuclear procedures. In these procedures it is apparent that the Russian parliament is a target.

The events of the above verse are likely to be during the time of the Gulf war as the next verses show.

Verse No. VI.31

Source Line English My interpretation
Roy trouuera ce qu'il desiroit tant The king will find that which he desires so greatly Tower atrocities destroy transitory quiet soldier acquire
Quand le Prelat sera reprins a tort When the Prelate will be wrongly taken Persian airplanes land at equator airport on alert.
Responce au duc le rendra mal content The response to the Duke will make him very angry Undeclared content alarms conceals purest radon nuclear-procedures
Qui dans Milan mettra plusieurs a mort In Milan he will put several to death. Mortar illuminates Russia parliament disquiet.
no anagrams shown

The verse below has Russia very worried as England levels claims at the Persians. This fits very closely to Nostradamus images of the first three  lines of the previous verse in which the King is England, the Prelate is Persia and the Duke is Russia. The second  of Nostradamus  lines in the previous verse and the second line of the following verse are linked. The  message is wrongly taken according to the Persians. The third line of each of the verses is also linked in this curious cross-linking  of Nostradamus and my words. There is an anger or an ugly sequel based on a communication (message and response). There is also the allusion in the second line which refers to a curious mix-up in message which is relevant to the interpretation I am now giving. I use a similar term in this paragraph in talking of this cross-link between Nostradamus words and mine in the two verses. In both verses the last line of each relates Nostradamus words to mine in the same verse. 

Verse No. II.1

Source Line English My interpretation
Vers Aquitaine pars insuls Britaniques Towards Aquitaine by the isolated British Russians quiver as Britain inquest insults Persians.
De pars eux mesmes grades incursios Incursions by those of the same rank Persians persuade curious mix up in reading message
Pluyes gelees ferot terroirs iniques Rain and frost make the soil iniquitous Terrorists foresee ugly sequel to plot inquiries.
Port Selyn fortes fera inuasions Port Selyn strengths suffer wild invasions  Airports rely on persuasion efforts in Persian Iran
no anagrams shown

The cross linking i referred to in the last paragraph led me to think that there would be another verse where my meaning relates to Nostradamus words in II.1 and Nostradamus words in this new verse relates to my words in VI.31. I looked for this verse on the basis that my words must talk about a battle fought in cold conditions and Nostradamus words must talk about 'writings' or something hidden being discovered and causing alarm but then being defended. 

With this in mind I set out to see if I could find the verse and use it to show how I approached this new method of identification. 

I firstly ran a cheque for anagrams of the word 'frozen. There are 18 where anagrams are allowed to be split as far apart as possible. There are eleven where the separation can be up to six letters, seven where the gap can be as great as two letters and there are two instances of whole anagrams. I used the normal 'FIND' mechanism to look at each verse and at the end of it one verse stands out. This is verse IV.57. My earlier analyses' had found the words 'destroy' (line 1), 'airport' (line 2), 'temperature' (line 3) and 'frozen' on line 4. It was the word 'temperature' that suggested this verse might be about cold conditions. There are only 7 anagrams of 'temperature' with a maximum split of up to six letters.

I next read the verse in its original form. It says:

Ignare enuie au grand Roy supportee
Tiendra propos deffendre les escriptz
Sa femme non femme par vn autre tentee
Plus double deux ne fort ne criz

Which translated means something like:

Ignorant envy supported by the great king
Takes the proposal defending the writings
His wife who is not his wife sleeps with another
No longer are the twofold twosomes resisted or denounced.

The verse fits to the theme I was looking for and is not out of keeping with the lives of the current British Royal family. I next looked at the verse without consciously building links to the one's already known.

The first line reads "Ignare enuie au grand Roy supportee" and has several very prominent anagrams and they result in a message which is "Genuine anger destroy Regina ordinary support" I am left with 'au as left over letters so the message could well be  "Genuine anger destroy Regina ordinary support war regains". Regina could be a reference to the British monarch or it could be an anagram of "a reign". It is war that reunites the people behind the British monarchy.

The second line which reads "Tiendra propos deffendre les escriptz" has easy anagrams of "defenders of" , "precise", "proposal" and the 'tz' ending compels me to use Tzar. This then turns out to be in keeping with the Russian theme of the earlier verses. There are two other anagrams within the line which allow me to put "Tzar precise proposal depends on defenders of airport". This suggests that Russia waits for the explanation by Persia of its discovered plans. This of course causes delay. The third line of Nostradamus verse may hint at this when he talks of the wife (Russia the one time ally of Persia who is now supposed to be with the allies) changing alliance and sleeping with the enemy.

The third line "Sa femme non femme par vn autre tentee" begins with "safe moment" and "never",  "penetrate" . It has a marital theme where sexual encounter does not occur within wedlock. This then complements the other anagrams within the line giving another extra meaning to it. My words are "Safe moment temperature never penetrate men's open frame". Penetration of an open frame also has a sexual connotation but here it refers to the timing of the war for it needs to be when the men will not suffer from the coldness. In both Nostradamus and my words it is non penetration that is emphasised.

The last line says "Plus double deux ne fort ne criz" and there is a distinct reference of two two's within it. There is an anagram of "next four" to be found in "ux ne fort" and this sits extremely well into place. "Plus double d..t" gives doubts pulled and also 'belouu" (= "below"). My line then emerges as "Doubts sub pulled below ice so next four frozen". Although the temperature is low there is doubt that it is really severe enough to sink a sub. The war then continues but the next four submarines become frozen. This coincides with Nostradamus words regarding the final acceptance in the fourth line. It is obvious these submarines are not operating in the Gulf of Persia. They are most likely Russian or British. 

"Ignare enuie au grand Roy supportee
Genuine anger destroy Regina ordinary support war regains
Tiendra propos deffendre les escriptz
Tzar precise proposal depends on defenders of airport
Sa femme non femme par vn autre tentee
Safe moment temperature never penetrate men's open frame
Plus double deux ne fort ne criz
Doubts sub pulled below ice so next four frozen

This verse now waits for confirmation in its theme and further detail that should come from other parts of the story.

Oil and its use in new terrorist weapons.

In the verse below Nostradamus emphasis is on ports and there is a mention of a Gulf. He has also introduced a recurrent sound. Oil is the emphasis of this verse and it is to do with its distribution from a port in the Persian Gulf. It is not difficult to see the anagrams that make up 'massive oil port' in the first line. The last line begins with "Vast a Socil" which is "vast social" and also includes "a cost". 

Verse No. IX.28

Source Line English My interpretation
Voille Symacle port Massiliolique The veil of the Massiliolique port Symacle Army polices oil levels massive oil port equip
Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons In Venise's port they march to Pannons And investors use Persian exports in  atmospheric expansion
Partir du goulfre et sinus Illirique Leaving the Gulf and the meandering Illirique Gulf oil intrudes for airport industries require refills
Vast a Socile Ligurs coups de canons The vast canon shots towards Socile Ligurs. Vast social cost using oil produces cancerous sign
1. ymacle por..sil= army polices, Voille S..le= oil levels, e V.. port Massilio= massive oil port, p..ique= equip
2. Dans Venise port= and investors (p), nise p..an= Persian, nise port..x= exports in), ise port march= atmospheric (r), ise...x  Panno= expansion
3. goulf..il= gulf oil, r d..et sinu= intrudes, Partir..o= airport, ir d..et sinu= industries, e..rique= require,   fre..s ill= refills
4. Vast a Socil= Vast social, Ligu..ons= using oil, s coups de=produces, igurs c..e canons=cancerous sign

This is an important verse for it highlights the dependency of industrialised countries upon the oil from the Middle East. In my interpretation we see the foundation of the verses to come.  The industrial nations are vulnerable, exposed and culpable. They are vulnerable because of their dependency on oil. They are exposed because they are capable of delivering a far greater harm to themselves than any number of terrorists could achieve. They are culpable because it is their disregard for the well-being of the atmosphere that gives the Persians self-justification in  the devastating actions  I am about to unfold. 

The verse that follows is easy to place using Nostradamus words. He talks of mortal tumult being close and hideous calamities. This fits into his scenario for this century. His words talk of an abandoned city. This is a theme through many of the verses in this section on the atmosphere. My interpretation shows another of the themes that link Nostradamus and my words. Wealth is important. In this verse it is a commentary on the manner trust funds are administered, In the previous verse it was a reference to investors. These are critical references to why nothing happens to control the environmental damage to the atmosphere. In the first line of the verse Nostradamus refers to a great city. The core word in his line leads me to believe the the city is Abadan. This is a big port at the head of the Gulf. It is Iranian but lies right on the border with Iraq. My interpretation in line 3 goes so far as to suggest the name is hidden in the verse. It is a reference that the prophetic claim hides both the time and place pertinent to the atmospheric calamity. The place is Abadan (line1) and the time is seven years (line 3). I believe the starting point for this era is September 11th 2001. This makes the time 2001 to 2008.

The last line talks of retribution during which nobody is spared for their part in the action against the main offender. We know from my first line that it is actions of zealots that create the danger.

Verse No. VI.96

Source Line English My interpretation
Grand cite a soldatz abandonnee The soldiers abandon a great city Zealots antic endanger, consolidate data on Abadan
Onques n'y eust mortel tumult si proche There was never a mortal tumult so close Purist  questions multiples trust money chose
O quel hideuse calamite s'approche O what hideous calamities approach Sequel to prophetic claim aims to hide atmospheric place time use
Fors vne offence n'y sera pardonnee Except for one offence it will not be forgiven For seven years offender repays no free pardons offered
1. te a soldatz a..on= zealots data on, nnee Grand cit= endanger antic, cite a solda..on= consolidate, a..abandon= on Abadan
2. u..t si pr= purists, Onques..tsi= Persian, el..mult si p= multiples, ny eust mort= trust money, s..oche= chose
3. O quel..te s= sequel to, it..pproche= prophetic, hideuse calami=hide use claim (aim), mite sapproch= atmospheric (p), e calamite sap= as a place time
4. e Fors vne..y sera= For seven years, e offen..y serap rd= offender repays, pardonnee Fors=no free pardons, e offe..rd=offered

A reference to 'city' seems to accompany statements relating to investments, money and investors. This is not inappropriate for share markets are linked to 'the city'. The following verse implies that company executives, capable of strong speech act to protect their profits despite the evidence of atmospheric degradation. The consequence of this is that the world's population is decimated.

One of the major culprits is the airline industry and here seems an appropriate point to address some of the issues regarding airplanes. The glider, birds and the obsolete airship work with the atmosphere to enable flight. The jet engine conquers, tyrannises the atmosphere in order to achieve its performance. Gliders and birds utilise the changes in pressure in the air when passing over well designed wings to gain uplift. Airships use displacement by a lighter gas to rise into the sky. When the flight is accomplished the atmosphere remains as it was, unchanged by their passing. Jets gain their momentum by blasting large volumes of air at very high velocities out of their engines. In doing so they generate heat and gases that remain in the atmosphere. Every flight adds to the change in atmospheric temperature and content.

The jet engine is an integral part of the lifestyle of the industrialised nations but it comes at increasing environmental cost. It is the jet that gives speed to travel and we have no substitute that can be used to achieve the same speed. On the ground cars can be driven by other means but fast planes have no current technology that could replace oil. Fast flight cannot come from solar energy, and even if it was considered acceptable nuclear energy does not deliver thrust. In addition nuclear driven planes become a source of deadly material for an enemy. Thrust comes from burning and oil and only oil delivers the capacity craved within our lifestyle .

The sky of its own accord, does not support great speed and to achieve it requires the tyranny of the conqueror who ignores where he is, its natural order and the poverty left behind in order to rape the riches that lie within. It is not possible to see the jet as environmentally benign but its cost only now begins to show because  the condition of the world reveals that cost and the growth of travel accelerates its impact.

America has the highest traffic volume in the air and on the land. Every additional plane that passes overhead will eventually bring its cost back to those below. This is without the additional peril that an enemy can add.

I emphasise the issues above, not because I want to make a position in opposing planes, but because it is only by recognising what part we have played and continue to play that it is possible to see why we will be unable to hold the moral ground if and when the scene below unfolds.

The words of the next verse talk of the recognition of the atmospheric problem but identify that it is the profit motive that sees legislation made impotent. The theme of atmospheric catastrophe (line 3) ties in directly to line 2 of the previous verse where Nostradamus refers to calamities and I identify these as atmospheric. It also links via the concept of abandoned or deserted cities. Line 2 is a complete set of anagrams contained within the original.

Verse No. VI.48

Source Line English My interpretation
La sainctete trop faincte et seductiue The sanctity too false and seductive Fuel profit Intact elucidates fanatics recent actions instead
Accompaigne d'vne langue diserte Accompanying those with an eloquent tongue Campaign convened alter guides 
La cite vieille et Parme trop hastiue The old city and Parme are much too hasty America capital petroleum activities prove atmospheric  temperature at catastrophe level
Florence et Sienne rendront plus desertes Florence and Sienne made more deserted Plunderers not enforce rule so intense deserts result 
1. f..uel= fuel, trop fainct..ti= profit intact, seductiue..La= elucidates (u), sainct..fa= fanatics, sainct.o = actions, r..ncte e= recent, ain..t sed= instead
2. Ac..mpaignr= campaign, co..ne dvne= convened,  langue disert= alter guides (n), 
3. aci..arme= America, La cit..Pa= capital, me trop..ue L= petroleum, a cite vi..sti= activities, e v..rop= prove,, ci..me trop has= atmospheric, et Parme tr..u= temperature,   ca.. e trop hast= captastrophe, v..lle e= level, 
4. e rendront plus= plunderers not, Florence = enforce(l), t Sienne=intense, desertes= deserts (e), lu sert= result

The next verse returns us to the oil port mentioned in earlier verses. Once again we can hear the sound of 'oil' in the words of Nostradamus.and once more this is associated with a direct reference to a port. The verse finishes with the the words 'Port of Methelin ' and methylene is the name for a component of hydrocarbon fuels. The reference is clear it is a port for the shipment of liquid hydrocarbons.

From all the foregoing work the references in this verse can be resolved. The deep column of fine porphyry is a granite tower. The capitol is Washington, the agitated fleet is the American navy and the port is at the head of The Persian Gulf. In addition 'Written under the base of the capitol' identifies the fall of the towers as the starting point of the dating (see my older work discussing  September 11th for more evidence of this). My interpretation of the first line says the same thing for it says the towers define the proper cipher.

Verse No. IX.32

Source Line English My interpretation
De fin porphire profond collon trouue A deep column of fine porphyry is found Define proper cipher tower proof controlled 
Des soubz la laze escriptz capitolin Under the base of the capitol written Used oil so capital ablaze politician zealot precise prize
Os poil retors Romain force prouuee Bones twisted hair prove Romain strength Oil ports force main powers into major errors
Classe agiter au port de Methelin The agitated fleet to the port of Methelin Nuclear-pile gases imported in the petroleum
1. e De fin porp..re profo= define proper proof, hire p..c= cipher, d collon tr..e= controlled, trouue= tower
2. Des sou..oli= used oil so,  bz la laze..capit= capital ablaze(z), i..capitolin=politician, laze escrip..to= zealot precise, ze..pri= prize
3. Os poil ret= oli prts (e), main force prouue= main force power, Romai= major, retors Ro..in= into errors
4. er au p..elin Classe ag= Nuclear-pile gases(a), port de M..i= imported, u port de Methelin= in the-petroleum (d)


My words now take on an ominous meaning. The fourth line says radioactive gas is put into the oil shipped to the industrialised countries. If this occurs than every plane sprays the sky with the seeds of death, seeds of its own through heat and pollution and seeds of cancer within the enemies implanted radiation.

This is a diabolic device to turn the industrialised countries greatest strength into a weapon of self destruction. To fly a countries own planes into two towers is strategically most cunning. For all its horrors it still must rate as tactically very clever, along the lines of 'Napoleon' and 'Hannibal'  whose fame came from using the strength of the enemy to create their own weakness. The enemy in each case believed it was superior in all aspects. While the opponents of these generals underrated,  belittled and demonised Hannibal and Napoleon and believed themselves superior they continued to have tragic defeats imposed upon themselves. It was only after they, the opponents. came to acknowledge the tactical strengths of these military leaders that they were able to halt and even defeat them. 

The attack on the towers showed an ability for tactical planning that struck at the underbelly of those against whom it was directed. And the towers are nothing compared to the harm that can be done by a cunning enemy that controls a resource upon which the other side is totally dependent. Such an enemy is difficult to destroy and remains a threat despite appeasement or subjugation. We cannot afford a passive, captive or hostile enemy that possesses goods that we passionately covet.

The enemy does not have to invade. It does not have to send zealots and fanatics to perform its missions and we misjudge the situation if we do not know our own vulnerability. This is what my conscious mind had missed and caused me to dream in  a verse dominated by the words 'environment and 'burn'.

The third line of the above verse highlights the same issues as I have just discussed. This is also the theme in the next verse. 

In the next verse Nostradamus talks of a victim in a sacrifice and of a prophetic warning. My lines identify the trap that the allies fall into. The first is in reviling the Persian's and failing to see reasons for their actions and the second is in failing to act on what is a serious problem. The third is in the Pentagon  opting to go war without full support and the fourth is a lack of foresight in seeing an African enemy coming forth that locks out America's major allies.

Verse No. II.98

Source Line English My interpretation
Celuy du sang reperse le visage His blood apparent in the face Passenger unduly angry Persia's evil carnage 
De la victime proche sacrifiee As this victim nears the sacrificial time Atmospheric device verified climate improve if choice is care
Tonant en Leo augure par presage The tone in Leo's entrails to read the predictive warning Pentagon alone prepares greatest war
Mis estra a mort lors pour la fiancee His death being laid out for the promised one. Unfamiliar African enemies control Europe's armies master troops.
1. sang repers= passenger (r), luy du..n= unduly, y.. ang r= angry, pers..isa= Persias, angr..le visage C= evil carnage (s)
2. time proche sa= atmospheric (e),  ee D..vic= device, v..rifiee D= verified, la ..ctime= climate, v..ime pro= improve, sacrifie= if care is, ic.oche= choice
3. p..ge Tonan= Pentagon, n Leo a..e par pre= alone prepares, au..ur= war, t..resage T= greatest
4. ur l fian..Mi= unfamiliar, r la fianc= African (l), ncee Mis e= enemies (c), ort lo..nc= control, rs pou..ee= Europes, Mis estra a mort..rs po= armies master troops

In the next verse we see the attempts made to remedy the situation but the efforts ignore the reason for the threat and greater danger still looms via the atomic war that starts with bombs in Israel and Vermont. Nostradamus gives the event and timing in his last line. The second line is most peculiar but the stone could be uranium and it is returned to its home port. The third line is a reference to Europe's part in this battle and is the prelude to England's ships being taken out of the war. 

My lines identify that the French demand  airlines be more atmospheric friendly because of the radiation threat. To some extent this is done by radioactive ion filters that are put into helicopters. The logic behind this strategy is questionable because the Arabs lives are threatened by the process they put in place. This is the issue I raised earlier. It is easy to point out the folly of saturating the sky with radioactive material but logic is not enough to stop it happening. The vested interests of countries and their strong power group override the well-being of the whole of man and life. It even overrides the well-being of their own citizens. 

The commercial interests of the Western World make it difficult to go backwards in terms of energy usage and travel and so increasing damage continues to be inflicted upon the world. We know there is damage but the political will is weakened by the economic damage that it would cause to companies and the fall in revenues to and support for government, if it chooses to act. The certain prospect of increasing unemployment and lower living standards stop changes that must happen if we are not to destroy ourselves. We do not yet have the means to address this conflict in our own interests for it is inbuilt into our short-term political structures. Short terms and voting rights are the strength of democracy but they are also its weakness.

 We cannot expect that this will be different for the leaders of the battle against the industrialised nations. Sanity does not prevail in the industrialised countries and it will not prevail in those who oppose it. Any solution will not come out of conventional behaviour and it is really a question as to what will cause the  world to pause and act towards a common goal? It is a question of what event will prove  so serious that each side will see that blaming the other is less important than working together? It is a question of how great the humiliations must be,  before those who think themselves superior realise neither one can win?  Mutual humility alone initiates the resolution to  this challenge to our future.

 My last line in this following verse says that the carriers of the bomb are encouraged to have a a map of the destination tower engraved on their arm.

Verse No. V.35

Source Line English My interpretation
Par cite franche de la grand mer Seline The city of the great Seline sea by its openness Particle danger changed France demand safer aircraft lines 
Qui porte encores a l'estomach la pierre To the gate is returned  the stone to the stomach Atoms core sales equip helicopter atmospheric cleaners 
Angloise classe viendra soubs la bruine Angloise classe comes in  under the mist Insane logic as barbarous invaders  also ruined Arab lives 
Vn rameau prendre du grand ouuerte guerre A branch taken up at the start of the great war.  Unguarded tower pretender urged engrave map around arm 
1. Par Cite..l= particle, grand..e= danger, e fr an= France, an che d..g= changed, de..and m= demand, efra..s= safer, ar cite fra..Selin= aircraft (e) lines
2. cores a lestoma= atoms core sales,  e Quip= equip, i porte e..ch l..= helicopter, stomach..pier= atmospheric, en c..res a l= cleaners 
3. ine Angloise c= insane logic (e), ra soub..a br= barbarous, viendra s= invaders, dra..a bruine= ruined Arab, l..se vi= lives
4. dre du grand ouuert= unguarded tower (e), prender d..te guer= pretender urged, e Vn ra..e g= engrave, ram.. rand ou= arm around

Nostradamus word in the next verse expresses the thoughts I have given at the conclusion of the last verse. In the first line he identifies times when the normal course of events give way to a great change. In this line  'meat' is the time before the  atomic wars.  The time of 'Fish' is when the animal life is so irradiated that it is no longer able to be consumed. The second line identifies that an action occurs that is communal and is contrary to the normal acts of self interest. The third line identifies that up to that time the governments acted in the traditional way for they have the power. The change only occurs after they are ousted.  The last line probably identifies the leaders that are ousted.

My words relate to the events that lead to common action being taken. They identify quite specific places and groups that allow the situation to be unequivocally identified should it occur. It suggests that Israeli aircraft have inbuilt radiation detectors for they commonly fly into and from African airports. The implication is that despite detectors the radiation is still released. This would be the case if it was in the fuel. The last line tells of the carriers that start the next phase of the war, the atom bomb phase. It suggests that one is  part of an athletic group travelling to or from a national championship. 

Verse No. IV.32

Source Line English My interpretation
Es lieux et temps chair au poisson donra lieu Those different times when meat give way  to fish Simple poisons extra atmospheric radon use on Russia London Israel 
La loy commune sera faicte au contraire The communal law will be a contrary deed Israel commonly use aircraft to control Africa atomic reaction 
Vieux tiendra fort puis oste du millieu Old ones take the strength until ousted from their place Favourite index put for it illumed radium deposits used
Le Panta chiona philon mis fort arriere The Panta chiona philon put strongly behind One carrier is on plane for National-championship 
1. Es li,,mp= simple, poisson= poisons, x et..r a= extra, temps chair..o= atmospheric, donra= radon, ir au..ss=Russia, sl..on donra li= London Israel
2. ire La..s= Israel,  loy commune s=commonly use, ra faict..r..= aircraft, lo..contr= control, ra faic= Africa, om..aict= atomic, contraire= reaction (r),    
3. Vieu..a fort=favourite, x tiend..fort pui= index put for it, e du mill= illumed, ra..du mi= radium, p..is oste d= deposits
4. c..arriere Le Pan= carrier plane (e), on..is for=on is for,, Panta chiona philon mis= national-championship (i)


The impact of money on environmental energy policy

The three verses that follow are all ones where 'power source / new'  or 'upper element' occur within a line. They have some features that they hold in common. They all have a reference to money in Nostradamus words and in mine there is a frequent reference to apparel. The remedy to the problems that  arise seems to be to provide costumes to protect from the radiation. This tis ineffective for animals and plants are still exposed and the need to eat and drink diminishes  the apparel's protection.

Verse No. VI.73

Source Line English My interpretation
Le nepueu grand par forces prouuera The great nephew proves by force New power source dangers forces need-apparel for 
La pache fait du coeur pusillanime The pact is a deed of the weak willed Each power fits apparel still produce animal ills 
Ferrare et Ast le Duc esprouuera Ferrare and the Duke of Ast are tested At least reduce after latest procedures 
Par lors qu'au soir sera le pantomime When the pantomime takes place in the evening Russia parliament quarrels so USA  monitors aeroplanes apparel 
no anagrams shown

In the next verse 'upper element'  can be found in the third line. The uppermost naturally occurring element  is uranium. It is radioactive and therefore has a half-life ( the time for half the atoms to undergo the radioactive change to another element). This term is distinctively that of radioactivity and it only occurs once as an anagram in the whole of Nostradamus work. 'Upper element(s)' occurs a total of 4 times so it is quite an unusual chance that they occur in the same line (one in 942).

Verse No. V.19

Source Line English My interpretation
Le grand Royal d'or d'aerain augmente The great king increases gold and brass  Mediterranean Iran augmenting ordinary old element
Rompu la pache par jeune ouuerte guerre The pact is broken by a young man starting a war  Petroleum power each June renew regulate more apparel 
Peuple afflige par vn chef lamente The people are afflicted by a lamented leader Upper element half life French given apparel
De sang barbare sera couuerte terre The land will be covered with barbarian blood. Dangers began as Arabs entered reactors tower
no anagrams shown


Verse No. III.34

Source Line English My interpretation
Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera When the flaw of the sun is at its proper time Squadrons are ill-used all offered less duties 
Sur le plain jour le monstre sera veu In the plain of day the monster will be viewed Value plain rules journalist reveals enormous stress 
Tout autrement on l'interpretera All men will interpret it in different ways No treatment two ion-element enter tower part
Cherte n'a garde nul n'y aura pourueu They will not worry about the money and have no hope of any Charter arranged new power lunacy 
no anagrams shown

My next search will try to find something more positive, I want to look and see if new solutions and inventions exist within the patterns. I already have some interesting leads that link 'expulsion' to 'new power sources'. These answers, unsurprisingly, lie in verses such as I.87 which says:

Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth
Will cause tremors to the New City's tower.
Two great immovable powers will war for a long time
Then Arethuse will redden a new river

27/7/2002: Energy Dilemmas

In presenting this new section I aim to show a little more of my methods. In all my earlier presentations I have concerned myself with making the output a little more readable. In doing this I fail to show one of the strengths of the anagram approach. The key words are chosen and endorsed when they make a phrase that uses as many of the letters in Nostradamus line as possible. Smaller phrases are used when they form a tight unit with highly consistent meaning with other phrases in the line. I am saying here I do not just look for one word at a time but for a series of words that abut each other. I will not show all the anagram break downs but only enough to show how it works. In all these verses however, I intend to do is leave the words in their phrase blocks. In order to make that readable I will capitalise the first letter in each word and where the full word is in capitals I will enclose it in brackets.

The essence of this section is the filling in the detail of the poisoning of the atmosphere. 

The first verse I present is quite unique. It is the only verse to contain an anagram of the name "MichelNostredame' The verse is II.86 and in its fourth line is a complete set of anagrams which says "MIchel Nostredame story carries Rule" (click here to see keyword analysis)

Every one of these anagrams complies with my rules. In addition no letters are reused and none are left over. And Nostradamus' words in this line are "The Herald himself cries out for assistance" .  I think that the two messages are able to be easily linked together for the 'herald himself' is Nostradamus and his writings are a cry for assistance. The reasons for the cry are spelt out in the rest of the verse and summarise the crisis that is to come. The fourth lines anagrams appear as:

L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis............  the fourth line of Verse II.86

L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commisL'He.....  MichelNostredame
L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis............  MichelNostredameStory
L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis............ MichelNostredameStoryCarriesRule
erault soy rendre a crier est commis............ CarriesRule (each can exist on its own)

 The full verse says:

Verse No.II.86

Source Line English My interpretation
Naufrage a classe pres d'onde Hadriatique The fleet is wrecked on the waves of the Adriatic PersiaRageQuiteUnsafe RadiationDeeds NoClassSparedDeathRaid
La terre tremble esmeue sus l'air en terre mis The earth shakes violently as the ground rises into the air MiserableElementsTruerUse IslamEmblemsReenterIsrael
Egypte tremble augment Mahometique Egypt shakes as the Mahommetans increase MahommetanTrueEmblem EgyptQuietArgument
L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis The Herald himself cries out for assistance.  MichelNostredameStoryCarriesRule
1. Naufrage a classe pres d'onde Hadriatique= PersiaRageQuiteUnsafe,  a classe pres d'onde Hadriat=NoClassSparedDeathRaid, es d'onde Hadriati= RadiationDeeds
2. La terre tremble esmeue sus l'air en terre mis=MiserableElementsTruerUse   s l'air en terre mis La ..mble esm= IslamEmblemsReenterIsrael
mble augment Mahomet= MahommetanTrueEmblem,  tique gypte tr.. augmen= EgyptQuietArgument
L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis= MichelNostredameStoryCarriesRule

In the above verse Nostradamus talks of a naval battle where the earth rises up violently. It is at a time of Mohammetan increase. These features allow it to fit to the war revealed in my work. The second line is then an atomic explosion. My words for this verse show this to be the case and its wording fits with my earlier analyses showing an explosion within a Trident class submarine causing death and rage in Persia. The third line in both instances imply that Egypt joins with the Islamic forces but that it is a reluctant ally.

The next verse that I present is the one I identified at the end of the last section. The verse hints at a new fuel being taken from the centre of the earth in the form of fire. This would be geothermal heating. In looking at the verse we can see a clear reference to New Yorks Trade Centre  towers.  The inference is that in rebuilding the towers new laws are passed forbidding even helicopters from coming near the buildings. This fits to Nostradamus words where the description includes the New City's tower . His last line talks of a reddening river. In solving my anagrams I was faced with 'Arethuse' meaning "The USA" or "Russia the" . The fact that Russia fits much better to the anagram than USA led me to the interpretation I give. Given that Russia is associated with the colour red, Nostradamus words reinforce this selection. The last line does have one other set of continuous anagrams  This relates to the theme of new energy. It says: "New Super Fuel Is Earth" (I leave the reader to trace it out if they so wish).

The last two lines of Nostradamus and the words of my last line talk of war. Mine says that fuel is a weapon used in the war. The reference to Russia consistently relates back to earlier verses where I indicate nuclear material is used in petrol as a weapon. The source of this fuel is Russia. The instigators of its use are the group of nations that once comprised the Persian Empire.


Verse No.I.87

Source Line English My interpretation
Ennosigee feu du centre de terre Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth SoEngineerDeterrenceFew ReenteredCentre
Fera trembler au tour de cite neufue Fierce tremors to the New City's tower. FutureFear IfTradeCentreTower Crumbled 
Deux grands rochiers long teps ferot la guerre Two great immovable powers will war for a long time RechoosingStepLaxRulesForget HelicopterRegularDangerNotGoOrders
Puis Arethuse rougira nouueau fleuue Then Arethuse will redden a new river FuelWarWeapon  RussiaTheRegionalPower  UsePersiaHurt
1. Ennosigee feu du centre de terre=SoFeuuEngineerDeterrence,   centre de terre En=CentreReentered
2. ufue Fera tr=FutureFear, Fera tr.. u tour de cite ne= IfTradeCentreTower,  mbl..ur de c=crumbled
3. eux g.. s rochiers long TEPS ferot la = RechoosingSTEPLaxRulesForget, grands rochiers long tep..rot la guerre De
4 ra nouueau fleuue P= FuelWarWeapon
, e Puis Arethus rougira no..le=RussiaTheRegionalPower, Puis Arethuse r= PersiaUseHurt

In my second line the anagram for 'centre' does not stand on its own merits. Nostradamus uses the word 'centre' in his first line and the anagrams of the second line include 'trade', 'toyers' and 'Trade-Centre-Towers' . It is for these reasons I identify it as the Trade Centre towers.

My words in the next verse link to many in the one above. It is an extremely interesting verse to analyse. In it I use 'v' as a 'u'. I did this because many verses were referring to an African nation. The word 'upper' was also common in these verses and verses like II.2 (in later part of this section) made the selection of Sudan highly probable. I was looking for a name to match letters I had great difficulty in finding a place for. The meaning of Nostradamus lines suggested it was a name from some unfamiliar part of the world.

Verse No.I.76

Source Line English My interpretation
D'vn nom farouche tel profere sera Of one fierce name such words  will be uttered  OneFormulaFetch SudanPetrolRefer 
Que les trois seur sauront fato le nom As the three fate naming sisters have received SequelToRussiaOmenOrFates LessFortunateWarStories
Puis grand peuple par langue et faict dira Then he talks to a great people  in words and deeds  PredictFateUsingAGuide RegulateInputAfricaSupplied
Plus que nul autre aura bruit et renom More than for any other there will be clamour and renown PetroleumsUnequalNature AttributeWar
no anagrams shown

In the verse above my words have obvious links to the preceding verse and the fourth line has some quite compelling logic in it. There is a problem however, that Nostradamus words seem to be describing something quite different. The English anagrams do have a common theme for in the lines can clearly be seen 'omen', 'fate', 'fortune' and 'predict'.  In earlier work I have noted that 'farouche tel' hints at the Norse futhorc. This together with the reference to the three sisters leads me to believe that the three sisters are the Norns, the weavers of men's fate. One of the Norns is known as Verdandi and the name Verdan is found at the ends of line 1.

Verdandi is the sister responsible for the present fate of men. She is the Norn who spins the thread while the other two gather it and cut it.

Nostradamus words then take on the following meaning: Verdandi is the Norn of fate that offers the prophecy that the three sisters have received. The name of the person in the prophecy is linked to the time that it is uttered. The person so named is the one who spins the threads about a war  to a great nation (America?). The threads are the motivations, the likely impact and the deeds of that war. The work will be so important that it will be widely debated and read.

Now there are various names  that might expected to be the focus of this verse but they are not there. There is no warrior or leader including the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, Sudam Hussein or Osuma Bin Ladin. However, the tone of the verse implies that the person is linked to the weaving of fate and the telling of a war, not to waging it.

Now, why would a verse differ between Nostradamus words and mine? Let us assume that it doesn't and that it  is from another thread that happens to contain the elements of the war. It is then logical that my words deal with the threads of fate that the person utters and that these link to the theme of war. The central focus of the verse is the element of prophecy in  the story, not the story itself. In mentioning the war the threads should still be consistent and will therefore link to other verses. My words deal with the threads that link to the previous verse which was about war. And of course there is another connection that cannot be ignored. It is me that is weaving these words into a web. My name describes what I do. I am a webber. So this all fits and if what I write is true than these words could be expected just as they appear in Nostradamus and my words. Ad if what I write is a delusion then they should also appear. It is no greater delusion than anything else I have written to see my name written into the verse. And it is written literally as well as by implication.

The thrust of Nostradamus words suggest there is a name in the lines. Line 4 contains the name "AlanUUeber' as a singly split anagram. This can be expanded into "AlanWeberWar"  and this can be expanded further into 'Plus it utter AlanWeber war omen'. In the first line the French meaning of the word 'proferer' is 'to utter' and this reappears as an English anagram in line 4. My name is spelt as Allan Webber and what we see is not totally correct but the allusion is well worth noting.

My first line suggests there is a formula to be used in working out the omens. The theme of this verse is fate, omen etc. This theme suggests a formula which is able to be tested and that is where the theme is about prophecy then that verse should include the name of the people involved with the messages in Nostradamus verses.

The work I am doing moves towards dentification of formulae, These are some that seem relevant:

bulletunder water= submarines
bulletvoices= communication technology
bulletprophecy= people involved in Nostradamus message
bulletsea battle= future war in the Persian Gulf
bulletmonster= atom bomb 
bulletflame & fire= energy source
bulletlaws= parliamentary action
bullettemple= modern icons such as vehicles and commerce 
bullettreasure= petroleum and other fuels needed for modern economy
bulletgreat nation= America
bulletEmpire= Countries in Old Persian Empire= Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria etc
bulletporphyry column= modern skyscraper
bulletrock or stone= mineral especially radioactive minerals

The next verse shows the first of the links of the petroleum war to Sudan. It has the word petroleum as a single un-split anagram. This exists in the first line as 'ple tourme'

Verse No.  I.53

Source Line English My interpretation
Las quon verra grand peuple tourmente Tired a truly great people will be tormented QuarrelsGovern UpperLand ArrangedPetroleum element
Et la loy saincte en totale ruine And the holy law in total ruin TotalRuinAncientSee RecentEasilyAllot
Par autres loix toute la Chrestiente By other laws than those of Christianity SeparateResult OilSearchInterest UniteExploiters
Quand d'or dargent trouue nouuelle mine When gold and silver found in a new mine TargetOneNewWell OddDanger EqualRadonMine
no anagrams shown

Nostradamus words could easily be applied to Sudan in the last fifty years for its has torn by civil war between Islamic and Non-Islamic forces for many decades. Many of these battles have involved the mineral and oil wealth of the Upper Nile. The Government forces are non-Christian. Sudan has a strong history in gold and silver mining dating back to ancient times. Many companies have been exploring for minerals in Sudan. The Nuba Mountains is one such area and the minerals being sought include uranium as well as gold and silver. The second largest French uranium company (CFP) has been one of the recent explorers.

My words develop the same theme of a nation divided on the basis of oil and it adds that one of the minerals is a source of radon.

The next verse shows an interesting reference that points to Sudan.

Verse No.  II.2

Source Line English My interpretation
La teste blue fera la teste blanche The  fierce blue head   the white head  FuelBattles TheseAreLatestBalance
Autant de mal que France a faict leur bien Doing as much  harm to France as the deed does good AfricanMaleFacedEqualTaunt RebuiltFurnace 
Mort a l'anthene grand pendu sus la branche Death from the great anthene hanging under the branches MortalDangerThenEnhance ArabLandUsePortSudan
Quand prins des siens le Roy dira combien When the king asks how many of his men are prisoners RelyOnRaid(USA)Inspired IraqSudanCombine LessOrdinaryDisease
no anagrams shown

Nostradamus refers to a blue head and white head. The head of the Nile starts at Khartoum where the rivers Blue Nile and White Nile meet. These are the branches alluded to in the third line but they could also apply to a significant event that took place a few years ago. In 1998 the United States used Tomahawk missiles to  strike at  and destroy al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in Khartoum. The death from the 'anthene' suspended under the branches may well refer to the planes and the rockets suspended under them. It may also refer to the source of the radon and the pendulum is then the Upper Nile where the White Nile becomes part of an antenna like array of smaller rivers. The Nuba Mountains, which is a mineral rich zone being explored for uranium is in this region. Death from the Anthene then suggests the source of the radon is in this area. The second line implies that the company that originally developed or discovered the mine is French. The last line is an indicator of the date that the destruction begins and this may be the raid on Khartoum.

After I had identified Sudan as the reference point for African I looked up the recent history of the country. That is where I became aware of this strike on Khartoum. I undoubtedly had heard of the strike in the past but it was not something that I could have recalled easily. I was not aware of the reasons for the strike but on reading the material on the internet it became increasingly apparent that this was the country. Sudan has been  listed by the United States as an active ally of both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  The following is an extract from http:/www.rense.com/political/weapons/movingtarg.htm

"In March/April 1991, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz got permission from Sudan's president Umar al-Bashir, to move about 400 Scud missiles and chemical weapons to Sudan for "safekeeping". At the same time , Iraq smuggles nuclear materials, documents, and weapon parts--- including 27.5 pounds of highly enriched Uranium-235--- to Sudan via Jordan using diplomatic mail privileges. For example barrels of uranium were hidden in a truck marked "furniture" that went from the Sudanese Embassy in Iraq to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in January 1992."

The above report reads like the messages I have been constructing in my earlier work.  Now read my interpretation of the fourth line and see how closely it knits the US report into all that I have written. My first two lines identify that petroleum is the thing that tips the balance and that the Sudanese do not forget this easily. They rebuild their chemical furnaces and it is in these that the deadly petroleum mix is created.

The next verse shows the extent of damage caused by the contaminated fuel. Nostradamus talks of Western citizens putting a treasure (petrol) into their temple (transport & commerce). The Western nations have pulled out of Sudan and now it operates in secret. The temple of the West is exposed by families with strong links and into their mist is placed a horrible prey (radiation).

Verse No.  X.81

Source Line English My interpretation
Mys tresor temple citadens Hesperiques Western citizens putting a treasure in the temple IndicatesPetroleumsSphere RequiresSystem ParticleQuiteDestroysMen 
Dans ice luy retire en Secret lieu In a place they retire from in a secret place IcelandsRecentUseRely SudanNileSecurity IncludesRay
Le temple ouurir les liens fameliques The temple opened by bonded families FamousNileSequel IsraelPetroleumFuels RefillsPouuerElements
Reprens rauys proye horrible au milieu Recaptured, raped a horrible prey in their midst. ByPriorHoursRaysIllume HorribleYearPerson Uneasy
no anagrams shown

My words identify that the verse shows how far the damage stretches then  goes on to list Iceland and  Israel and China as two of the countries affected. It identifies that Sudanese security forces on the Nile are responsible for the contamination. 'Sudan' is a complete anagram in this verse.

The death that comes is slow. It takes many hours of exposure and over the length of a year the people exposed to the rays begin to feel increasingly uneasy and this is the only symptom before the full effects emerge. This is shown in the next two verses.

Verse No.  IX.34

Source Line English My interpretation
Le part soluz mary sera mittre The husband shared only by one will be gunned down ArmyPatrolsSuez YearsTimeAlert
Retour conflict passera sur le thuille The conflict returns passing on the blow ParticlesAssure CounterFor TheOilRulersAsResult
Par cinq cens vn trahyr sera tiltre By five hundred one traitor will be titled HysteriaAlert RarestParticle LinkCancers IntervalPatterns
Narbon et Saulce par coutaux auons d'huille Narbon & Saulce knifed by the oil ThousandPlacesUnreliable NuclearBoneCountAsPart UlnaHeldAnxiousClue
no anagrams shown

The verse above has quite clear messages in my interpretation and Nostradamus words in the last line are particularly pertinent. In addition Nostradamus mentians a numbe and a number appears in the next line of my interpretation.

 No.  II.47

Source Line English My interpretation
L'ennemy grand vieil dueil meurt de poison The grand old duelling opponent dies of poisons GermanyDivinerIllumed Petroleum UnveiledUnderMineralOilDeposit
Les souuerains par infiniz subiuguez Though the sovereigns endless subjugation  IranLessPouuers RuinInBigParafinsSize SuezGulfSubsize
Pierres plouuoir cachez soubz la toison The treasured rock weeps under the fleece ZealotRespirePoisonous BlazeIsSuperiorTo EachLocations OilPouuers
Par mort articles en vain sont alleguez But in death his articles  allegations are in vain EvenInSuezAllegations ParticlesMoreVariant
no anagrams shown

In the  verse above Nostradamus talks of poison arising out of the subjugation of a people (Arab & Persians). The treasured rock (petroleum) weeps under the fleece (radiation penetrates the clothes). When this is identified it is already too late.

My words indicate that a German exploration company is/was responsible for the discovery of the oil. There are indications it is Sudanese oil for there is the reference to paraffins (misspelt as 'parafin')  size. Size of the paraffins is an important difference between the oil of Iran and Sudan. There is also the reference to Suez in the last line.

In the next verse there are indications that a surveillance campaign leads to the exposure of the petroleum contamination. The levels are low enough that the danger is not immediately apparent and it is accepted because of the need for fuel and the belief that it is part of the natural background. In the third line Nostradamus uses the term 'Carmanie' which is a complete anagram of 'American'. He also uses also the word 'aussi' and in the split anagrams there is "Australian". This line implies that there is an attempt to dupe the surveillance party. My interpretation leaves a cluster of letters after the anagrams for "AmericanAustralian" is formed. This cluster could be interpreted as 'unloved', 'unsolved ' or as I have shown below as "solved UN SOS'. The Ismaelites are the Arabs of what was Eastern Egypt.

Verse No.  X.31

Source Line English My interpretation
Le saint empire viendra en Germanie The holy empire comes into Germany AsNileTampered MarineEngineerVaried Sample
Ismaelites trouueront lieux ouuerts Ismaelites uncover another opening SameInLittleTowers WorstIsNoTrueOilTextures
Anes vouldront aussi la Carmanie The Carmanie also taken for fools NationAlarmWorldsNavies AmericanAustralianSolved(UN)(SOS)
Le soustenens de terre tous couuerts All buried  underneath  the earth EnterSoNewTowersClosestDesert
no anagrams shown

My lines talk of towers used to store oil and of Engineers in the marines conducting tests while the Nile suppliers tampered with their product. The testers change their normal practice and in the smaller towers it is found the oil is not normal. In response to this discovery the world is alerted but new towers are established close to the desert where surveillance is more difficult.

It is not my intent to analyse all the verses in this paper in full detail. I think the inherent pattern stands out in the next few verses without many words from me. The verses bring together the idea that petroleum is contaminated in such a way that it takes a long tome to see its effects. It suggests new fuels are sought to reduce this menace. One line  also implies that bodies or the recent dead are dug up to check for radiation poisoning.

Verse No. X.27

Source Line English My interpretation
Par le cinquieme et vn grand Hercules Through the fifth and a great Hercules MeetUnique Schedule Replacing DangerEvent
Viendront le temple ouurir de main bellique They will come to open the temple with the hand of war PetroleumModernEvilRuined UraniumNotRelied Pouuer RequiredBelouuMainPile
Vn Clement Jule et Ascans recules One Clement, Jules And Ascans a  backward step CancerEventsAsClues NuclearElements MenacesAtJunctures
Lespe clef aigle n'eurent onc fi grand picque Lepers, key, eagle never once so greatly disliked DangerFunction SpecialFeelingEncounter

The verse above deals with the discovery of the impact of radiation on Western populations. Nostradamus and my last lines are similarly sinister.

Verse No.  II.57

Source Line English My interpretation
Auant conflict le grand tombera Before the conflict the great fall AtomBearConflictualDanger Continual
Le grand a mort mort trop subite et plainte The great to die death too sudden and lamented InPetrolGradePlanet MortalDangerPortSubmit 
Nay miparfaict la plus part nagera Born imperfect he will go the greater part of the way ArrangeAnyImpactFairApplaus AimAtAircraftSupplyPlan
Aupres du fleuue de sang la terre tainte Near the river of blood the ground is stained NewGasRetainedPurestFuelAltered DangersLatePersianTreat
no anagrams shown

Part of the solution is in monitoring fuel for aircraft as shown above

Verse No.  III.20

Source Line English My interpretation
Parles contrees du grand fleuue Bethique The speeches are against those of the great river Bethique ReplacesDangerous Fuel EquipBeneath DesertGround
Loing d'Ibere au roy aume de Grenade A long way from Iberia to the royal land of Grenade Oil breeding war renegade armoury endangered
Croix repoussees par gens Mahometiques The cross taken back by the Mohammedans Passengers atmosphere exposure SomeMonthsAcquires
Vn de Cordube trahira la contrade One from Cordube will betray his country UncoveredDead to CalibrateEarthRadon
no anagrams shown

The verse above reinforces ideas in earlier ones and implies the dead are uncovered to test for radiation effects,


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